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  1. Maple

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Alien Conquest is one of my favorite themes. The issue was LEGO can only make a certain amount of pieces at any one time. So if I remember currently Friends sold was more than LEGO thought so they needed to make more pieces for that and weren't able to waste the factory time in making the awesome theme that didn't sell well.
  2. Maple

    MOC: Brick Walk

    I don't think I've ever bought modular for full price, always waited for sale. But damn I'd buy that if it were a set.
  3. Maple

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    LEGO made sand red legs?!
  4. Maple

    [MOC] Modular Gardening Shop

    I love all the air pieces / helmets you use for the plants, such an awesome use of parts. Love the greenhouse and the old style green and red doors. Love it all.
  5. Maple

    [MOC] The Hills Blue Corner

    I'm always for using different colors and the blue is lovely. Plus all the plants around the steps. Very nice.
  6. Maple

    [MOC] The Hills Limestone Church

    It's really nice. I'm trying to figure out how you got the little gap in the cheese slopes to make the cross windows.
  7. Maple

    [MOC] Modular Café

    Very nice! Is that place yellow? I love the color, looks perfect.
  8. Maple

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Sure it has. Just pick a random popular theme and say it will be made into LEGO 2-3 years down the line. That's what the cult like nature of this site and 20 pages of 'rumors' based on nothing. It's all insane. Because clearly if we get sets it will be before the 2022 movie. What's another big movie coming out in the next few years? The Lord of the Rings will return with the Amazon TV series, new LEGO sets in 2023. You heard it here first.
  9. You people are unreal. I have never seen Playmobile in a Walmart, I've only seen them at Target during Easter and Christmas. So then I checked and see if any stores around me sold Playmobile, they don't. Maybe it's a northeast USA thing. The USA is the number 1 market to LEGO, with China probably now second, and Germany third. But I love the fact that you admit in German LEGO is first, BECAUSE THEY MAKE WHAT SELLS. And Brandon Pea you are incredibly naive. How does LEGO make the most money possible? By making toys people want to buy. That's it. LEGO isn't making you because you love them, they make them to take your money. If everyone stopped buying LEGO they would stop making LEGO. It's really that simple.
  10. Clearly it's not. LEGO's one goal is to make the most amount of money possible. If they thought castle, pirates or whatever would sell they be making it. It's really that simple. The fact you bring up Playmobil is funny to me. In the USA they aren't even sold in stores anymore. Only place I've ever seen them were Toys R Us. Walmart sells them online, not in store. Same with Target. You know why? Because they don't sell. Meanwhile LEGO has 1-2 aisles in every store. Why is LEGO making so many Police sets? Because they sell. Why does LEGO make so many planes and helicopters even in sets that makes very little sense? Because they sell. It's really that simple. So maybe you are being presumptuous on thinking you know what LEGO should do more than LEGO.
  11. Maple

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    1. LEGO has no investors, it's family owned. 2. LEGO doesn't do quarterly reports because it's family owned. 3. LEGO has released a the annual info they want to release in a 50 page report every year for decades. So the fact LEGO is doing a video makes me hopeful for something. There is 15 pages of useless, random, garbage here that's based on nothing. So I can join in and be just as hopeful. But with the virus taking over the planet it wouldn't surprise me if LEGO had to delay things because of production issues.
  12. Maple

    [MOC] Sea Exploration Ship 2.0

    The boat is awesome, love the use of the half triangle tiles to transition the white/grey. But that sub is my favorite! It's just the perfect size and uses the sloped red piece beautifully.
  13. Maple

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    What are you talking about? It's where the live stream of the 2019 data will be released. Never said there was, just wishful thinking because whats the point of live streaming 2019 sale numbers? There is none, so maybe they will tease something for this year.
  14. I like the train bridge and the use of the railing pieces. Also using knock offs is fine, LEGO doesn't make the + piece of train track anymore. If I didn't have the 9V one I'd buy the knock of for that too. Road plates are so expensive that I either don't use them (black paper works) or would buy knockoffs.
  15. They wouldn't sell. That was easy, three and a half words. :) Pirates was never really a Classic theme, it was always kind of wishy washy, but it amazes me we didn't even get a D2C pirate ship for the 30th anniversary. There have been two 40th anniversary sets of Trains in two different years but nothing for Pirates is a bit of a let down. Also Dark Ages started when they retired Town and replaced it with City Center Jr. At least that lead to the best theme, World City during the recovery years.