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  1. That's an excellent concept, it's cool to know it actually flies! I agree that the first one looks a bit sleeker. Once you've got a final design I'd love to see a video of it in flight. It's falling with style
  2. Nick Wolfe

    (MOC)-Modular Cinema Empire Updated

    That sign is impressive! It really captures the classic movie theater look, almost like a broadway marquee. The facade of the second floor also looks excellent, it's visually interesting but makes the sign really pop against the grey.
  3. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    I was going to say that this is excellent until I saw the interior which is stunning! This is pretty much exactly the hogwarts display I always wanted when I was a kid (but alas never had the bricks to make) Absolutely fantastic work!
  4. Nick Wolfe

    Modular Buildings help

    If I were trying something like that I'd probably use a small baseplate like this or this to build the sidewalk and then set it on top of a wall of 3x1 slope bricks and hold it on with this. then you could build the houses behind it like normal and secure them together at the doorway. I'm more of a hands on builder so I'm not sure of the hypotheticals but it definitely seems like it's doable.
  5. Nick Wolfe

    Modular Buildings help

    If you want to build a modular building with a basement level you could try keeping the street in the front level with the other official sets' streets but having stairs leading up to the front door so there is space underneath for a basement kinda like this or this. If you wanted to really challenge yourself you could build a modular version of one of the streets in San Francisco that is built on an incline with one end level with the baseplate and the other raised up. That would be a lot more difficult but could be really cool looking!
  6. Nick Wolfe

    Build Technique Opinions

    Oh that looks really good! The whole MOC does actually, and it's pretty close to the style I've been building with recently. Does having the ball joint there put stress on the head or is there enough space with the axle hole in the back to let it sit comfortably? Or does the stress actually hod it together better? I was considering the newer ball joint piece with one of the axles with the flat stopper end but if this is strong it looks like it would definitely have better mobility.
  7. Nick Wolfe

    Build Technique Opinions

    So I've recently started working on some Bionicle MOCs for the first time in a while and I've been building some characters with the original masks from 2001 (Toa Mata and Turaga) with the single stud connection. So my question is: When you build with these masks what heads do you tend to use? The original '01 heads with the axle hole connection or the '04 metru heads with the ball joint connection or another more creative solution I haven't thought of. I feel like the older masks look awkward on the metru heads because they don't wrap around far enough but the original heads are harder to get a natural looking joint attachment. I'm experimenting to figure out what works best and I'd like to see anyone else's efforts.
  8. Nick Wolfe

    ONU Matoran warrior

    the image won't load but it sounds cool! love to see it if you add a link?
  9. Nick Wolfe

    (WIP) Cyberpunk City MOC

    Oh I love It! I was actually going to say that it looks like it was inspired by Ninjago city before I read the caption so you got that across very well. also as for what Peppermint said, essentially a baseplate is the same thickness and a standard plate if you rest it on top of studs. so if you just set the baseplate on top of whatever you want to attach it to and place a regular plate right next to it then the studs of the baseplate will be level with the studs of the regular plate. I'll see if I can add a picture. Edit: Sorry I'm having trouble uploading a pic but here's a link to it.
  10. Nick Wolfe

    Fantasy Scenes by General Magma

    I love the torch in the Phantom int he Dark shot! Haven't seen it done before but it looks like that's the original purpose for the part
  11. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC/SCENE] Creatures of the Aochiri Swamplands

    Wow! the detail really does make a difference, the eyes look excellent! I liked how the original was entirely practical effects but the eyes really make the picture pop!
  12. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] - Temple Arch

    I'm not even sure what to say other than wonderfully done! So many different little stone details that all come together into a great arch that still looks defined. I know one of the most difficult things to get across in a MOC is the balance between keeping buildings interesting while not letting them become too busy and you've hit that balance on the nose. It's a lovely backdrop to the minifigures as well who tease a fleshed out history and draw the eye enough to balance the textured building. Excellent.
  13. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC/SCENE] Creatures of the Aochiri Swamplands

    Atmospheric photography is a weakness of mine and I love the mood you've set with these little guys. They look wonderfully ominous in the surroundings and it's just dark enough that you have to look for a long time to see all the little details, like the skeleton and the hanged man. You get more the longer you stare. I wish they had luminous eyes so the effect would be complete but I'm not sure how to get that across with practical effects. Would love to see these little guys in a high fantasy movie or a DND game.
  14. Nick Wolfe

    [Moc] Helms Deep

    I actually think this is an excellent helms deep! Instantly recognizable and the landscape around it makes the whole model feel cinematic. You've done a great job with one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise!
  15. Nick Wolfe

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    Every time I see you've done a new MOC it's always a work of art. As always you've done an excellent job with parts usage and elegant solutions to create organic looks with bricks, I think you've got the contest in the bag!