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  1. My local Lego Store sold out on day one, so on day two when I showed up, I was sorely disappointed, especially since my other most wanted set, the $9.99 otters set, was also sold out. Sojorns to my two local Walmarts today proved fruitless as well. So, I ordered a six pack from the Lego website to scratch the itch until I can find them locally.
  2. Marvel, eh? Not surprised, I suppose, but I'd rather see a DC Series 2 first since there are still so many classic characters that they haven't made figures of yet. But, as a fan of both comics companies, I'll definitely support the Marvel line if a good work around of the boxes instead of bags is discovered. I'd prefer to see some classic comic characters over MCU/Disney + show characters, but I think I know which way the wind is blowing in that regard. As always, if the figures are good, I'll buy. If not, I'll wait until the next series.
  3. I can't believe they are re-using a face from City for that little girl with the rocking horse. That feels just wrong. Almost as wrong as using a bland Classic Space Face for the Brown Spaceman in the CMF line - poke poke, Clone ... LOL ;) But seriously, I wish they had timed the release of the rocking horse a little better. That little bugger would have made a solid addition to Christmas scenes as a toy under the tree ...
  4. DarrellBricker

    Minifigures Series 24 - The Guessing Game is Back!

    I claim 1 point - I said Automaton/Android, and the official name of "Gundam Fett" is apparently Robot Warrior. Okay, maybe half a point ... :D
  5. Yeah, I get that mentality, truly, but if it weren't for that baby, I'd feel like it was a wasted slot. Especially since we're only getting 12 characters now ... But meh, to each one's own! I'll still get one!
  6. Frankly, I feel like the novelty of the costumes has worn off completely, especially after two full series dedicated to them and all the ones shoe-horned into other series. I'd be happy if they retired them for a short time. As for this series as a whole, feeling a lot of love for it. I don't care much for the brown spacesuit man because "classic space" isn't my jam, and the generic face is off putting in a CMF minifigure set where we expect better. That baby spaceman though is pure adorable gold! I'll be getting a full set, and some spare parts as well.
  7. Well, that Orc looks pretty darn good, I think! Hopefully he'll come with a suitably nasty looking weapon. And thanks to that same reddit feed I finally caught a glimpse of that witch hat and hair combo. Stunning! I want it!!! That image alone ticks me off that Vidiyo got cancelled and the Series 2 bandmates never came out around me. If nothing else, they really had some creative and interesting minifigures, and it looked like more were on the way. Hopefully some of those molds will show up in the CMF sets down the road.
  8. I have a lilac colored dress shirt I wear to work frequently. We'll sweat together, Robert. :D
  9. Gorilla94, I have the same problem with Instagram - it's very frustrating!
  10. Farfetched, but in honor of arbor day in April maybe a "Johnny Appleseed" folkloric figure ... IF they were going to continue that route.
  11. DarrellBricker

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I was lucky enough to find the new witch, "bat boy" and scarecrow three pack at the Lego Store in Albany, NY, but I did not see the other new stuff. What a pity, I really like that "Day of the Dead" minifigre!!!
  12. DarrellBricker

    Minifigures Series 24 - The Guessing Game is Back!

    Welcome back, guessing game - how I've missed thee! Here are my guesses ... 1) Shepherd/Shepherdess w/ lamb - seems like a no brainer at this point 2) Viking Shieldmaiden - they had to make that female Viking hairpiece for something other than that one set, right? 3) Detective - Film Noir type with trenchcoat and fedora 4) Monster Bride - Hope springs eternal 5) Evil Genie 6) Messenger God - Hermes inspired 7) Fairytale Prince - maybe with an alternate Frog Head a la Kermit to give the Princess from series 12 someone to transform 8) Frontiersman with wolf or bear companion (Like Grizzly Adams) 9) Android/Automaton - Female, preferably 10) Dentist 11) Hippo Costume Guy/Gal 12) Swashbuckler - I'd like a female counterpart this time around, but a pirate seems like a pretty safe bet since it's been awhlle. I tried to think of minifigures from a bunch of different themes, historical, space, pirates, etc., but of course I skewed heavily toward my favorite theme, monster/fantasy/magic/mythology. :)
  13. So when does the guessing game begin? ;)
  14. I checked my local Walmart - New York State here - but no luck, alas.
  15. Are we assuming that Marvel Series 2 is going to be solely based on What If, or have some kind of inside info corroborating this? I ask because the last Marvel series was based on that show as well as WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. By next Spring they will have a LOT of Marvel TV shows to draw from, and they could still go back and produce some of the main characters from the older ones - Agatha Harkness and U.S. Agent, most notably - that missed being in the first series. I'd much rather see figures of Agatha, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, Kang, etc. than What If? variants, personally. But then again, I'd much rather have a DC Series 2 over a second Marvel series, so what do I know? LOL