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  1. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for CMFs

    Robert, what can I say that I haven't already said many times before? Amazing work, I would proudly own every single one of these, and the next time I wish on a star, I'll wish that Lego pays you for ALL of your designs and turns them into actual minifigures. Obligatory faves list - Saree Girl - BEAUTIFUL!; Mountie - the Beaver cinches it!; Jungle Girl; Zombie Woman; and Flying Guy ... I presume inspired by Icarus? Love me some mythological Minifigs ... Anyway, awesome job, as usual. Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for CMFs

    Another really great series, Robert! Lady Justice, Slime Monster, Spooky Doll, Executioner and Little Boy Blue are all favorites, but the rest are amazing as well! Thanks for sharing!
  3. DarrellBricker

    Morticia Addams

    Love it! Awesome job!
  4. Lady Bandit or Riverboat Gambler, perhaps? Frontiersman with the coonskin cap ...
  5. DarrellBricker


    Hmmmm, okay, let's try this again ... 1) Centaur 2) Ventriloquist 3) Movie Director 4) Teddy Bear 5) Tooth Fairy 6) Alien Villain 7) Monster Bride 8) Firefighter 9) Teacher 10) Female Traffic Cop 11) Frontiersman 12) Goddess of the Hunt 13) Harlequin/Girl Clown 14) Warlock 15) Lemonade Sales Kid 16) Polynesian Fire Dancer
  6. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for CMFs

    Yay! Robert8's designs return! Woot! Very excited! Also Dorayaki, I like a lot of your designs, as well. Very inspired!
  7. DarrellBricker

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Maybe the CMF series will do a Farmer's Wife and include a goat someday, to go along with the Farmer and his pig ... :)
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just saw over on Instagram that a Penguin Girl may be coming in one of those "little house" sets that Lego's been using as purchase incentives. She's in a wintery log cabin, and her torso print includes a scarf. Found her by typing in Lego Leaks. Sorry if this is old news, just thought she was neat addition to the CMFs ...
  9. DarrellBricker

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    My Lego Store in Rochester, NY had Princess Leia Hair from the Ewok Village set ... was a very nice surprise to find!
  10. DarrellBricker

    There may be a problem with my Lego baby...

    In the stage whispered voice of the babysitter from The Incredibles ... "I think your baby has ... special needs ..."
  11. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for CMFs

    My favorite, hands down, is the Nymph - I adore here! I also love the Closet Monster and the Toy Clown, they are both so adorable! And the Grave Digger, the Beanstalk Climber, the Caroler and the Pirate Queen are also favorites. The rest are just great icing on this awesome cake! Thanks for another inspired series, and I will try to wait patiently for the fall for your next reveals.
  12. DarrellBricker

    Ideas for CMFs

    Yay, something to look forward to!!!
  13. DarrellBricker


    No, it really isn't.
  14. I know that it's akin to beating a dead horse, but I have to say I am disappointed there aren't more regular CMF series in development. With all of the leftover Batman and Ninjago packages I have seen on store shelves, I thought perhaps Lego would reconsider the amount of licensed CMF sets they produce. Maybe sales are better in other areas than mine, though? For me, though, 1 normal series a year just doesn't cut it, not with all of the great ideas that are floating around out there ...