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  1. First off excellent game Kintober , as well as the overall story the pics were really good and everything was on time and ran smoothly. Looking back at that spreadsheet... Dam! Looks like I got played by my own role there, when I saw there was no night kill on the day 2, I arrogantly though I'd caught the scum killer (fhommes), but I hadn't considered the reverse, I didn't consider the fact that I may have protected Fhommes from getting killed, thus preventing any kill from happening that night. But I was so convinced he was scum!
  2. Tariq j

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    This is just beautiful , there so many good details to pick out here. The fat lady, the house points system, the wizard chess set in the common room. The lighting has been used really well here too, especially in the room with Nearly Headless Nick, as though his ghost is “illuminating” the room if you will.
  3. Tariq j

    Factions - General Discussion

    I’m really looking forward to this, so many good factions so far!
  4. Thanks for letting me join in! Interesting to see where things go from here...
  5. Oroku has dodged a lot of questions, including mine, the fact Chell was blocked on a no kill night is also something to note, although there are other factors that could explain that. Such as a successful block or the scum only killing on alternate nights. Plus Moody’s last post I mentioned earlier also looked a little dodgy, he seemed obsessed with getting rid of Oroku, too obsessed I think. To be fair, a town PR may want to see how the initial vote turns out before they reveal information, that way if a scum has been discovered they can see exactly they voted without them knowing they had been discovered. Now this is interesting, I didn’t see this until now, why were you in contact with WW via PM? For now I’m going to Vote: Oroku Kirai (KotZ)
  6. I don't think that's particularly suspicious though. Yes Moody was scum (which I obviously didn't know at the time), but the Joker's vote for him seemed weak, it had been copied word for word with very little other reasoning other than what others have said. So my vote on the Joker wasn't to do with the person he voted for, but rather the way he voted for them. This doesn't sit well with me, playing WIFOM here, but Moody knew he was going to flip scum, so is this an attempt to make Oruku look town? As I mentioned before Otaku's easy vote for WW didn't sit well with me, and I would definitely think she was scum out of her and Barabossa.
  7. I think you might be a reading a little too much into it. I was saying hypothetically there could be a watcher (which isn’t an uncommon role) looking back What I meant to say was she COULD have been targeted, a slip up of words on my part.
  8. I’m not saying that happened, I don’t know what happened. I was just saying it’s common for the town to place a watcher on someone, we may not even have a watcher I don’t know.
  9. If Chell was blocked on Night 2 then that’s definitely something to look into. It’s possible, there’s a mechanic that the scum can only kill on alternate nights, maybe to throw the town off, but I disgress. Scum don’t have a lot to go off on Night 1 so I feel Legolas (jluck), may have been more a random kill than anything else. The scum after all just need to eliminate town players to win. The WW kill was probably more strategic, but I’m surprised they went for her given she could have been under protection and the watcher targeted her too.
  10. I instantly thought of Rey vs Kylo, but Slave 1.....
  11. So good news and bad news, Mad Eye was scum but we’ve lost Wonder Woman . Still, WW being Town makes things a little more interesting because it brings us back to this: (This was on Day 2 for reference) Before the Foreman incident, there was clearly an attempt by the scum here to get rid of WW, we know Finn was town and Mad Eye was scum, so I’d wager that either Barbossa or KotZ were scum, I’ve looked back at both votes and KotZ feels more scummy due to its lack of reasoning than anything else. Just something to note.
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    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    "The new Father Christmas, I am" As always, huge thanks for hosting this Copmike.
  13. Tariq j

