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  1. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] The Mummified Bard

    I saw this on tumblr! This is pretty cool, I play a bard and i love the aesthetic of the headdress and the build of the upper body works really nicely to bring out the shape of the figure.
  2. I didn't like Nexo Knights at first but it has started to grow on me since I started getting into Voltron, just because the aesthetics are similar. I think that the over the top weapon shaped vehicles are pretty cool and I absolutely agree that the red orcs are a great addition to parts collection. I love classic castle and even though there are plenty of new placed that LEGO could go with it I would rather have something creative like this than another boring castle rehash like Kingdoms.
  3. Nick Wolfe

    MOC - Día de Muertos Parade

    This is so pretty! I love the builds of all the skeleton floats and the stilt walker is adorable! The whole thing screams festive!
  4. Nick Wolfe

    Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    I definitely think voltron is a strong contender, glad to hear that the rights holder likes the idea, I also think women of nasa is likely because of the stem focus lego has done in the past. I also voted addams family, which may be naive but considering the addams family influence on lego sets like the haunted house and cmf creepy girl i think it's possible, may be wishful thinking though.
  5. Nick Wolfe

    BrickHeadz MOCs by KamalMYafi

    Oh I love Elvis, great job on the frilly outfit! And I like the afro build on ronald
  6. Nick Wolfe

    Boneheads of Voodoo Island

    I love the incorporation of system elements, and that crossbow is awesome! I also like the use of the bionicle hands as elbows, that's a piece i don't see used a lot out of it's intended purpose.
  7. Nick Wolfe

    A small rant

    I agree with Mercury. I think a good rule of thumb is if you're not enjoying the forums then leave those forums alone. Don't scold people for not following what you think they should be posting about. I came here to have fun and talk about legos and this forum does a wonderful job of doing that. If you can't handle someone cracking a joke between leaks and press releases then maybe a forum isn't what you're looking for. We're all here to have a discussion, not wallow in our thinly veiled bitterness that anyone else might dare to have fun.
  8. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Azari's garden and cottage

    Oooh! I love it. Don't see a ton of Elves mocs but the sets are some of my favorites right now and this gets the aesthetic just right! I like the little faerie ring in particular.
  9. Nick Wolfe

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I'm super excited for the Kabuki Twins! I love the The Batman cartoon and I really like that it seems to be a trend for Lego to be releasing sets/ figures based on early 2000's cartoons (along with the '03 Clone Wars set from last year). I don't know how I feel about the Joker Figure, I'll probably like it better once I see the movie. The rest of the low rider set is great though! I really like Harley's design (looks better than Suicide Squad at any rate), and Batgirl looks great. I also love that they're giving Batgirl darker skin.
  10. Nick Wolfe

    Least Accurate Licensed Character Representations

    Glow in the dark Snape is hilariously terrible, I think glow in the dark Voldemort, from the goblet of fire set, is also terrible. They just ripped the Sorcerer's Stone face (with the eye markings) and used a dementor cape that makes him look like a large angry baby. Also that time that they thought this looked enough like Squidward to pass.
  11. Nick Wolfe

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I also thought the Archery stuff was for Robin Hood until someone said Brave.... I just don't have space for all these big sets anymore! It's so pretty though!
  12. Nick Wolfe

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    "Vader's new ride" Is actually from Poe's X-Wing set, I think it's supposed to be a little cargo buggy thing. They did stick some od those paint rollers on for handles though! I so wish they had released the size accurate Rey's speeder as a set! Doesn't look too hard to build though.
  13. Nick Wolfe

    Strawpoll - What are your thoughts on G2 Bionicle?

    I like bits and pieces, chose story over sets. I like elements of the story but much prefer gen 1, even as it got into the later years (2007 is my fav). I like the sets too, the first six toa sets, new Ekimu and antler Umark, but then so many others are so subpar, like the skeletons last year and the beasts this year, and I think the new toa are bulky and ugly. Maybe I just like the style of old Bionicle better, despite the gorilla arms and inika builds. And I still think the story is far superior, I may be one of the few people who really like the slow shift from tribal island to full blown sci fi.
  14. Nick Wolfe

    Balloon Burst Machine

    That was surprisingly stressful. It looks like the big gear is 1x4 plates built into a really long straight line then gently bent, is that right?
  15. OMG I want this set! $100 is a bit much for me right now though, hope it goes on sale somewhere!! I love the dark fantasy look that this has, it adds another dimension when a lot of the other elves sets are starting to look pretty similar. The purple, pink, and black together look particularly pleasing in particular. The hood looks excellent on Arwen, too, I'd love to see the piece integrated into some system sets (or at least mocs)