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  1. Vader

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    to The Empire......... I have been summond elsewhere by the Emperor...... So this will be my last report...... The Ultimate Weapon location has been moved as the Emperor requested......... Troops you have served your Empire well and will be missed........
  2. Ok guys well i have decided to leave the Tie Army thread, this is for reasons i dont wish to go into right now. So thanks to all who have helped out in the thread, it wouldnt of been what it is without you. Lord Off!
  3. Vader

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Lord to Fleet Admiral TK..... Excellent.......... The Emperor will be pleased......... Your raid on Naboo will not go unnoticed by the rebels.... If they know of the Ultimate Weapon they will be forced to decide which to strike at first..... Naboo or the Weapon....... Though it matters little which they choose....... I will guard the Weapon myself.....And i know you will stop any of there attacks..........
  4. Vader

    Countdown to the New Indy Sets

    Guys we have threads to talk about new sets already, so please keep this one on topic or ill have to close it. Oh and 2 more days isn't long to wait.... I think you can cope till then.
  5. Vader

    Happy Birthday Batbrick!

    Hey BB Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great Bat B-day
  6. Vader

    Indy 4 Exclusive set

    No the skull is not light up, lego seems to decided not to go that route....thanks heavens.
  7. Hmmmm i think your right, that does look pretty darn good to me. Perhaps i'll give it a try too.
  8. Vader

    Problems buying new Indy sets....

    Well once again we're getting screwed on prices, come on lego these are too high
  9. Vader

    Modular Kamino (Cloning Facility) MOC

    Most of what i would say has already been said, so i'll simply say that's stunning work and i really love it
  10. Vader

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Lord to the Emperor.... Master as you suspected the one called IS has returned to his rebel friends....... Yessss! as i knew he would, Now then proceed with phase 2 of the plan. Have the Fleet Admiral hit Naboo hard, i want 30% of the population enslaved and another 20% wiped out. Enslaved Master?..... I.... Master enslavement is so..... Ahhh yes Lord my friend i forgot your circumstances...... Enslaved is a term i should not of used, of course they will be treated with the respect they deserve. Do not worry yourself about them. Yes Master.... Your... Your orders will be carried out....... Lord to Fleet Admiral TK........ Admiral proceed with phase 2 at once....
  11. Vader

    Problems buying new Indy sets....

    Seems most woolworths now have the new sets on the shelves, including mine at last . I guess they either don't care or haven't heard about lego not wanting them sold before May 1st.
  12. Vader

    Who's Your Daddy

    First cut the tone, that will not be tolerated. Ok now onto your comments: Palpatine never had the power to create life, he only said he wished to learn it as a way to gain control over Anakin. He knew Anakin’s desire for that level of power and used it to his advantage, the Sith used tactics like that to further their will. Darth Plagueis was mentioned in EP3! So i suggest you go back and watch it again, Palpatine tells Anakin the story of Darth Plagueis the wise whilst at the opera, see for yourself here: As he was created by Lucas (you know that guy right?) then he is apart of the SW Universe and not imaginary. You know your post contradicts itself, first you say Palpatine impregnated Shmi with the force then you state he never had that power; those comments make no sense to me at all. Oh and what are you on about regarding surviving ep6? The new game is set between ep3-4 so i fail to see any link to post ep 6.
  13. Vader

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night, it was a good film. Some very funny bits that made me chuckle, overall worth the sky high prices we have to pay these days........And they wonder why pirate dvd's are so popular these days
  14. Vader

    Problems buying new Indy sets....

    Hmmm well my hunt turned up nothing new, i haven't heard of anyone else finding the new sets so i wonder if it's a one off.
  15. It would be easier if you were to pick one side, however if you feel you can play a double agent then i have no objection. Oh and on another note: