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  1. Shakar

    Shapeways MOUP

    My guess is that if you register they send you promotional emails to notifiy you when sales are occuring. I don't know if sales on items are a thing but I'm waiting for the next Free Shipping sale, since shipping costs are stupidly high here.
  2. Shakar

    Future Constraction Lines

    Truth to be told, I agree. By now I know what I want to build so I'm less interested in builds and more interested in new parts/recolours. CCBS still has many "recolour slots" to fill, some of which are rather prominent (eg to this day, we still don't have CCBS fists in gold or titanium metallic!), and perhaps new colours to explore too (pink, lavender, and pastel colors in general).
  3. Shakar

    Constraction custom parts

    Not exactly custom, but has anyone tried remaking CCBS shells for 3D printing? I know it's an odd question, but I couldn't help wondering when I saw this. Scroll down and you'll see that Shapeways' purple is a near perfect match with old discontinued purple (Onepu's mask), which is quite a bit different from modern dark lilac (Voltix, Joker, 2015 Onua). Having shells in an otherwise impossible colour would be pretty amazing.
  4. I assumed they sold badly? That's what I heard. I didn't necessarily hate them, but I don't think they were a financial success or we would've seen more of them.
  5. How do you replace a System theme with a Constraction theme? You can argue they could turn Bionicle into a System theme (NoGodPleaseNo.webm), but the playsets released during 2005-2007 were proven flops.
  6. Hello everyone. Some mixed thoughts since I haven't been posting here forever: -SW Constraction's end would be a pretty heavy blow. While the quality of the sets had been declining sharply (especially from the Rogue One wave onwards), the sets would always provide some pretty good recolours, and some very good molds as well (I really should get my hands on those sweet blades from the Elite Praetorian Guard set). My biggest regret is that we never got iconic characters like Yoda, C3PO and more droids, more droids, more droids. I still want those gold hands, though I'm sure they would've came up with an excuse to not make them. -I've checked the inventories for the new sets. So Boba has a sand green 3M shell. That's not much, but better than nothing. And a dark red 4M shell, huh? Subarashii! -Darn, the new Vader is TALL. I doubt I'll buy him, but it's nice to see a proper, fully humanoid CCBS "Titan". Shame about the scarcity of recolours, but still a better set than I initially thought. -I don't care much for Maul and the Stormtrooper, really. Maul's shoulder armour looks pretty cool, though. -Han has lots of new brown pieces, including new shoulder pads, I think. Definitely useful stuff.
  7. I'm not sure how they expect these to continue to sell. They've started as slightly more expensive than their Bionicle G2 equivalents in size/parts count and now they cost almost twice.
  8. Oh well, 2 3M shells is better than nothing like we initially thought. Also those small panel pieces are pretty good for armouring. Add these to Llloyd's dragon's feet and a small sand green parts pool is building up.
  9. I don't particularly care about the set, but DV is 35 Euro? What?! He looks so simplified compared to the 2015 set, yet not only he's not cheaper but more expensive too? There's got to be something hidden to his build that we haven't seen.
  10. Shakar

    Future Constraction Lines

    I'm keeping a healthy dose of skepticism, just to not dispappoint myself later on, but provided this is true: It sounds very interesting. Dropping the "groups of 6" scheme feels refreshing, and the return of vehicles and a real Titan set would certainly be welcome. Some on 4chan have pointed out that this is fake because it all feels "Too good to be true" but I'm not sure if I agree: if anything, it sounds like an average modern Lego theme: the right timing (2017 was obviously too early, but 2018? 2 years and half are enough to develop and finalize a new theme) 12 sets, media/apps tie-ins, a group of 4-5 main heroes (Ninjago anyone?), a computer setting (which isn't new to Lego action themes). The only thing that strikes me as odd is the use of masks, but they might as well be Glatorian/HF style helmets. Helmets and masks are more cost effective that full heads anyway, I suppose (not taking into account the obvious playability factor). As for the lack of a theme name, it might be that the anonymous leaker thinks s/he would get into trouble if s/he gave it away. Not necessarily meaning to defendi her/him, just a thought.
  11. It's true I shouldn't do that. It's that I remember that person who claimed to having seen the sets and seeing sand green shells on Boba and I clung to that. Sure, there are the dragon's feet, but it's not much if you want to build something. Boba might have sand green feet, though the colour of his boots varies a bit depending on the deciption. A quick rundown of the recolours if anyone's interested, though I'm sure there are going to be a lot of inaccuracies due to shadows and lightning: Boba "Keetongu yelloworange" SW round smooh shoulder pads Sand green SW male torso armour, (?) CCBS feet, Jango Fett helmet (well of course) Dark red (?) 4M CCBS shells Dark orange (?) 5M CCBS shell (left arm) New parts: dark tan (?) tattered cape Darth Vader Titanium metallic (?) large tubular shell New parts: new cape (? Though it's probably Kylo Ren's helmet) Darth Maul Too blurry to make it out. But head aside I don't see anything new. Interesting, I undertstimated the set. I'll check it out, thanks.
  12. I mean, I was hoping they would slip in one sand green shell size, even if it's not very movie-accurate. Boba was the only way we could have sand green CCBS and it's pretty much gone forever now. I'm curious about the torso build, but I really don't care for his parts. Is the set that good in person?
  13. Well, since the last set I had some hope for, Boba, is a total disappointment in terms of parts, I guess this is it for me. I'll buy pieces off Bricklink if I gather the time to build my MOCs, but looking at these it seems Lego doesn't want my money anymore, so no more sets for me. They've taken the last theme I liked and ran it to the ground twice, and it seems I really don't care for their other lines anymore, so I just need to accept that in terms of new releases constraction is pretty much dead.
  14. Episode 1 Darth Maul, I guess? I admit I would prefer cyborg!Darth Maul, even though he's far less iconic. He could bring a really interesting built (those legs!) as well as new red/dark red and silver pieces. E1 Maul would be just a Kylo Ren clone, unless they pull something out of left field like a cloth hood and/or a build featuring the Uniter torso (Leewan makes a fair point- could they make a new version of the Uniter Torso that is compatible with the SW torso shell?).
  15. Bit of a crazy thought, but hear me out. It seems they're kind of making it a point to give a gear function to characters with melee weapons, even if they don't have a lightsaber, see 2016 Rey and Jyn. Now, the Guard has a melee weapon, but it's held on both hands so a gearbox would make no sense. Chances are high it uses a single piece torso bone, but what if it hides a Uniter torso? It would work perfectly with a staff weapon, like on Pohatu and Gali. I'm likely setting myself up for a disappointment, but it's still fun to think about it.