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  1. Lego couldn't have done anything else, at least without making it a mini doll or something. Lego internally probably has some sort of standard for how thin they can make a mold and I doubt they could have made her neck any thinner without risking it's structural strength and having it break.
  2. Regarding the leaks, the star fighter looks perfect to me and has that older Lego Star Wars design look to it, the kaminoan mold also looks like it was executed perfectly. I also enjoy the look of the inquisitors ship it’s very reminiscent of Krennic’s imperial shuttle and I’m sure in universe they’re apart of the same ship class or something. Seeing the Obi Wan fig duel the inquisitors in glorious low resolution is getting me hyped for the show!
  3. Thank you for clarifying! Republic Studs said; and I quote, that he "confirmed it" with you, so he worded it in a way that's really misleading, that's scummy of him... This is great because since it's not a new piece it means the new helmet will accept other accessories like an antenna. I was worried they would make a new shape for them to plug into.
  4. 🥱 Soooooo has anyone else heard of the 212th battlepack rumor for 2023? It's rumored by Republic Studs on youtube, he claimed that he confirmed it with his personal source and with Falcon Fan, claiming Falcon Fan is "pretty sure about it". I normally don't trust youtubers who "break rumors" but I need to cope with the fact that it's too expensive to army build with the AT TE, so I have a smidgen of hope it's coming. Y'all think there's any merit to it?
  5. How do you know if it wasn’t stolen already? Either a smart move or a bad move disguised as one :)
  6. *Din Djarin’s Starship
  7. That actually makes a lot of sense, if the holes were placed on the indents directly it looks like it would be too wide to accommodate a sun visor piece. I think it won’t detract too much from the look of an antenna on a clone though and I still hope we get a Rex with that mold in the future.
  8. I'm really happy about the AT-TE, this sort of high quantity clone selection is exactly what I think Lego should stick with and I'm super excited for the new accessory friendly P2 clone helmets. (time to daydream about what other clones are now possible 🥴) I'm glad we have a P2 Cody now, unfortunately there is a lot of people who aren't as I saw a lot of stupid criticism already toward Cody and the clones so skip below if you don't wish to see me complain and call it out. I've seen the M&R children complaining about how Lego isn't giving Cody arm printing or a visor even though PromoBricks explicitly said there are holes in the helmet and a visor. Not surprising that children can't read. Then I saw multiple people saying how they should have put the 327th clones and Bly instead of Cody and the 212th, Jesus Christ can these people ever be satisfied!? You give them Cody and now they don't want him? Another annoying point I saw today was someone complaining about the 3 droids included, saying "Lego needs to stop putting so many droids in sets, alot of people have more droids than clones now!!11!" despite every single set in the last two years a droid has come in (3 sets, minus the ATT which has 2 droids and one clone) has more clones than droids in it. Not to mention that we have a clone set with no droids, the clone accessory pack, and that the set they're complaining about in the first place has more clones than droids in it. Here's the best complaint, someone said that Lego was releasing a $140 battlepack because this set includes 5 clones, and they were mad about that! If Lego listens to these people we are never getting more than a single clone in a set again lol. If you're curious I saw most of these on PromoBricks insta comments, on Republic Bricks most recent video and some other places I can't remember. I hope M&R and his various copycats don't start spreading these ridiculous complaints themselves because Lego has finally given us a wide variety and quantity of clones again, and for it to met with illegitimate criticism that could jeopardize they're decision making (The 501st battlepack and Cody's inclusion prove that they're influenced by them) on whether to make further clone sets like this would be beyond a travesty.
  9. That second figure selection sounds way more enticing to me than the first... 🤤
  10. SillySeeker

    [MOC] Midi-scale Republic Gunship

    I love this sort of idea for a set. Lego has done something similar recently with the down sized Tie Fighter and X Wing, and I think a downsized gunship similar to this one would actually be really cool and certainly more affordable. Some things I think could be improved in a hypothetical official Lego version would be if the main body was one brick higher so that the clones could stand in there, and also some new specialized piece for the cockpit windows that has two bubble-like windows in one piece, which will be more accurate while also not requiring two of the larger bubble window pieces to be accurate and needing a larger front area to fit.
  11. I agree with this completely, just nip the minifig UCS conversation in the bud so we don't have "people" (children AKA M&R's strongest soldiers) complaining about how a EPISODE 3 version of Cody isn't in an EPISODE 2 gunship model which is first and foremost, A MODEL! Of which they probably don't have funds to buy in the first place.
  12. Recently there was a Dewback in the Cantina however I don't believe there's been anything else. I've also noticed they seem reluctant to include molded creatures, the vehicle and locations Lego have chosen for sets usually don't leave alot of room for molded creatures, besides the Tauntaun microfighter I guess. Since we're on this topic I'd love to see the molded Kaadu's from 2000 return in another gungan set or battlepack, probably will never happen however. :(
  13. I completely missed that, I wonder what they will be, maybe just the new sets? Either way that's another disappointment.
  14. Very disappointed that we're not getting Luke at 70 bucks and are instead getting a small chunk of scrap metal... Aunt Beru doesn't interest me, so the most desirable May 4th promotion for me is just the double VIP points.
  15. They were at Kashyyyk but did they show up on Utapau? I hope the dwarf spider droid rumor is just a mistaken crab droid, we've never gotten one before. Knowing Lego though I wouldn't be surprised they added the dwarf droid into a location where we never saw them present (Utapau), I normally wouldn't care but I would much prefer a crab droid in this case. Getting an AT TE was already cool but it just got way more interesting. Hoping for MagnaGuards and Cody!