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  1. That_LEGO_Guy

    Madame Bahrag’s Cleaning Service

    A quality moc a lot of NPUs are the nets the regular square ones?
  2. I made a tool out of a rubber and a cut in half staple. I only have a picture of the magnet after I remove most of the loose material, and it was all the same colour as the magnet.
  3. Ever tried to fix them and succeeded? I found one in some bulk that worked for a short time. Opened it up to your pics to see if I could fix it. The coil side of the magnet surface had deteriorated a little, thin flakes of magnet where blocking the rotor, I lightly scraped the loose magnetic flakes off the top until the rotor spun freely and it has worked fine since.I love this little motor
  4. That_LEGO_Guy

    Compact single direction output

    nice and simple
  5. My set came sealed with all 10 rims grey, all pin connectors grey and all axle connectors the smooth type. I was disappointed years later when found out the box art was aurate, it was shiny, just not mine.
  6. After getting my hands on 2 dragster tires and 2 of those new buggy motors clones I wanted to try something simple and fast. As the cable is attached I need to reverse 1 motor, ether by a switch or each motor has its own channel but the power gets cut after seconds if on a single receiver. A little better if a receiver for each motor but it only runs if each motor has its own receiver and battery box. I initially made an independent rear with 2 of the 4L diffs with their 16tooth ends meshing going to 2 drive axles ether side meeting at portal hubs with 2 16 tooth gears, splitting the load from the motors at every step and hopefully surviving. but it ended up being way too wide, even with the diff side universal joints directly in the casing, only supported by the structure around the axle hole( this was surprisingly secure). So direct drive seemed the only way, with the motors being swingarms but I wanted some amount of uniqueness to it and to slow it down so mounted a 2 speed gearbox to each motor eliminating all uni joints. 1:1 on the slow output and 9:1 on the fast output but needed a way to actuate the gear ring remotely, an m-motor on each gearbox would be too bulky and couldn't have a gear train that would rotate as the suspension moved. If only I had some flexSystem. the next best thing is Pneumatics. ether an autovalve( pump and valve from one motor) or a self regulating pump with a valve. Thats a lot of bulk for a single feature though. so Pneumatic suspension, will only be manual as the drive is 2 IR channels(and 2 receivers), Steering and gear change is another 2 IR channels. the pump is on the opposite BB to the steering. desk driving : The front hub's top mount is offset by 1 making the steering axis inclined like on real cars, the effect is probably negligible at this scale. the steering is also really tight. With simple off the table now I still want it to be fast so the body work will need to be basic, like old technic flex axles makinc simple shapes. like this: With a little of another concept car the toyota RV2 with the wagon rear that folds out to a tent is my kind of crazy, ridiculous and practical. How is sits now, with the body sketch I did to try and guide the scale. And all the pneumatic stuff just sitting on top. The large pneumatic rams are too strong to be the 'springs' will need to change the linkage or buy some small rams to swap.
  7. having 2 driving rings in parallel might help to balance the force over 2 connections instead of 1.
  8. That_LEGO_Guy

    Bucciali TAV 8-32

    I really really like this, 4x4 just makes it cooler.
  9. That_LEGO_Guy

    Part Degradation over Time

    Got hold of a micromotor that didn't work, pulled it apart and the 3 coils sit on the magnet. the surface of the magnet had deteriorated and was covered in flakes that blocked the coils from rotating. I just scraped the flakes off the top of the magnet untill the coil could rotate freely and reassembled it. I'd guess there was about a mm of material removed. only issue is when it is forced to stop it needs a flick to get going again. I took some pictures after I scraped the surface and stuck them on flikr.
  10. That_LEGO_Guy

    [TC17] OverLander

    Update time. Shortened the wheel base, finalised the motor mounts on the axles so the lowest point is the diffs, thanks to the portals that's now 1 stud above the wheel center(or is it hole as its technic?) came up with a cool linked the suspention idea through leavers and a diff to allow free articulation but prevents body roll, ~90° between the axles and minimal spring compression, kinda makes the diff locks superfluous. Driving the diff in the syspention makes the chassis rock back and forth, might put a loading ramp on the back for a buggy or similar. Partly because most of my panels ared and I don't have enough to build a full body. Still can't work out why one of the mini pneumatic rams isn't working. maybe it needs new grease, if any one know how to fix it that would be greatly apreciated. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="tc17"> would overhauling my Delorean moc and using as the car on the back break the "Entries need to be new" rule?
  11. That_LEGO_Guy

    [TC17] OverLander

    No correction needed May the best bus win, although it'll come down to who finnishes.
  12. My potential entry to the 17th Eurobricks Technic chalenge. Current Idea is a bus thats been given the monster truck treatment, massive lift, 4x4, diff locks, portal axles, power puller wheels, currenty 70 cm long the diff locks are pneumatic but one of the small pistons is rather sticky for some reason, and the m-motor powered pump can't move it.
  13. Are we the biggest forum on eurobricks? We're not far behind star wars in post count but well ahead in topics.
  14. no 3rd party parts. time to put away the RC tires and bust out the PowerPullers
  15. That_LEGO_Guy

    [MOC] Delorean

    Didn't know they existed, they're going on my BL wishlist