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  1. Hmm.. I don't recall as much, but I will have to check. I actually had seemed to recall him debunking the rumor, but I may be off the mark here as well.
  2. Inordinately, the real issue here is the "Monkey" terminology. @Gorilla94 may be on top of the horrid extent of the whole blackface (or, more accurately, the marginalization and engendered hatred for people of African descent in the ststes), but the catch is the keyword that you highlighted above. The combination of red, black, and the "monkey" adjective, as it is utilized in the theme's name, is a perfect storm. If it were to be closely based on the actual text of "Monkey" or "Journey to the West", I don't believe that we'd be picking up on a fourteen set line with several sets above 50 EUR. TLG is in this one to sell kits to children, not to produce art. This doesn't have anything to do with colonialism or abolition; it has to do with blackface and "sambo" depictions in American popular culture. This is a mass media convulsion, and the simple fact that two members here jumped to the "racist" conclusion immediately after seeing the logo that we now know to be extra-corporation promotional material is evidence enough of the disability that TLG suffers here.
  3. This is, irrespective of the paint job, a spectacular MOC. I do wonder as to where the shoulder straps are from; are they official LEGO elements? As an offhand note, this might belong in LEGO Action Figures.
  4. For the most part, it's unwise to ask questions such as the one that you posted above. This sort of thing is what kills independent sources. I would concede that Rakuten is rarely a firsthand recipient of TLG's forthcoming releases, but I do know that 75291 is comimg. It is present in a certain major retailer's inventory system, and is accessible within their .xml sitemap. I remember the V-19 and the "Resistance Shuttle" (Raddus) discord. No member on EB thought that those had any bearing in a reliable source.
  5. Azani

    Lego Architecture 2020

    Correct; it's the west wing, the east wing, and the residence, with each wing being about 4 modules tall and 9 modules wide.
  6. As far as the first wave runs, I wouldn't count on that; our source material with respect to the 16th-century Journey to the West doesn't really lend itself to the colorful and whimsical style of Elves. I'm expecting something more approximate to the Exo-Force of yore. Lots of bland locations, in addition to a few small vehicle-type kits with traditionally masculine colors; reds, browns, greys. On point, sir. TLG can't afford to litigate as the defendant anymore.
  7. I would suggest that there is a chance that we may not be thinking of the same racist children's books and dolls and other such turn-of-the-century materual; I happen to own a book on the etiology of the blackface tradition, and so I feel relatively safe in stating my opinion on this one. That said, most people, and certainly most children, will not make that connection, so I would have some faith in TLG on this front. Nah, man; if there's one thing that the folks over at TLG corporate are not in the habit of doing, it's giving any clout to the knockoff manufacturers. I have some strong faith in TLG in that we will see some mind-changing, paradigm-shifting creative work. :P
  8. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I would corroborate the hexagonal bit if I could find the image of the dungeon. I haven't really been following the leaked images for Ninjago. :P EDIT: Found it. Thanks! The Technic would be necessary to connect the kits in a sort of modular fashion... running off of the assumption that the sets will not connect with System elements to avoid stability issues.
  9. No. For "Monkey Kid", no, it's not. I had the same darn thought when I saw the logo, and now that someone else has drawn the same innocuous connection, I'll say it flat-out; that better not be a finalized logo for the line.
  10. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I distinctly recall Garmadon having some standard old 2006 Exo-Force hair back in 2011 or so... As @GarmaFan stated above, this dates us back to Season 1. Had this Harkonen fellow said anything about what to expect from the "Burst" kits? FWIW I believe that the EN terminology will be "Burst", not "Surge" as was initially reported. Cutting the details from Nuremberg into something coherent is tough, but I would suspect that we'll get some usable technic from these kits if we really do see a board game-type setup in 2HY mainline kits. Very curious about how TLG will pull that one off. Looking forward to NYTF...
  11. Azani

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    That sounds about right to me. :P
  12. Azani

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    These kits are all rumored to release in July or August of this year, but a few might sneak past a little earlier... with eight sets known to me as of right now, the list keeps getting more and more unwieldy.... Well, I mean, he's best known for being one of the Ministry of Magic fellows who wanted Buckbeak executed, so that's his reason for being in 75947. 75945 Expecto Patronum - $14.99 US 75946 Triwizard Tournament - $34.99 US 75947 Hagrid's Hut with Buckbeak Rescue - $49.99 US 75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower - $89.99 US 75957 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar - $39.99 US 75958 Confidential - ~$54.99 US 75964 Confidential - $39.99 US 75965 Confidential - $14.99 US
  13. Azani

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I can independently corroborate the inclusion of Buckbeak and Macnair (or someone who looks much like Macnair) in 75947. And it will be $49.99 US, as predicted.
  14. Ahaha, man; it's certainly not something that I saw coming, but TLG has felt an incensing need to include DC characters in this wave. Very excited for the further D2C reveals, but I suspect that it will be a bit of a feat to top 70840 at this juncture. I would also point out that TLG is increasingly willing to soup up licensed characters when they end up tying in with TLM2; would it be too much to ask for another faux-licensed spaceman/spacemen "battle pack" a la 70841 in the May TLM2 wave? I'll be keeping an eye out for any news on 70837-70839 and 70842 as we slide into the new year. More TLM2 is coming. Correct. It is coming in the middle of the Q3 chunk of the year. 76137 and 76138 are Batman kits with 4+ branding, and 76118-76122 are Batman as well.
  15. Azani

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Who knows? Some folks are aware of what is coming in the summer, yes. I'm not aware of any Legacy sets that are set (planned) for the summer of next year, but I'm only aware of a few kits at this point along the line As it is, I get the impression that the reception to the Legacy line has sounded a bit mixed, so it should be a relief to hear that Ninjago is spinning into a different direction at this juncture. Should be exciting; they certainly sound like a change of pace. I would assume that most of the winter wave will be available stateside within a week or so.