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  1. No idea, unfortunately. Everything that I've known regarding 75313 since shops stared hearing about it a few months ago has noe been "leaked" as of last week. Best guess is that it's a larger rendition of 75159 (DS I) or a new Sandcrawler. I would bet that it's an ANH kit.
  2. Yes, the 2HY UCS holds the same MSRP as 75192 had and has in the states.
  3. Azani

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    No, I suspect that there are many more than just nine set for 2021; I happen to only know of MPNs for nine. I've been told that we can expect two waves, and I know that 76944-76949 isn't even the entirety of "wave one" in the second half of the year. It's likely that you and @Falconfan1414 are far and away aware of more detail regarding JW/JP for 2021 than I am; I just wanted to kick off the conversation with a quick briefing. All six of those USD prices that Falc listed are correct; they are sourced back to a big-box retailer here in the states. EDIT: Falc already mentioned "two waves" in this thread. Confirmed. :) It's a big "may not" - not a "not", but irrespective of likelihood it wouldn't be related to the 2020 pandemic as TLG scopes out production plans 2+ years prior to kits hitting the shelves. Supply chains can and will be affected well into this year; the number of sets that an entire line gets won't be.
  4. Azani

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not sure what that means; we've seen Spring sets revealed on re new year a few times. If they are coming in October, then yes, this reveal is odd.
  5. Azani

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Speed Champions may not see any releases in 2021. Architecture and JW will. I'm aware of nine sets for JW/JP (Dino), 76943-76912. The USD prices for 76944-76949 have been circulating for a few months; I don't know anything about the last three, except that they are or were part of the "2021" plans. EDIT: Should have been explicit: "at least" nine, in the one wave that I know of.
  6. If you're including a certain "unusually large" kit in the take on 2HY LSW prices, then it will be much, much more expensive than 1HY; however without knowing much at this moment about the rest of the year post-May, I believe that the disparity without the 2HY UCS is not uncommon or strangely large. Bingo. Big indeed.
  7. Azani

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    What I'd go on the record saying is "Spring". I'm pretty sure that they're April in the NA and EU markets because of a moderately sized list of partners (including certified stores and the like in their respective countries) that had them listed under "Spring 2021" - but I could have to recant that statement as we get closer to the Spring. I haven't yet seen a certified store or EU partner say "April" - just Spring" - so there's a bit of a margin to consider. Between March 1st and May 1st sounds rational. A few American retailers have listed them as "April 1st", however. Seemed safe to announce.
  8. TLG has used the term "ip-vehicle" in retailer solicitations to refer to any kit based on a property thst they don't own - another '"IP". Not much to go on until NYTF or Nuremberg TF, if I were to suspect.
  9. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I would be glad to elaborate on my thoughts on the versatility of the brand (specifically, in this particular case, the Ninjago brand, but really to a more generalized extent the TLG brand aegis as a rule), and I'll go into a little detail to build off of the points that @Lyichirbrought to the fore. The brand has historically been glad to re-use concept after concept in set design, just as BIONICLE did in the first decade of the millennium and what we retroactively term "classic space" and "classic castle" did in the last two decades prior. It's built for that, it's a brand that runs off of bold, swashbuckling mythological archetypes taking, frankly, pretty predictable actions show season after show season. It's important to remember that we as a "world" monoculture have been telling children stories about ninja and dragons and demons and djinn and incredible seafaring ships and what have you for 2000+ years. We're never going to stop that, and while TLG eventually will do that, it seems to me that their chosen "vehicle" for telling such stories is still going strong.The number of kits and degree to which LEGO® floods the airwaves with advertising for a theme are much more reliable long-term axioms on the success of a line then that "top five for the year" list, and Ninjago isn't toning those down.
  10. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Heck yes... as @Bilis insinuates, there's nothing to suggest otherwise. It:s generally accepted that TLG sees the property as comparable to "CITY" or "TECHNIC" in its "evergreen" nature - as a fellow in my early twenties, I suspect that my children will be able to find new Ninjago kits on store shelves.
  11. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Crazy (awesome) to be hearing summer information for a trusted source right now. Much appreciated!
  12. I would believe that as well; that being said, to be clear, there are new films "on the horizon" at the moment - just not for 2021. They haven't yet moved the debut for the next trilogy from 2023, and for TLG, that probably means that they're already working on concept art if not models.
  13. Azani

    Lego Mythica

    I could imagine it, but contextually it remains an optimistic proposal with regards to the mindset of the average amusement-park-faring child. This, in my opinion, is much more likely: I have no foreknowledge of any Winter or Spring products under the "Mythica" brand, or, for that matter, anything along those lines at this point in time.
  14. Yes, I'm aware that TLG doesn't literally need to "justify" PpP in sets that they produce for retail sale, but it certainly is to their benefit and to the obvious detriment of their critics if they stick within the generally accepted margins of what consumers - not just AFOLs, but any customers - are willing to pay for their core offerings each HY. It's not a matter of pandering to AFOLs; it's a matter of keeping their products palatable enough to ward off most of the typical incessant detractors. Irrespective of that, I appreciate you folks clarifying that their are electronic elements in 42124, as that wraps up the question pretty neatly. Thanks!
  15. Azani

    Lego Minecraft 2020 Rumors & Discussion

    As several folks have mentioned, yes, they will be, and they should be shipping out before Christmas for sure. They've been in the rumor mill for close to a year, and thus the virus is unlikely to hamper their release to any tangible extent. Very excited for these!