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  1. Nick Wolfe

    Harry Potter - The Mirror of Erised (Stop Motion)

    I agree that the ending really made this! Your design for the mirror at the end is really excellent too.
  2. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Dungeon Adventures

    Stunning parts usage on the three characters and the back wall, the whole setup has a super distinctive mind warping feeling and works on a detailed level and wide picture. What parts did you use for the body of the robot on the right? it looks like the red hood armor for the hips but I can't place the torso.
  3. Nick Wolfe


    I absolutely adore this model! It looks so complex at first, some Xenomorph inspiration maybe, but after looking closely and seeing the part usage it's very elegant with fewer parts than it looks at first. Also lovely usage of trans dark pink!
  4. Nick Wolfe

    Best order to build Castle lines?

    I would argue that fantasy era is better than Kingdoms but I still think Brick Jagger's recommendation stands, ending with the Kingdom's joust is a must, probably the best castle set to date!
  5. Nick Wolfe

    REVIEW: 75953: Hogwarts Whomping Willow

    I like this one! I think the Whomping Willow looks pretty good, though I would have liked a bigger one. It would make more sense to me to have included the Shrieking Shack with the Whomping Willow instead of a bit of Hogwarts but it does a pretty good job of representing the one scene from Chamber of Secrets. The Filch figure looks pretty great, a huge improvement over 2010, too bad I don't think the same can be said for Snape as the older one looked pretty great. The interior details also look much more complete than the Great Hall, it feels suitably busy and cluttered for a Hogwarts classroom. Overall probably not the greatest set but probably my personal favorite from this wave.
  6. Nick Wolfe

    REVIEW: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall

    Honestly I think this set is kinda terrible... I was incredibly disappointed when it was revealed, especially since I was so excited for the return on Harry Potter in LEGO. I think the building itself is pretty ugly, the 2010 version looked a bit more movie accurate because of the tall and narrow dimensions, and I will stand by sand green roofs for Hogwarts until I die! Overall this one looks like it was just kinda slapped together with larger parts and not much exterior detail while the old great hall still sits mostly unchanged in my own personal (mostly moc) version of the castle. I'm also pretty disappointed in the figures. Dumbledore is the star, clearly, and Nearly Headless Nick is pretty good, wish he had come with the ruff piece for his neck since there's really no way to make his head tilt. Quirrel is a pretty good figure, the head print looks great, but the choice of piece for the turban is confusing as they have the prince of persia turban piece 4568949 which has the trailing fabric instead of having it printed on his chest. I wouldn't normally complain and would simply switch it out except that it was never released in purple :( McGonagall also feels like a step backwards from the 2010 Hogwarts set. The printing is mostly the same but legs over the new skirt piece make her look much less like she's wearing robes. Plus the black hat, though more movie accurate, doesn't look as nice as the matching emerald green one does. I've still got mixed feelings about Hagrid, I think the old figure had a lot going for it and this one looks a lot goofier, but he is growing on me a bit. None of the interior detailings are that great either, the great hall looks pretty plain, not much food, no prophets or quibblers, not many accessories all together. Fawkes and the the Basilisk are both horrendous, especially compared to their counterparts from the 2002 Chamber of Secrets set. It also means that we probably won't be getting a new chamber of secrets set with a brick built basilisk like the one from the LEGO HP video game which was pretty awesome. Overall I don't really understand why this set has been getting the praise it has been aside from it being one of the first Harry Potter sets in years. I agree with @Graupensuppe on most charges. The finished model doesn't look pleasing nor accurate, the figures are okay overall, and even the play features are few and unimpressive. Overall a poor flagship set for the first wave.
  7. Nick Wolfe

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    I wish we could get a closer look, looks fantastic! I like how harry wobbles a little bit, it makes him look a bit more like he's flying.
  8. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] New Century City Block I

    This is incredible in a super impressive way! I love the domes on New Century and the Firefighters, and the statues like the geezers and lady liberty justice. The facades are all so elegant and as a whole the block looks stunning!
  9. That's adorable! I love boxer shorts trooper.
  10. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] The Khetanna Jabba's Sail Barge

