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  1. Maple

    [MOC] Don't pick the flowers

    I love the purple rocks and the use of the pink astronaut. I don't know if it was on purpose, but I get a special kick out of the fact that the flower is very Christmasy. :)
  2. Yeah, NASA already has a top secret space crash that's a tiny car sized Shuttle, but no one knows what's it's doing. But an actual shuttle with 7 people on it, none of the children of today have watched live. However yay for Youtube.
  3. We are all assuming that the 'rocket transport' is a big plane with a rocket on top. If that's the case just switch the shuttle for the rocket.
  4. I like the shuttle but they are super popular, we get at least one a year. And yes the forth I was counting was the BatShuttle as it's still on the shelf and very much a shuttle. So technically there are four themes, but many more sets. The Creator minifigure scale shuttle from 2017 I think, The Creator miniscale shuttle in 2019, Batshuttle from 2018, City 2019 Shuttle and Overwatch Shuttle thing. And what will replace the shuttle short term is a rocket, which like you said, is NOT as fun as a shuttle with wings and a cargo bay.
  5. That is a super specific want from a set. I just want the lunar base not to be as sad as I'm expecting it to be. I'm thinking it will be like Jungle Mobile Lab 60160, just recolored and such. Roebuck, fairs have animals. I'm picturing a pig, maybe a new lamb piece, or the return of the goat.
  6. I won! WOOHOO! Thank you! I'm assuming it's fine if I send it to a friend of mine as I'll probably be moving by the time it ships.
  7. That will never, ever, EVER happen. A baseplate in a City set?! HAVE YOU GONE MAD!!!?!
  8. 400 pieces for minifigures and some accessories? I'm guessing it will be a rocket on a plane (or even a helicopter carrying it) and the donut shop will have a news helicopter and a van, and a police car and motorcycle for 'traffic control', like the museum set with cop cars and such from years ago. Still these seem like very large sets. Larger than the launch pad is shocking. Like the wave has too many large $100+ sets. I wish the lunar base has 800-1000 pieces and not a donut shop. 400 piece lunar base will be very disappointing most likely. LEGO loves space shuttles which is interesting. Clearly they wouldn't be making a bunch of them across now four themes (I'm including Overwatch) if they weren't selling. Yet the target range has never seen one fly, it will be 8.5 years since the last shuttle mission when these sets come out.
  9. Anyone want to guess how LEGO will make an 800 piece donut shop (it has to include a new helicopter and van for sure) and a 1055 rocket transport? 1000 pieces to make a rocket transport? It's bigger than the launch station!
  10. I have never seen 80% of a group be incredibly wrong. It's a CMF series. Uni-kitty is one of the minifigures in The LEGO Movie 2 CMF range (which is really bad) so it counts as a minifigure.
  11. Maple

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Massachusetts used to have a village called Dana, it was destroyed in 1938 to give water to Boston. Population was around 800. You can still walk around the old village square, and the basements are still there. The village had a hotel, country store, school and a town hall that used to be a church that was moved. So yeah villages can have town halls.
  12. Youtube 'Police riding drones', they are already a thing. It makes more sense than Volcano and Arctic sets.
  13. Thanks MKJoshA! You answered my question about the 1x3 with pins and I was curious to how well baseplates would be shipped because they are a decent price on BnP.
  14. Thanks! I do just search 76382 and see what was listed, I just noticed the last time there was a bunch of NinjaGo I hope say when the store reopens in two months. Bricks and pieces is sometimes slow, it took me months last time I think. And are the new 1x3 with center pinhole on BnP before it closed? I want to update my old Unikiities at some point.
  15. Maple

    MOC: The Magnolias On 10th Apartments

    The skill level (and the $$$$$) of some of the builders here are amazing. They should hire you to make some modulars.