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Found 5 results

  1. Mark of Falworth

    Sailing into the Sunset.

    A continuation of my pirate story. Previous. The pirates had just swarmed aboard the vessel and were congratulating themselves on ousting the spaniards from their ship. "Those Spanish will find it mighty tedious being marooned on that island! Har har har!" Bob laughed as he clambered down the hailyards. "Indeed they will, Bob!" Captain Mark was busy inspecting the helm of his new prize. "But I can hardly wait to see our compatriots' faces when we sail into Tortuga with the skull and crossbones over this mast head! Myar har har!" "Ahoy Cap'n! " "Arrr! What bad news do ye have now, Preston?! Can't you see we're reveling in our victory?!!" "...It ain't bad news Cap'n! I just found out that the hold of this here vessel is filled to the brim with gold and treasure! We're rich!" .......... And so, the fortunes of Mark of Tortuga and his fearsome crew quickly changed from penniless fugitives to wealthy buccaneers, ready and willing to sail the seven seas for even more treasure! The End. For now...
  2. Mark of Falworth

    A Clever Stratagem

    A continuation of my Pirate story. Previously The Spanish galleon rocked lazily to and fro some distance off shore, when the sentry saw the glimmer of armor on the beach. "Carlos, look! El Capitan returns!" "Si Pascal, I see him by his armor, I dearly hope he has blotted out the pestilence from these islands… ...But then again, he would not return if he hadn't." Unfortunately for the Spanish, it was not their captain in the rowboat. "Myar har har! This be the best plan ye ever hatched Cap'n!" "Quiet mates! We wouldn't want to spoil the whole plot! Let me do the talkin'. I know a few words of their gibberish that will get us safely aboard." As the rowboat approached, the soldier hailed. "Hola, Señor Capitan! We are so glad to see you back safely! With a wave of his hand, and keeping his face turned down, Captain Mark replied. "Si, si! We beat the scoundrels badly! Throw down the ladder, mi amigo, and I will tell you all about it! ___________________________________ To be continued. Arrr.. Thanks for viewing and have a great day! I'm sure most of you have seen this boat already, but I'm trying to finish the story.
  3. Mark of Falworth

    High Tide Vengeance...

    A continuation of my pirate story. Previously. After Mark of Tortuga and his crew escaped the clutches of the Spanish soldiers, the Spanish Captain addressed his first officer thus, "Tal suerte horrible! The laggards have escaped us this time!-" The first officer interrupted "But not for long Signor! We can row ashore and finish the dogs off, yez?" "An excellent idea, Fernando! Have the men get the boats ready at once!" And so the majority of the Spanish troops rowed to the island. Meanwhile, the pirates saw what the Spanish were up to. Captain Mark called a 'war council'. "The Spanish will be comin' after us soon after that warm reception they gave us! But we'll chastise them for their churlish actions! Soon as they be enterin' this here clearing, we'll surround them from all sides at my signal." "What be the signal, Cap'n?" "A bullet to the first enemy head sighted!" Captain Mark snarled. To be continued. Arrr.. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  4. Mark of Falworth

    Blasted Ashore!

    [pid][/pid]231D A continuation of my pirate story. Previous. "Put your backs to it, lads! We may just escape the land-lubbers yet!" What captain Mark said was true, the pirates' rowboat was drawing close to the shoreline. And none too soon, for a Spanish galleon surged along the coast, trying desperately to get in firing position! As the pirates sprang ashore, Preston the first mate roared "Avast, ye swabs! Lively, now, to the jungle, before they can-" (KA-BOOOM) The bow of the pirates' rowboat shot upwards as the stern splintered from the cannonball's impact. A few of the crew were launched onto the beach when the rowboat was so unceremoniously landed. The pirates, with many oaths, scrambled into the greenery as more cannon shot crashed through the palms. Captain Mark stumbled through the underbrush. "Arrr! The Spaniards will pay mightily for this brandish insult! By the powers, them scalawags will learn that crossing Mark of Tortuga means death!!" .............. To be continued. Arrr.. More to come! Thanks for viewing and have a great day! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  5. Mark of Falworth

    "Now What?..."

    [pid][/pid]231C "I ask ye, Cap'n, whose idea was it to attack that vessel?" Lew inquired coldly. "Arrr!! Belay that!" Captain Mark growled, "How was I supposed to know that the ship we attacked was part of a very well-guarded treasure fleet!?" "We might have at least taken a look about before giving them a hearty broadside..." grumbled Bob. "Shipmates, there be no need for quarreling. As soon as we step ashore on yonder island we'll get us a new boat and sail the seas once again!" The Captain's talk calmed his disgruntled crew but then the first mate called out... "Ahoy Captain!" "Arrr! Forget it Preston! You know as well as I that we ran out of rum yesterday..." "No, Captain, there is a ship on the port side but a half a mile away! I think she be one of the Spanish Galleons that gave us a rough reception a few days past." They all sat in silence for a moment. The stillness was broken when Captain Mark bellowed... "Row for your lives, me hearties!! She's set her course straight for us!" "That's a mighty hard thing to do when we only got one paddle Cap'n...!" ...... To be continued. Arrr.. The first of many pirate scenes to come. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!