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  1. DarrellBricker

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    That's a hard question to answer for me as there are so many good ones, but I do adore the French bulldog and the new squirrels. But the newish hermit crab is great, and I like bulldog, and the hammerhead shark ... I'd better stop ... LOL
  2. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Maybe you are one of the "smaller ones" in your mind Robert, but I can say without hesitation that you are by far one of the best I have ever seen. No one has consistently impressed me as much as you with your sheer scope of ideas, creativity, attention to detail and the fact that any one of your figures looks like it could roll off the assembly line tomorrow. They FIT Lego's CMF aesthetic, and in some cases elevates and surpasses it. There isn't a single figure of yours I wouldn't be proud to have in my collection, and MANY I'd kill to get. Sorry for the verbal rampage - I appreciate your humility but you are immensely talented.
  3. DarrellBricker

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I have frequented Walmart and can say with certainty that none ever showed up at the ones in my region, sadly. They never even showed up at the Lego store that's nearby me. It's baffling.
  4. DarrellBricker

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I just want to know where I can find some of the Bandmates Series 2 ... I don't even want all of them, just the Vampiress, the Slime monster, the Zombie, the Gummi Bear, maybe the robot ... Sigh.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing a series with modern redesigns of characters from Classic/past themes - Castle, Pirates, City, Adventure, Monster Hunters, etc., but if it is a whole series of smiling, blank-eyed faces and retro torso and leg designs like that policeman figure, that would be a hard pass for me personally.
  6. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for a CMFs

    A literal LOL from me to you! :D That's a pun to re-ember.
  7. DarrellBricker

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Robert8, I think it's the red nose ... anytime they put a nose on a minifigure it looks out of place because historically they don't have them. But maybe that's just me?
  8. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Hestia. Hestia. Hestia. Hestia. Cough. Oh, Sorry, something got caught in my throat. LOL ;) I know, I know, two series to go and you have other plans, but can't blame a guy for advocating for his favorite and most under-represented Greek goddess.
  9. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Another Robert8 series, another bittersweet assemblage of minifigures. Sweet, because they are so amazing. Bitter because they will never be made by the Lego Group as real minifigures. I just continue to be astounded by your imaginative designs, and thank you for the consistent quality and delight they provide. I would kill for that Evil Mermaid - personally, I think she's just misunderstood; Enchantress - gorgeous design; the Comedian - so City and you so full of character; Apollo - huzzah for the Olympians!; and the Sultan - regal and charming! I would also maim for the rest of them to have in my collection. Well done.
  10. DarrellBricker

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I am no expert, but I think all sorts of fauna/ "fursonas" are welcomed under that umbrella LOL
  11. DarrellBricker

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    OMG, if I had ANY kind of talent with building, I would create that set and put it up on Lego Ideas just to see the reactions ...
  12. DarrellBricker

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Those plant creatures are epic - that tree trunk with the mushrooms especially - where did you get it's face/teeth? Oh, and yay animals! Gotta keep it on-topic LOL
  13. The series is a mixed bag, that's for sure, with some winners and some ... not so winners. I do think they missed some opportunities to make things a little better, though. Like the husky with the snow warrior ... why not make it all white like a Samoyed instead of the same darn husky we get time after time after time? And I agree about the girl with the foal - what's the point of this figure? What is she supposed to represent? (And I ABHOR that hat and hair piece, no matter what they color it.) But that being said, there is enough here to snag my interest. Still, I'd would have liked to have seen what they could do with a traditional 16 figure line-up. I think four more well-realized figures might have taken some of the attention away from the less polished designs.
  14. He's a little "meh" but I want him anyway LOL Looking forward to Series 22 ... when does the guessing game begin? :D
  15. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Well done, Robert, as usual! Splendid array of interesting and surprising minifigures, even after all of this time designing! Kudos to you. Zeus, Don Quixote, Pumpkin Head, Sphinx and Gnome Girl are my favorites this time around! Streamer Girl is a little too pastel for my tastes, but her design is well done nonetheless. Lego's minifigures designers could really learn a thing or two ... or a hundred ... from checking out your designs.