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Maybe there can be some kind of “spotlight button” so if you see a particular MOC/Review you like you could click it, and maybe the person with the most “spotlight clicks” gets a spot on the font page or this leaderboard.
  14. The claim by Moody feels way too desperate, I feel like with the whole town block thing, it can really depend on what classes as a "townblock" 2 people working together could be considered a block, so even if one scum is in contact with a PR role they've infiltrated it. It doesn't make sense for the scum blocker to claim because the scum would have no idea what the current state of the town blocker. The only thing I can think of is the scum had a rolecop, who knew Moody's role so got in their first.
  15. "Anti town" is an interesting choice of words, because that doesn't automatically mean scum, but could also mean neutral. But since a neutral can win with the town too, I'm not sure why Moody wouldn't just claim as such. It would seem kind of pointless to go through all the trouble of setting up a fake block since the moment Moody would be revealed as town, WW will.know they're lying and just tell us all the names anyway. And in addition, if WW was lying we'd just lynch her the next day, would she really risk her life in the game just to get one player killed? Vote: Mad Eye Moody (mostlytechnic)
  16. Fair enough, At least you stuck by your vote rather than going after WW or sitting on the fence. I mean I don't really understand the argument, that Moody was "trying too hard to convince people he was town" since that's pretty much what every play would be doing anyway, but too each their own.
  17. I'm still divided on that, The Joker still voted for Moody, simply copying what someone else had said, he didn't even try and put it in his own words. At this stage, I dont even know whether we can trust what Finn has said, after the todays reveal. One thing as well, This really pinged me yesterday, I was actually gonna comment on it but after the whole thing with Finn, I completely forgot. This post feels very shrewd and on the fence, Chell hasn't really taken a side here but rather attacked all parties concerned. So that way if things go wrong she can't take blame but if things go right she can take credit.
  18. Finn exhibited some unusual behaviour before, but I have no idea why he would do this? People were all too happy to vote for WW, When I have a bit of time I'm gonna look back at the voting.
  19. Tariq j

    Doctor Who General Discussion

    That sounds interesting, it could also be a reference to the Channel 4 TV show Lego Masters, maybe one of the contestants builds something DW related on there.
  20. Tariq j

    The Morality of Leaks

    I remember in the run up the 2nd UCS Falcon, Lego released a small teaser each week, building up the suspense, and then about a week before the product’s release, a picture of it and some box images got leaked, and Did feel bad for Lego since they had kept it under wraps so well for so long. I do ton on Instagram every now and again to look at leaks, and a lot of the time now if there is a new look of interest (like a new wave of sets or something) someone often comes here and and mentions it, which then drives everyone to go and look at said leak. Thing is with Leaks (whether they’re pictures of sets, or simply a list of sets with prices) is that they’re a privilege, not a right. Lego don’t owe us any leaks so if they were to crack down even harder it wouldn’t bother me hugely.
  21. Tariq j

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw the Crimes of Grindewald yesterday, I might go and see it again, but at the moment my feelings are a little mixed, there’s some good moment but some bad moments and plot choices too.
  22. This was on Day 1, page 3 I think. Finn said something like “Joker, if Bob isn’t lynched today shall we kill him tomorrow” or something along those lines.
  23. This raises the question, does this quote have more to it than meets the eye? Moody first suggested that Finn accidentally posted on the main thread instead of the Scum chat, and no one really suspected anything at the time, but now we know Finn is scum, could this be a slip of the tongue?
  24. Um well, first the big spoiler in the crimes of grimdelwald and now this.... what a day. Unvote: The joker (Asphalt) Vote: Finn (Foreman)
  25. I doubt a vanilla townie would try and throw off the town just to protect herself. The goal of a vanilla Town is to help the town win, not to survive. It’s worth noting that Hera only claimed miller to try and get a discussion rolling, I don’t think she was trying to plan anything huge here. The issue with scum posing as a Miller theory, is that it would rely on quite a few stokes of luck, that is no rolecop in the game to validate the claim, that the scum is not caught targeting another player by the tracker/watcher (if there are any in the game that is). Bold moves can happen, and have happened in the past, but this seems almost too wild to pull off. I feel Hera’s claim may have also been some sort of an attempt to start a PR/town block maybe? Hera dose t technically have a “role” since the miller doesn’t physically perform any night actions, but still.