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  1. Naixin

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    What’s your channel?
  2. Sorry what I meant was a parts list of what I need for 2.0 if I have the monarch built. I can probably do it manually myself; I was just being lazy haha
  3. Thanks! Hopefully he’ll share 2.0; I have the monarch but I want to upgrade to this.
  4. Naixin

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    The monarch looks great. I just wonder what more the eviscerator has since it’s so many more pieces but the same size
  5. I recently just finished onecase's Monarch and it's absolutely stunning. However, I just came across 2impaired's Eviscerator. I noticed that its several thousand pieces more than the monarch, but they're both roughly the same size. Which one is more accurate as a display piece? I would get both but I don't have the space... Monarch Eviscerator
  6. Naixin

    [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    This is different from the brickvault one right?
  7. Naixin

    [SEC] Ebon Hawk by BrickBoyz

    Anyone built this?
  8. I would love UCS Ebon Hawk with crew (~7k pieces, $700): actually conflicted about this as BrickBoyz has a FANTASTIC model UCS Ghost (~8-9k pieces, $800): actually conflicted about this as BrickVault has a FANTASTIC model UCS Naboo Fighter (same scale as UCS X-Wing, A-Wing, etc; ~1.5-2k pieces, and $200) UCS B-Wing remake (2k Pieces, $200)
  9. I bought the sticker on ultimatecollectorstickers
  10. Finalized the display!
  11. Can you show me what you did?
  12. I think the 2x4 part of the hinge that attaches to the 1x2 bracket is much better attacked to the upper portion of the stand then the 1x2 bracket is to the 1x2 plate in the base. 1. This is the piece im talking about: its not a strongly attached as the piece below 2. blue circle is very well attached 3. so when there is forward force, it pushes the stand this way --> 4. Thus this part detaches (blue circle, 1x2 bracket from 1x2 plate) in the direction of blue arrow Hope this makes it slightly more understandable.
  13. I’m re-ordering the stand pieces with brand new bricks and I’ll let you know. I meant the bracket. The bracket always disconnects from the 1x2 plate on the bottom so it causes the stand to tilt forward.
  14. The stand is solid, however whenever I try to display it, the model tilts forward due to how forward heavy it is relative to where the model sits on the stand. I think the hinge piece always disconnect from the bottom portion of the stand and thus the model tilts.
  15. I did some reading and found out the Monarch was a Victory-class star destroyer, which is 900 m. Looking at the picture of the monarch lego, it seems to be an imperial-class start destroyer. Does anyone know which class it was designed off of?