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  1. Nick Wolfe

    Elves Earth Mech

    Stunning! Elves is one of my favs and you've really captured the aesthetic and put it to use in a new and creative way! Great job!
  2. Nick Wolfe


    Oooo, it's striking! How sturdy are its legs? They're pretty spindly looking which gives a great aesthetic.
  3. Nick Wolfe

    Random terrain advice needed

    I think it looks pretty good! The little bits of color break up the monotony of the grey rock. When I do similar builds I usually use all dark bley with bits of plants to break up that monotony but your technique is a bit more visually interesting. I also like the bits like the dock at the bottom. If you keep adding things like those it'll give the cliffside some personality. Maybe a bird's nest or a pirate's hidey hole. One thing I would suggest is to use a whole bunch of white and clear 1x1 round plates all around the base of the cliffside to create the breaking water effect. You'd need a lot of them for 10 baseplates' worth so it might be a big bricklink order but it'll be worth it because it'll really make it look like the cliffs are rising out of the water instead of being built on top of it. Overall good job! I'd love to see it finished!
  4. My own personal Pippin reed and dr kilroy are pretty different from the originals But I think my use of Shaggy's hair piece from scooby doo fits Pippin Reed pretty well.{"color":150,"iconly":0} Then this head is my choice for Pippin, Head Dual Sided Female Brown Eyebrows, Freckles, Scared / Smile Pattern - Hollow Stud&category=[Minifigure, Head]#T=S&C=3&O={"color":3,"iconly":0} My dr kilroy is gender swapped so that I could use the headpiece from the archeologist CMF but if you wanted to do a classic dr kilroy I would suggest using the santa claus beard piece{"color":1,"iconly":0} Then perhaps this power miner head, Head Dual Sided Power Miner Glasses with Blue Arrow, Mouth Closed / Mouth with Teeth Pattern - Blocked Open Stud&category=[Minifigure, Head]#T=S&C=3&O={"color":3,"iconly":0} Or this head (the lips would be covered up by the beard, Head Female Glasses Round with Bright Light Blue Lenses and Black Frames, Orange Lips with Slight Crooked Smile Pattern - Hollow Stud&category=[Minifigure, Head]#T=S&C=3&O={"color":3,"iconly":0} This torso from the LEGO Ninjago Movie is pretty good for Pippin (fewer details for adventuring but add a pouch or a camera accessory and it'll look great) Torso Female Jacket Open over Red and Light Green Top with Necklace Pattern / Green Arms / Yellow Hands&category=[Minifigure, Torso Assembly]#T=S&C=6&O={"color":6,"iconly":0} I personally think dr kilroy's torsos have aged well but some more modern suggestions Indiana Jones Waistcoat, Jacket, Green Bow Tie & Diary Pattern&category=[Minifigure, Torso]#T=S&C=69&O={"color":69,"iconly":0} Button Shirt over Fat Stomach with Dark Red Bow Tie and Suspenders Pattern&category=[Minifigure, Torso]#T=S&C=2&O={"color":2,"iconly":0}
  5. I have sold a couple of pieces. 2 full body sculptures about 1 ft tall for $50 each. The thing about selling MOCs is that you would have to price them like art. I also work with my dad who's a wood sculptor so the experience I have with that tells me that you have to price your sculptures as Material Cost + time spent working. We consider $35 an hour to be livable (because we do sculpture full time and that pays for out necessities). My sculptures usually take between 6 and 10 hours to make so I'm definitely underpricing them by a lot but I think it's more reasonable to expect someone to actually pay less and I'm not doing lego sculpting full time. Right now I have my Hellboy sculpture for sale in a local used lego store. I have it priced at $150 (of which $30 goes to the store) and it gets a lot of compliments but nobody who is interested in buying yet. Then again my builds tend to be bigger and take longer. I made a devil head this morning that I'm thinking about mounting on a wooden plaque and putting out for something like $40 and seeing if that sells. I've never seen any of this sold online, you could try etsy or making a patreon page but the thing is that shipping a built set is going to be difficult. Unless you plan to make instructions to go with it in which case I don't see a problem.
  6. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Hydruka

    I love your series of rahi and this is no exception! I love the focus on tiny details to accent the big shell piece. Wonderful little guy!
  7. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4702 Remake

    This looks great! I love this whole little series you've been doing, they're all great takes on the old sets. The new mirror of Erised looks pretty good in there and you did an excellent job capturing the look of the room from the movie. Quirrel's head is on backwards tho lol (the twisted Voldemort face is on the back of his head) I think it would be really cool to see your remakes be stackable like the original sets. When I was a kid I always thought it was so neat that you could combine the sets into a bigger castle. I wouldn't be sure how to do that without overshadowing your great details, though. Maybe just placing them on tiers behind one another to display. I really can't wait for more of these in any case!
  8. Nick Wolfe

