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  1. Nick Wolfe

    Fantasy Scenes by General Magma

    I love the torch in the Phantom int he Dark shot! Haven't seen it done before but it looks like that's the original purpose for the part
  2. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC/SCENE] Creatures of the Aochiri Swamplands

    Wow! the detail really does make a difference, the eyes look excellent! I liked how the original was entirely practical effects but the eyes really make the picture pop!
  3. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] - Temple Arch

    I'm not even sure what to say other than wonderfully done! So many different little stone details that all come together into a great arch that still looks defined. I know one of the most difficult things to get across in a MOC is the balance between keeping buildings interesting while not letting them become too busy and you've hit that balance on the nose. It's a lovely backdrop to the minifigures as well who tease a fleshed out history and draw the eye enough to balance the textured building. Excellent.
  4. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC/SCENE] Creatures of the Aochiri Swamplands

    Atmospheric photography is a weakness of mine and I love the mood you've set with these little guys. They look wonderfully ominous in the surroundings and it's just dark enough that you have to look for a long time to see all the little details, like the skeleton and the hanged man. You get more the longer you stare. I wish they had luminous eyes so the effect would be complete but I'm not sure how to get that across with practical effects. Would love to see these little guys in a high fantasy movie or a DND game.
  5. Nick Wolfe

    [Moc] Helms Deep

    I actually think this is an excellent helms deep! Instantly recognizable and the landscape around it makes the whole model feel cinematic. You've done a great job with one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise!
  6. Nick Wolfe

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    Every time I see you've done a new MOC it's always a work of art. As always you've done an excellent job with parts usage and elegant solutions to create organic looks with bricks, I think you've got the contest in the bag!
  7. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018)

    now this is a marvelous Gringotts! The dragon is cool but the architecture of the building is the real star here! You captured the crooked look of the building wonderfully and the interior looks great too!
  8. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Harry Potter's Gryffindor Bedroom

    This is excellent! I agree that if you do some more detailing on the roof it would really make the scene but what you have right now is a wonderful vignette to display the gryffindor figures, detailing, colors and all!
  9. Thanks for the review! I'm in the us so I can't wait to get my hands on this, especially for boggart and Umbridge! I never got the chance for the old pink horror so I need a minifig representation of such an iconic villain and I do have the old boggart fig and want to complete the collection (possibly making a brickhead version to go with them Honestly I don't think the new hooch is different enough from the 2010 version for me to really care about it. I wish it had a new printed cape like the 2002 version, ironically also my first lego HP set! I also made a custom Slughorn years ago with the '10 dumbledore's head and the torso from Indiana Jones's dad and this version isn't too different. Love your video style too, excellent editing, definitely a new subscriber
  10. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Balrog from Lord of the Rings

    Now that is impressive! I've had a balrog in my "in progress" bin for a while now but I think yours probably has me beat for elegance, scale, and that marvelous shot of Khazad-Dum! wonderful work!
  11. Nick Wolfe

    Lego Shop not delivering to Parcel Locker (Rant)

    Hi, yeah I actually know about this policy, I used to work with the LEGO group. The issue with Freight Forwarding companies like Parcel Locker is that the company is responsible for the package until it arrives in your hands. If the set gets lost on it's way to you LEGO will replace it. When the post loses it LEGO can make a claim and minimize their losses but when Parcel Locker, who LEGO doesn't work with loses or damages the package LEGO still has to replace it but has no recourse to make up the damage caused. The other major reason for LEGO refusing to ship to PO boxes and to Freight Forwarding addresses like the parcel locker is that they make it much easier to run a scam when shipping to that address rather than a physical house. I'm not going to get into the details of how to commit fraud but it would typically involve stealing a credit card, ordering product from a company, and shipping it to a third party. These scams were a massive problem for the LEGO group so they made it a policy not to send to Freight Forwarding addresses and are phasing out PO boxes as well for similar reasons. And this change was very successful! The company put in a lot of anti scam measures and saw a staggering decrease in fraudulent orders. When I worked with the company I heard a lot of stories like yours. LEGO doesn't like to accuse shoppers of running a scam so they lean on the first explanation but they will not make exceptions to the policy despite your arguments because a scam could say the same thing. But on the other hand a lot of customers get frustrated by the policy because of complicated issues with the postal service like you so the company is probably looking for a way to let you buy their stuff while still keeping the scams at bay. It's a frustrating issue but not really one of uncooperative customer service. It sounds like you should be less angry at LEGO and more angry at your university's messed up mail system, they're causing you more trouble than LEGO's anti fraud measures.
  12. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Post Apocalypse Tanker Truck

    Really creative parts usage! I'd love to see the spiral staircase idea but this mini war rig really nails it!
  13. Nick Wolfe

    Service Bot

    That looks awesome! Fantastic job capturing the source material. I love the giant wrench and all the little details. The custom decals look really good, too. I didn't even notice they were customs at first since they accentuate the model so well. Excellent work!
  14. Nick Wolfe

    The Chamber of Secrets

    I actually designed this for the brothers brick contest and since it has a limit of one picture i didn't want there to be any part of the model that was missing from the entry. I designed the chamber around this shot and most of the rest of it was just the framing for the lighting like the x pod underneath for the green light and the incomplete roof that made sure the light hit the statue of slytherin the way i wanted.
  15. Nick Wolfe


    Well that's terrifying!