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  1. rloesberg

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    It looks good, and although Im a proud owner of the original, it is indeed an improvement. However....I wish lego would design more new sets and stops issuing all the releases.
  2. If would opt for a third option: Lego should stop with all the reissues and start being creative and original again. If you watch the movies there are so many new sets to be created. The Ewok village was very welcome, but extremely expensive. There is still the (Palace of) Naboo, Coruscant, Cloud city, Mos Eisley and Mos Espa, etc. All planets with a lot of buildings and vehicles to recreate. I would not be sad when Lego stops with Star Wars because of the lack of originality nowadays. But I will be thrilled when they start being creative again ;-)
  3. Im waiting for Gondor soldiers....but since neither of the options will have them...I vote for Rohan.
  4. Maybe you should consider giving the Italians some firepower ;-)
  5. rloesberg

    My ambitious project - Brickage City

    Hey guys, I got inspired by your posts and think I will give it a try as well. Any chance that you can share the Excel spreadsheets by e-mail? (rloesberg1979@gmail.com). Thanks!
  6. rloesberg

    Blasted Ashore!

    Its amazing! Is the Silver Spanish helmet custom painted or included in any regular set?
  7. rloesberg

    CCCX Ras-al-Jabar

    Might be the best MoC I ever saw....love that you used the dark grey colour for the castle. There are actually real life examples in India, Turkey and also the Middle East of castles being built in such dark grey fashion. The market town is impressive as well.....Wow!
  8. Great features, but I don't understand why the steering wheel also operates the gun....that doesnt seems logical
  9. rloesberg

    What If Battle : British Line VS Samurai

    put the British in a square formation and they will probably win the battle ;-)
  10. rloesberg

    Port for Imperial Flagship

    I guess everything has already been said... allthough the comments for improvement are certainly right (I was also puzzled by the cannons), the overall impression is one of shock and awe. To have the possibility and the creativity to make such a gigantic but also detailed and beautiful MOC is just unbelievable. Great work, hope to see more work from your hand.
  11. rloesberg


    Am I the only one that can't see the pictures?
  12. rloesberg

    Taking over from the French

    Ok I followed your instructions, hope they are visible now
  13. rloesberg

    Taking over from the French

    Ok I understand, can I move it myself?
  14. rloesberg

    Taking over from the French

    I still want to build a MoC with my redcoats and bluecoats set in India. I have some prince of persia buildings and the Scorpion Palace as well as a Western Fort. At this moment I don't have the time to start building. Today I wanted to "play" a little with all the Lego I collected. I know that the uniforms are not all from the same period and that Indian rulers probably did not have Chinese concubibes, but I just like these figures the most... So here is a small scene depicting his Royal highnes the Prince of Wales and her Royal highness the Princess of Wales taking the official treaty with the French at the court of one of the local Indian Princes. If I posted this scene in a wrong forum, feel free to (re)move it, cause Im fairly new with posting.
  15. rloesberg

    Fake LEGO pirates : general discussion

    Don't know if anybody already posted it, but I saw a lot of these fake sets on the following site http://www.liangdianup.com/pirate_1.htm However the fort was new to me