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  1. Azani

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    75970 - $14.99, 129 pieces 75971 - $19.99, 197 pieces 75972 - $29.99,419 pieces 75973 - $39.99, 455 pieces 75974 - $49.99, 602 pieces 75975 - $89.99, 730 pieces
  2. It is possible - I'm not certain of this - that Brickheadz kits will be integrated into the traditional numbering schemes that were set for certain themes in 2013, as the Juniors line is doing the same next year. I don't know this for a fact, but it would seem to be a logical step forward for the theme.
  3. January 75223 - [Sith Infiltrator] • $10 US 75224 - [Naboo Starfighter] • $10 US 75225 - [Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack] • $15 US 75226 - [Inferno Squad Battle Pack] • $15 US 75228 - [Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters] • $20 US 75229 - [Death Star Escape] • $30 US 75233 - [Droid Gunship] • $50 US 75234 - [AT-AP] • $60 US 75235 - [Juniors™ X-Wing Starfighter] • $30 US 75236 - [Slave I Playset] • $20 US 75237 - [Juniors™ TIE Fighter] • $20 US 75247 - [Juniors™ A-Wing Starfighter] • $15 US April 75238 - [Small Playset 1] • $30 US 75239 - [Small Playset 2] • $30 US 75240 - [May the Fourth Villain Ship] • $70 US 75241 - [Large Playset] • $60 US 75242 - [Hero Ship] • $50 US 75243 - [Slave I] • $120 US 75244 - [1HY UCS] • >$120 US (larger box than 75243) 75252 - [2HY UCS] • $??? US 75258 - [20th Anniversary PR (Public Release)] • $30 US 75259 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $40 US 75260 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Target) • $?? US 75261 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $30 US 75262 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $20 US 30383 - [Naboo Starfighter] • $4 US 30384 - [Snowspeeder] • $4 US 30461 - [Anakin's Podracer] • $4 US
  4. Check your PMs. And man, thanks; I'm glad to be back around as well! The UPC was a typo. Yeah, no, I'm not talking about or any other EU Amazon .tld in this case.
  5. Check your PMs. And man, thanks; I'm glad to be back around!
  6. 75236 is indeed 191 pieces and $19.99 US... it might be more accurate for me to state that while I am one hundred percent sure that 75236 is a Slave I, I'm not one hundred percent sure that it is, in fact, a 4+ kit; that said, the relative numbering of the other 4+ sets at similar price points seems to imply that it is one. I have seen multiple retailers list 75236 as "confidential slave one" or some variation thereof, and I would suspect that TLG has gathered together multiple codenames for the 4+ kit. There is not a single doubt in my mind that it is anything other than an OT or PT Slave I, but it could be either a small playset that includes a tiny Slave I or either a very large and unprecedented error by several retailers. Both are unusual, so I'm excited to catch what TLG has been cooking up.
  7. Azani

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Image-free as in "greyed-out box silhouettes for each individual line".
  8. Azani

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Speaking as a person who occasionally has been granted access to those catalogs, it's more that the 2019 LEGO catalog is image-free. :S
  9. No, there's definitely a 4+ branded Slave I coming in 1HY - multiple retailers are starting to list it in their systems.
  10. I just scanned four LSW-focused groups that I belong to on Facebook, and I couldn't/haven't immediately pulled together any sign of Iden Versio there. We know that she's coming as per @Sir von Lego, but are we certain that we're not searching for a needle in a proverbial haystack? I could continue to look later in the day, but the odds are stacked against the existence of Iden for now.
  11. Azani

    Lego AL 2019

    Yup, no, we've seen that a few months back. Regardless, thank you! It's called LEGO DOTs, and stylized as such. Very curious to see how it runs, especially if it somehow manages to be the jewelry theme as was initially suspected by some... It's rumored to launch in December/January, so we'll know pretty soon.
  12. It's 75936. Thanks for catching that, @dimaks13. And to be straight-up, yes, "Q1" and "Q2" stand for "quarter one" and "quarter two", respectively. :P
  13. 75934 and 75935 are both set for 1HY 2019. Whether or not they'll see a Q1 or Q2 release remains indistinct. :)
  14. Would it be safe to assume that these are 75228 and 75238, respectively? Well, we don't yet have a handle on what 75245-75250 or 75253-75257 are, so the V-19 is certainly still a possibility...
  15. Azani

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, uh... We're getting a second wave of five sets in January... that said, all of the pertinent "rumors" with respect to what those sets will contain should be tossed out the window. We're at a point wherein the only thing that we know - the only thing - is that there are five more sets set for a January release in the US. I don't know when they'll be released in the EU, but it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to assume that they will be out in January there as well. This is correct; we have no means of distinguishing between 1HY 2019 Harry Potter and 1HY 2019 Fantastic Beasts sets as this stage in the game.