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  1. Well the toy fairs have been lame for 3-4+ years now. But if I were LEGO, and there wasn't a world ending death flu that will kill 98% of humans and make the other 2% vampire zombies, I would reveal the sets in Asia / China being that's where they are supposed to be basing the story on.
  2. Maple

    Micro Machines return in 2020 - are you excited?

    Oh good. I'm hoping for the color changing ones, they were always my favorite.
  3. Maple

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! LEGO David is here to tell you about the return of LEGO Space in 2020, 2021, 2022 as there are no Star Wars movies coming out for a few years! I can't wait to see them at this weekend's toy fair. Here's an idea, LEGO Sci-fi Space no longer sells. That simple. Alien Conquest last one year, it was supposed to last two. The whole second wave of which was canceled because of poor sales. Power Rangers in Space, I mean Galaxy Squad only lasted one year too. Maybe Disney has something in a new deal saying no Space sets but I doubt it as TLM2 sets were most weird space ships. And that movie bombed and all the sets have been 50% off and still sit on the shelves. If that's not proof of sci-fi space themes not selling, therefore not being made, I don't know what is. Alien Conquest and Galaxy Squad have better ship designs than anything LEGO / Star Wars has come up with in the last 10 years. 70708, Hive Crawler is one of the best designed sets ever. The problem was it was so overpriced. 70708: Hive Crawler
  4. Maple

    Lego Ideas: Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers!

    I like it as I loved the cartoon as a child. But I thought there was a rule that current themes couldn't be considered for Idea sets.
  5. That's amazing. I never got around to buying Ship in a Bottle because it was always overpriced to me, but this is exactly what I wanted to do with the window pieces. It's perfect. I never buy a set the first day of release, but I'd buy this right away. It's stunning.
  6. Why couldn't there be a fourth mnifigure wave that isn't considered part of the CMF series? Unikitty had a minifigure series.
  7. Store sizes vary. I haven't been to a LEGOLAND but I'd guess that those would be the biggest. I don't even know where the Philly store is, but it's not downtown. Yet there are two H&M stores within half a km. However I have never heard of a BL store warehouse type thing.
  8. Maple

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I haven't ever bought a people's pack besides Space because I'd just get the torsos when they are in another set or Brick and Piece the parts I want. I figured Space figures won't be in future sets. But an air show would be a great idea, it would tie into the festival side of things too.
  9. In the USA every single LEGO Brand Store, not in a huge mega city like NYC, is outside the city itself and in an enclosed mall. Boston has 3-4 stores, every one is in a mall and none actually in Boston itself. Rochester NY has one in a mall 10 miles south of the city. NYC has them in street stores near subway stops as there aren't a ton of malls there.
  10. Maple

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    I finally got around to building the set. It's great! The set is really interesting design wise, but nice looking. The helicopter isn't anything special but the ambulance is really well done. Very nice set that will look good if I ever get the space to build my town.
  11. Maple

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    And the 'supermarket' will be 15 pieces, but it will come with a helicopter, a police car, a police tank, a police something else and a red car.
  12. Maple

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The windows are big. What I don't understand is LEGO made a new 4x6x6 window frame and window. The frame is white and the window is blue. Why not use them in this set? So far the only set with the window and frame is the lighthouse from last year.
  13. I have a couple different fire stations dating back from like 1995. The dock side one is one of my favorites. If I could get it for cheaper I'd still pick it up.
  14. People are losing interest because we have seen two minifigures? That's ridiculous. Let's wait a couple more weeks until we see actual sets and prices.
  15. Last year's was a lot better with the actual egg piece that was painted. The fact this isn't a free gift is very weird to me. And the only way that it's worth $8 is if the set included a sheep. Good review for a 'bleh', overpriced set.