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  1. Josephthetrooper

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    I would like to do this as well and be an Imperial stormtrooper.Can't wait!
  2. Josephthetrooper

    Steam Castle Falls

    This is the most impressive Moc I've ever seen!
  3. Josephthetrooper

    [MOC] Motorcycles

  4. Josephthetrooper

    Cemetery Showdown

    This is absolutely fantastic!Great job!
  5. Josephthetrooper

    [MOC] Yoda and Luke on Dagobah

    This is very impressive! The detail is excellent!
  6. Josephthetrooper

    REVIEW - Max Rebo minifig

    Tis is an awesome minifig. Hope I get my hands on it!
  7. Josephthetrooper

    RL14 - Research Lab

    This is amazing!
  8. Josephthetrooper

    Vanguard Keep

    Wow, the size and details of this Moc are amazing!
  9. Josephthetrooper

    [MOC] A Resting Threat

    Nice. I like the mountain! Nice. I like the mountain!
  10. Josephthetrooper

    MOC: Peace of Mind

    Nice Moc!
  11. Josephthetrooper

    MOC: Kiddie Carnival Train!

    Love the detail!
  12. Josephthetrooper

    [MOC] Storm SRTV vehicle

    Nice droid arm usage and overall build!
  13. Josephthetrooper

    [MOC] KV9T9-B Wasp Podracer

    Excellent Moc! I love the detail on the engines.Good work!