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  1. There's always the mysterious 75201 and the 75202 Crait Skimmer as well...
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I gave it a quick shot as well; if I had to guess, the city image was a rare slip-up. That said, it's still up there...
  3. There are pictures that exist. You likely know where to look. :) @Mitch Henry I would make sure to avoid taking blurry screenshots from ytour phone of heavily compressed images in the future. No one really likes those, especially when they're huge. Also, we've seen a CCBS droid, as a side note.
  4. Nope, Maul comes later. It's all in the topic that your post belonged in, if that's okay for ya. Funny, right?
  5. I'm 99% sure that we'll see all of those things, except a Canto Bight set.
  6. Ah, no problem. Sorry about the confusion; thank you.
  7. I don't understand, sorry. Is that some other language? I only do English and French, personally.
  8. He has it, and he's not showing it. Not sure why you guys would expect it; it is a massive risk to one's employment. No, it is perfectly reasonable. Please be patient. And yes, the guy has more info, and it's all correct. He is definitely legitimate.
  9. What the heck is that... On immediate glances, the hair mold used on the figure appears to be new; still attempting to examine and cross-reference.
  10. The rumored sandspeeder definitely isn't 75202; I can tell you guys that. So no, the Crait vehicle is separate.
  11. Tbh I'd be very surprised if that happened, but...
  12. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    What do you mean when you say that you "can't find it in the SW thread"? Why would that ever go in here, for any reason at all?? Anyway, I'd be psyched to see a large D2C HP set. Looking into it. :)
  13. I believe that they do, yes; that being said, they have been a bit looser with it in the last several years. I'm definitely not the only one who still does. :) There's no point in hiding it- all of those sets are real, except for 75201. I don't know which one that is.
  14. As others have said, we are getting an Ach-To playset in the winter and 75208 later in 1HY. Over here, I was relatively certain that everyone knew that. Hoping for years/some function in that upcoming Ach-To kit... -Azani
  15. For the still-unknown TLJ battlepack and for 75198? Yup, I mistyped; apologies for that. :) Edited the post. Even though I'd like that as well, I'm sorry to tell you that we're not getting that, unfortunately. As it is, 75208 releases in April.