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  1. MoustacheBaer

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    Very good looking city. I like how you combined two of the 2010 train stations to make a big one. I hope you keep us updated with your city development. ;)
  2. I like the futuristic styled appartment. The furniture and floor are made in a way that gives it a modern feel. Also, the Urqanis landscape outside the windows is a nice touch. :)
  3. MoustacheBaer

    Hello there from Romania!

    Hello, my name is Tony. I made the account a few months prior to posting here, but only now I got the time to really start exploring and learning about the site and forums. I hope to fit in the community, join discussions and post my own MOCs here. Since my childhood I have been a huge Lego fan and, even now, I am still collecting and creating my own builds. Lego has been one of the best things in my life growing up and I know that I will never give up on my passion. I have been visiting the site for some time before making the account, but now I hope to get more involved. Hello to everyone!
  4. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    Skyrim is one of my favourite video games. Seeing this amazing build and all this marvelous techniques used is just beautiful.
  5. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] Medieval Tower by the Sea

    Very detailed and well constructed build. I love how round the tower is, the landscape and the minifigures used. I can imagine boats and small ships docking there to supply and trade.
  6. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    Spooky and imposing figure. I love all of the details used in this build as well as the light effects.
  7. MoustacheBaer

    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    Very interesting build. Makes use of old and new building techniques and pieces. I love it!
  8. MoustacheBaer

    Waffles and Milk

    Certainly one of the yummier builds here. Very creative and made me hungry for pancakes.
  9. MoustacheBaer

    [CB] Post-apocalyptic Landscape

    Looks very awesome! Reminds me of the Fallout franchise.
  10. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] AT-RT Walker

    One of the better looking walker. Not too short, but not too tall either. Only the feet of it give me an uncomfortable feeling with those claw-like endings.
  11. MoustacheBaer

    Battle of The Bountys

    I thnink the second release was better. The minifigs are better looking and the ship feels like it has more room on it and inside captain's cabin.
  12. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] Detective's Office/Corner Deli

    Very good looking! I love the red bricks used for the office building. The Deli sandwich sign is creative and good looking.
  13. MoustacheBaer

    [MOC] Evil Green Building

    Very good and evil looking building! I like the green pieces and how tall it is. I sure hope to see your progress.
  14. MoustacheBaer

    Fisherman log

    Looks very good! I like the roof and dock side most.