    This is awesome! I've always like the official sail barge sets, never actually got one, and you've done an excellent job of making a UCS scale moc! I love all the added detail, especially the little pilot's room. I also like how you kept the little room at the back with Max Rebo from 75020, a nice nod to the official set. If this was an official set I might want a better look at Jabba from the outside ut I think your version is more accurate to the movie. Overall you really did a wonderful job!
  11. I used to work for LEGO so I know a bit about how the company sees this question since you seem to be mostly concerned with making sure as much of your money gets to the company as possible. So bottom line is your friend is mostly right. Buying from the LEGO store or online makes sure the most money goes directly to the company and, given the option, the company would rather consumers buy from them. Buying through other retailers does mean that the company gets less of the money you spend. The whole point of promos and the VIP loyalty program is to encourage people to buy directly from the company as opposed to from other retailers. The more people buying directly from the source the better the profits are. It is absolutely true that many many more sets are bought from other retailers than from LEGO directly and the profits overall are greater from those sales than from direct to consumer sales but that is entirely because of the scale. LEGO is in no danger of having their toys pulled from shelves because they aren't selling. The company has stopped it's decade of exponential growth and undergone a restructure but sales haven't really dropped. Walmart and Target are still making loads of money on selling the sets and definitely won't stop buying the bulk orders, or even dropping quantities by much, most of the business done in those stores is from people who have decided to go to Target and then buy a toy there than people who have decided to buy a LEGO set and are deciding where to purchase it. The point I'm trying to make here is that your decision to buy from LEGO directly, or even the collective decision of the whole AFOL community, would do nothing to hurt it. The sales to retailers would drop but they would continue to sell the product while the company itself would gain the extra profit from every set bought directly. Now here's the thing. Overall the company doesn't really care where you're buying the sets from. They get profits any way you purchase and even their customer service reps will recommend you take advantage of the excellent discount at the other store. The company's business model focuses more on building a relationship with it's consumers so even buying sets from places like bricklink where none of the profit is going directly to the company helps in the long run because they want people to have the toys more than they want people to buy them directly. So, yeah essentially it doesn't matter. Get the best price, the company will never hold it against you. If you really want to make sure that as much of your money goes to lego as possible then buy from the website. Buying online will never hurt Walmart's sales enough to make them sever ties.
  12. Nick Wolfe

    REVIEW: 75950: Aragog's Lair

    I think that compared to the last two versions of Aragog this spider is a great improvement but I keep wanting to compare it to the Shelob set which was a phenomenal giant spider. It does feel a bit like a step down from that and I'm still tempted to let Shelob keep doubling as Aragog. Although this spider's face does look really similar to the way it does in the movie i think the legs are just too small.
  13. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Hagrid Brickheadz

    I think he looks perfect! Almost like an official set would (they'd probably have a printed part for the shirt but I think your solution is wonderful! definitely more clever) I think his shoulders make him look suitably wide and the belt detail really sells it!
  14. Nick Wolfe

    Do These Count As Purist?

    I would say that stickers definitely do, whether they're applied to the intended pieces or to different ones. The old wooden toys would be an interesting argument but since they were created before the LEGO system of interlocking parts I would say they are not. Theoretically the Instructions and packaging could be considered purist too but here's the caveat to that. Purist parts can't be altered physically eg: painted or broken. So in order to use the instructions you wouldn't be able to tear or cut them at all, you would have to use the entire instruction booklet as is. So if you're using them as a tent for minifigures or having the minifigures use them to build something like they do in the LEGO movie then they would be purist. The packaging, by these same rules, presents a different challenge. The plastic bags with parts inside are right out because they have to be torn to remove the bricks inside. The actual boxes could be considered purist if they are kept intact and not torn when being opened. Weather cutting tape counts as defacing a part is up for debate but my first instinct is to say no. This is an interesting philosophical question! If you're asking because you're entering a purist competition then you would probably do better to ask whoever judges that contest because it's really up to each individual's discretion but in that case my instinct would be no to all except for stickers. In any case I say that since finding new and interesting ways to use the materials you have is the core of the LEGO spirit that if you have any ideas that involve any of these grey areas please make them! Pushing limits and finding ways around rules is what fosters creativity and innovation!
  15. I wish they had used the new scarf piece from Ninjago movie for Dean's griffindor scarf instead of printing it . The scarf is pretty iconic and it would have been nice to put it onto Harry or other characters. It's disappointing when there is printing for a detail that could have easily been represented with an existing mold. I also might be the only one who's not a fan of the medium legs? I feel like they just make the figure look more awkward rather than smaller. I'll probably replace all the solid colored ones, like Luna and Cho, but the printed ones on the flagship figs is kinda annoying. I'm more upset about trelawny and luna being two per box than grindelwald being 1 per box. Johnny Depp looks awful as the character anyway lol. Also don't like the new Nagini! It would have been excellent if it was actually in system, really disappointed that the curls don't have anti studs underneath. I'd rather have a stylized Nagini that fits than a hyper realistic one that feels like a normal non lego plastic snake bc I could always just use a non lego plastic snake for Nagini. Even with these complaints, though this is probably the best thing to come out of the new Harry Potter revival. I love the brickheads but I think most of the sets don't offer much aside from a couple of improved figures and the 2010 line was much more exciting. But these figs are excellent! Definitely my favorite line of minifigures, possibly excepting the all Halloween series. I'll be trying to pick up everyone! (except Graves and Creedence, ugh)