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  1. SpiderSpaceman

    New LEGO Store openings

    So the site lists 14 new stores in the states this fall - that must have been triggered by the end of Toys R Us. Which is needed because the retail stores updating with new releases this year has been BLEAK. Around me in any case. 2 flavors of ninjago flyers. No city arctic, missing ninjago sets, generally no June sets seen until August. Bring on the Lego stores
  2. SpiderSpaceman

    Is Lego’s quality deteriorating?

    What’s the climate where you live, and how good is your air control where you keep your collection? Could that be a factor? i have some unfortunate things happen with some of my parts that don’t happen to everyone’s. On some of my minifigures for instance - when they reach a certain age (minifigures series 1-5, ninjago spinners figures (Chinese batch) but also the Indiana Jones figures last I really looked over them) the gold print used breaks down and vanishes in my climate. I found a replacement torso for Nightclub Willie Scott from someone on brickset, when mine was bumming me out from losing all the gold pattern - popped it open looking all good as the day it was printed, 5 days later in my room it was just as bad as the one I’d replaced - so the ink degrading just in the passage of time is happening everywhere - but the vanishing is only when that is introduced to a particular environment. i guess that’s from a movie scene that takes place in China, but that shoooouuldnt make it the same as the minifigures from Chinese factories... some people will have those figures still looking pristine. Those people should not bring them on a trip to Southern Louisiana. And then some parts being assembled and hitting thermal expansion and contraction promotes some bad cracking up from the points of clutch. The cheeses like someone mentioned, and certain other interfaces, especially with different plastics connected to each other. Had a bunch of the tiny LEGO dimensions models going bad at the clips, and I don’t think I had them all leaning into each other - though that is also a thing - if you have models in a pile, you can have something fairly light bumping against a bar and it will destroy the clips that bar is connected to. Anyway, I mean i can’t give you studies on the particular chemicals in Lego products and particular climate factors - but don’t think your bricks are just slimy because you’re a singularly slimy fellow In general materials science environmental factors are big. For instance, you can be further inland from the ocean than you’d think with that salt in the air still contributing significantly to steel structures rusting. And like I mention with ac, particularly intense cycles of temperature and humidity can be pretty detrimental, and not all homes had the ac planned out by people who should be licensed engineers.
  3. SpiderSpaceman

    New LEGO Store openings

    This morning I went back through years of obnoxious posts I’ve made on eurobricks because I was sure I said something like that that beat out this comment by several years - but I must have commented it on a brickset or brothers-brick post or something. Lo and behold, a week ago I stop into Lakeside Mall after work and see this big beautiful yellow “coming soon” construction facade... https://www.facebook.com/129022167143753/posts/1832347320144554
  4. SpiderSpaceman

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Probably a major focus on Lego movie sets again for the first few months of the year?
  5. SpiderSpaceman

    REVIEW: 75951: Grindelwald's Escape

    Just got this one at my Barnes and Noble! Gotta add that the wing is the 3rd size in a series that went from the wing from.. the Vikings line? And then had use in the 2000s molded castle dragons and the UCS batmobile, down to a medium size for smaller scale Elves dragons, and now down to this small one. the notable thing is they’re all a soft plastic, and since the connection on this is a bar instead of the technic holes in the two previous sizes, the joint movement is a little funny between flexure and friction. They seem awesome for putting on a minifig though - or a great wing size for one of the mixel joint giant figures (groot, steppenwolf, Nexo knight monsters/exosuits) As for source material comparison, this is a prominent shot in the first trailer. They cut it down to one thestral from several pulling it, which makes sense. I really like the technique of connecting the thestral to the harness - allows for popping it loose without rebuilding - since classic Lego carriage sets always had you take pieces out of a horses back to have the horse on its own.
  6. SpiderSpaceman

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    On the mythical creatures subject, any guesses on how long we’ll be waiting for centaurs now? Maybe they’ll get a spot in an upcoming FB installment and force Lego’s hand? I mean I want them and I want them now, but I’m not holding my breath on seeing Lego make them for, oh, 6 years or something terrible like that.
  7. SpiderSpaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    So how many distinct grimy wasteland dude/dudettes are there to collect in this wave? I'm seeing top hat guy, straw hat guy, 4 legs topknot guy, mohawk girl, welder guy, really derpy broken helmet guy, cowl guy with blade mask (+ cowl guy without blade mask). Sometimes they just get downright stupid with calling variations distinct characters (See Skip Vicious & Luke Cunningham) but the faceless cowl guys don't offend as multiples.
  8. I love this absurd idea but it seems hard to aim for second place entering solely in category 2...
  9. SpiderSpaceman

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    Well I for one think it’s time to bug the Tt Games team to bug Disney for permission to patch in FF and X-Men characters - everyone who was in LEGO Marvel 1 plus Rogue and Nightcrawler should suffice. But seriously though, time to tweet at Arthur Parsons.
  10. SpiderSpaceman

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I can't find the leaks and probably don't really want to but did they do something okay with the Outriders' posture or are they too upright? Do they have satyr/Gremlin legs? And did they do Ebony Maw's face the way they do the Duros characters in the Star Wars sets?
  11. SpiderSpaceman

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Heyyyyy figured somebody in the city discussion woulda seen this. I didn’t see the pictures until about an hour ago, and then i went and mentioned it in the ninjago topic. Also in the mining “starter pack” I think the muscled sleeveless orange shirt with suspenders is very Fifth Element Bruce Willis.
  12. SpiderSpaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Nope. https://www.brothers-brick.com/2017/11/20/lego-city-2018-sets-revealed-news/#more-98300 See the 3rd and 4th pictures for 60186 for the best look at the part. it was used in the movie to represent the earth element, next to existing parts (red and blue flames, Nexo Knights lightning bolt, and maybe the crystal you’re thinking of represented ice, don’t recall for sure), but was this little oddball rock that wasn’t a real piece yet.
  13. SpiderSpaceman

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Someone probably said this already in the city forum, but I see that cole’s elemental earth nugget from the ninjago movie is now a physical part (in gold, in 2018 city mining sets)
  14. SpiderSpaceman

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Yes, I bought one. There are two still on the shelf at my Toys R Us, no other 2018 besides the Ninjago Movie Quake Mech.
  15. SpiderSpaceman

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    As many tries in as I am to the race from the top of the blimp, it’d be nice if “double wide race rings” was a red (ok, pink) brick unlock.