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  1. carebear

    [MOC] Windmill

    O My!!!! Just Amazing Work!!!!! Can't stop watching this!!!!!!!! Greetings!
  2. carebear

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    Love Love this! - The way you made sails are just right! Greetings!
  3. carebear

    [MOC] Modern Library

    Love this! Great Work! Greetings!
  4. carebear

    [MOC] IT - Pennywise the Dancing Clown(2019)

    My Jaw is dropping down! this this is so wrong but so beautiful can't stop watching your pics! Greetings!
  5. carebear

    [MOC] Lockheed P-38J "Lightning"

    O Wow! this looks great! love how you made the landinggears this makes my day! Greetings!
  6. carebear

    [MOC] Vintage Computer Room

    I Feel a Great Oldskool Vibe! it's Just Right Thanks for this! Great Great Work! Greetings!
  7. carebear

    [MOC] I want My chocolate, Leonidas Store and bar

    It looks Amazing! Greetings!
  8. carebear

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    WOW! Love this! It looks amazing in you layout! Great Great Work! Greetings!
  9. carebear

    [MOC] Church Modular

    Hi Great Work! Love the way you use the rim for the window Greetings!
  10. carebear

    [MOC] Modular Fire station

    the front is a little bit plain but the inside is looking great! - the firetrucks are fitting perfect! - Love Love the Training Room! Greetings!
  11. carebear

    MOC : Police Station ( Modular ) ( Remodeled )

    Thanks for the nice comment! Greetings!
  12. carebear

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House

    Thanks for the great review! - I Realy like this but i would like to see more birds in this set Greetings!
  13. carebear

    MOC : Police Station ( Modular ) ( Remodeled )

    Hi I remodeled my Police Station hope you like it! Greetings!
  14. carebear

    Billy Goat's Steamboat

    O,My!!! Can't stop watching this!!! Great Great Work!!! Greetings!
  15. carebear

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    You Rule!!! Love it!!! Greetings!