    [MOC] Mustrum Ridcully Bust

    Wonderful! The hat looks very Unseen University and the face just screams Ridcully. Excellent work!
  9. Nick Wolfe

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Man, even checking out those reviews I have to say that I've seen more interesting use of most of those parts in brickheadz sets. Like getting the detailing parts like inverted slopes and triangle tiles in new colors is cool but as a set they're very repetitive for a long running theme. I really disagree that LEGO is at all limited with technic! Technic parts are easily integrated into system builds and even using existing parts people make really incredible and creative things with Technic which aren't ugly at all. Especially if LEGO tried making a more steampunk technic angle there are so many possibilities being passed over for the same old trucks and cranes. I do agree that Technic should be more integrated in sets, though, since the line is blurry where technic and system mix and many sets rely on technic parts for play features. I'm pretty sure this is all the thread is really meant to be. I mean, you're right, LEGO keeps the most successful lines and drops what isn't selling. I think all this conversation is trying to be is "what themes do you wish LEGO would drop to make way for the ones you do want?" Becasue, obviously Speed Champions, Brickheadz, Minecraft, especially Star Wars, are all selling very well and being kept around, which is why we're tired of them.
  10. Nick Wolfe

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I really do agree that the Minecraft sets have really done all they needed to do creatively, but LEGO probably shouldn't discontinue sets because it's still one of the most popular lines. And what's good for the company is good for the fans lol, I'd rather they keep minecraft and keep the company in the clear than drop it and risk making stupid decisions to try to make up the losses (again). For me it's probably Speed Champions. It's been going on a while and it's just different cars. It's worse than brickheads about getting a ton of licenses but doesn't have any of the creative building techniques or interesting new parts brickheads do. Also, while i don't want them to drop it entirely, I wish they would do something different with technic than just making cars and construction stuff. You have so many potions for cool working models with technic parts and power functions (eg everything jk brickworks does or the new lego forma) and all they make is vehicles! And modern day vehicles at that, not even futuristic things it's such a waste of opportunity!
  11. Wow, the way you arranged those pictures really makes the scale stand out. That wall's huge! I also really like the use of the net for the tail.
  12. Hmm my rarest sets are probably the two employee exclusives from when I worked for the call center. I have the nutcracker (which is stunning) and the trains through the years which is still in the box.
  13. Thanks for the review, always love your excellent pictures of the figures! Overall I think the wave is excellent! The different apocalypseburg characters have so many useful steampunk and mad max style elements and the wizard of oz characters are a nice surprise after the wicked witch appearing several times. My mom is a huge fan of the wizard of oz so I'll definitely be picking up each of those and putting together a little display for them! All the pop star figures will also look great in cloud cuckoo land. I have to agree the obvious weak link in this series is unikitty, which is sad because she's one of my favorites. Not only is she a really generic version of the character, really similar to the one that is in the cheapest set from the new wave but she doesn't have any accessories? And to top it all off it uses the old version of the head, attached to the body by just a 1x1 round plate, when all the recent unikitty figures including all the ones from the new LEGO movie 2 sets use the much sturdier connection with the small plate with rod into the new 1x3 plate with a hole. It's an odd step backwards in an already very lackluster figure. It's really confusing why they decided to go that route.
  14. Nick Wolfe

    Help needed with a Scooby Doo MOC

    It looks pretty dang good already! especially since it's made mostly with rectangular bricks and plates. If you want to make it less blocky and more movie accurate I would suggest bringing the cheese slopes on the front down by two plates so they lead up to the window instead of overlapping it. Maybe consider dropping the whole front bumper a few studs because right now it sits high, the protruding lip should sit even with the tires and since it's lego i would exaggerate that further and bring it as low as possible while still keeping room for the lights under it. I would also consider extending the nose of the van by another stud or using snot pieces to round it off. Also, it would be relatively simple to fix the bit of the hinge on the back door that sticks out by building it into the side of the van so that it would be in the l position when the door is closed and the 1x4 position when it is opened. It's hard to explain with words. I would also suggest bringing the surfboard racks on the top down by a plate so there is no gap between them and the roof. As is they distract from the shape of the van making it look blockier and since the gap serves no functional purpose you might be better off letting it be suggested. It might also be worth considering using the mystery machine decal from the official set for the "Mystery Machine" sign itself, as that would be incredibly difficult to represent at this scale. But all of those suggestions really are just detailing, the model looks excellent, you've done a great job of capturing the look of the van and you've clearly been incorporating the functionality too. It's instantly recognizable, excellent work!