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  1. That_LEGO_Guy

    General Part Discussion

    Like they often do my Micro Motor stopped working so I decided to open it up and see if I could fix it. After rotating the rotor to confirm the gearing was fine I noticed the magnet has started to deteriorate, the surface was flaking apart and blocking the rotor. Used a small knife to scrape all the flaking magnet off until the rotor spun freely. Using 2 staples in a rubber to hold the brushes in the base open I put it back together and it works fine.
  2. That_LEGO_Guy

    Making converter Cables

    Thankyou those will help
  3. That_LEGO_Guy

    Making converter Cables

    I've recently come into possession of a bunch of dacta 9V motors, cables, battery boxes and a few sensors and I'd really like to use them with my PF and NXT stuff. Does anyone know how to wire up Power function-9V and NXT-9V converter cables? I've got a few damaged cables and would rather make use of them than buy some Also does anyone know if the rotation sensor can be used with the NXT?
  4. That_LEGO_Guy


    Though I'd re-try my attempt at small scale suspension and I think I've succeeded; it's strong, small and can be small enough for use with 55982 wheels and tires the elastic bands used are not lego but are 5x5 studs similar to part x90 The axles are portals, just like the real truck. The cab and tray are connected by 4 studs, enough to hold them on but few enough for them to be removable The cab bonnet and doors open revealing the interior, 4 gear sticks and the engine. The elastic bands allow for a fair bit of articulation. A video of the Suspension on flickr, not sure how to embed it: The loader connects to the protruding chassis by clicking the bricks to the bottom Then the 1x1 tech brick to the top and siding the locking axle through I have a few ideas for more attachments/modules; longer chassis, 4 door cab, a crane, back hoe
  5. That_LEGO_Guy

    General Part Discussion

    I thought that I may be useful to someone to share my recent discovery: a 3rd party replacement for pneumatic tubing. I needed different lengths and didn't want to cut up genuine parts. I bought the Black tubing just to test the quality and it is indistinguishable from LEGO tubing, it bends the same, kinks at the same angle, the colour is identical although had a bit of an odour before washing it in soapy water. I also found grey tubing, the only listing for it at the correct size for LEGO (2mm ID x 4mm OD ) but I have not bought it as it's 10m what are peoples opinion on 3rd party pneumatic tubing? I've seen people using clear and some yellow in builds.
  6. That_LEGO_Guy

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    I've tried 2 together with a power puller tire over them, defiantly not recommended as they stretched them a little but the 2.2 inch I've tried(sorry no pic) stuck on perfect, I've got a set of rock crawler tires with foam insert on a single drill part, they work great. All 3 wheel configs( power-puller and 2.2 inch on 2 drill part, and 1.8 on single drill) dragged a 10kg dumbbell. As the drill part has a ring gear built into the back you can drive that (16 tooth gives a 1/3 reduction) instead of the axle the wheel sits on allowing you to make the hubs a little stronger, more compact, turn it into a quick portal axle or just to have a hub cap that doesn't rotate with the wheel, might look good on a super-car.
  7. That_LEGO_Guy

    What is your most sought after Technic set?

    I was in the same position a while ago, bit the bullet and paid $300 for 8466 great set, i'd recommend you buy all the parts off bricklink and replace the wheels with the next size down. I'd really like to get my hands on an Arocs or Williams F1, but I feel my dark ages are approaching, need money for a more powerfull pc for work and uni.
  8. That_LEGO_Guy

    Fragile wires or not

    Broken 3 M motors 2 Xl motors and 2 receivers, I pulled part 1 of each and exposed the power wires on all the motors and the issue seems to be the connector always the connector never the actual part.I'd prefer if they stayed with the old 9v era connector , too bad I wasn't around for it. managed to fix 1 but removed the connector from one of the receivers and wired it up to a 12v battery charger to get some use testing things while building, seems to withstand it ok, but never run for more than a minute.
  9. That_LEGO_Guy

    Technic General Discussion

    I've been tinkering with pneumatics for the last few days and the sizes of the pre cut tubing is very annoying, it's rarely the size you want or the quantity needed. Im yet to go at it with a pair of scissors and cut the longer lengths like what used to happen with 8455 and others. im wondering what your solution to the problem is: do you find a 3rd party tubing substitute, where do you get it? Do you buy extra long lengths then cut to size or build around the sizes you have.
  10. That_LEGO_Guy

    [TC9] Snowblower/Tractor

    Reminds me of a certain City set, looks very well done nonetheless.
  11. That_LEGO_Guy

    Technic General Discussion

    I was actually fiddling around with something the would function the same as that front drive unit of the Kress hauler, might give it a go after i finished my Morgan 3 wheeler
  12. Done, it increases variable 'speed' if 'speed' is less than 100 and sets Motor "a" power to speed, then it runs motor "a" at 100 power( so the variable 'speed' never goes over 100). Download for the program Edit: re-read the question and realized it's not what you wanted, so I re-wrote it. Top loop, increases 'speed' by 1 each time touch sensor in port 1 is pressed, middle loop sets motor speed to variable 'speed', bottom reduces 'speed' by 1 each time touch sensor in port 2 is pressed Download for new program. so to change the speed just write variable 'speed' to something hope this helps.
  13. well ima bit rusty in mindstorms and I don't have it near me. but , working from memory, I think you need to make loop, then within the loop put the variable then a math block then the motor. now set the math block to add 1, drag the "=" wire to the motor power and to the variable and If im not forgeting something, it should work
  14. That_LEGO_Guy

    LEGO feedback survey

    that's the exact reason I started this topic, I went through the 6 sets I've bought this year and did the surveys for them the other day so maybe I'll be lucky, if it runs on chance I don't think they'd be exclusive or there'd be more info out there about "Survey exclusive sets" still would be cool if it were true . I agree about the kid always, annoyed me, even when we were about the same age, maybe I was just jealous, he got to work for LEGO and I didn't
  15. That_LEGO_Guy

    LEGO feedback survey

    Indeed it is, they've changed the kid to a minifig now but I believe it remains the same survey