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    Future Star Wars Sets

    A Yavin IV would be an amazing 20th Anniversary set, one that was based off both A New Hope/Rogue One, much like how the UCS Millennium Falcon is based of two films. IIRC there was actually a prototype for a Yavin set that, for one reason for another, never got made. Next year would also be a good time to release it since this year’s X Wing needs a docking bay!
  2. Tariq j

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    To echo, the snow capped mountains look great at that scale. And the smoke has been done well too.
  3. I’m up for that too , we’ve had little bit of a lull over the summer, so it’ll be good to get into the mafia spirit again.
  4. That’s something I’ve noticed as well, it looks a lot better straight on rather than the overhead shots we’ve been getting. I mean ideally a set should look recognisable from any angle but nonetheless it’s an improvement. I also like fact the you can remove the Carbonite Chamber and Landing Pad, the freezing chamber definitely needed its own section so that’s going to make modding the set a lot easier. Removing the chamber also helps isolate the walkway, which again is what it needed.
  5. Tariq j

    Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wishlist

    Having just finished the London Bus, I really want to see the Knight Bus come back. A system scale one preferably but they could pull off a Creator scale one if they wanted too. I’d also like to see more of the system scale Hogwarts Castle, the Clock tower, Dumbledore’s office, a DADA classroom and some kind of room of requirement.
  6. Tariq j

    UK Sales

    My WHsmiths were doing an offer on the both Batman CMF series, buy one get one free, sadly the deal didn't apply to the HP/FB minifigures as wallet later found out
  7. Tariq j

    Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix - The Veil

    Great use of the old invisibility cloak , also liking the way you’ve done the Death Eaters.
  8. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Bellatrix was a great figure, I think the only way they could improve her is using the new dress slope piece. If one is actually coming, then a Hagrid's Hut sounds great, it'll be good to have one finally based on the later films.
  9. Tariq j

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’d love to see some kind of airport, but how they would implement it into the street I don’t know. That said, I definitely be up for a museum, History on one floor, Science on the next. Maybe a gift shop as well.
  10. I actually quite like it, but it’s definitely doing too much for too little, the main landing pad should have been connected to an existing section rather than taking the place of one, and whilst I love the addition of the Cloud Car, I don’t think it needed its own landing pad. The Freezing Chamber also should have had its own section, I think the previous Chamber set had the right idea with the stairs, if you combine those with this one, you’ll have a solid piece. I don’t want to rag on too much though, at the end of the day we’ve got a Cloud City set and with some tinkering it could definitely work.
  11. Tariq j

    What did you buy today?

    Brought some CMF Harry Potter bags, managed to get Dumbledore, Cedric and Luna, still trying to find Graves!
  12. I actually like it, it reminds me of the one of the old Kenner Death Star playsets. Slave I looks a little odd from some angles, but I think it'll grow on me. Finally we have a proper circular carbonite freezing chamber, it's great they managed to include all the little details like the ugnaught room. I think with a little bit of modding you could create a decent shell from the exterior.
  13. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Worth noting that Colin Creevey (assuming that's who the leaker was referring too) was not actually part of Dumbledore's army in the films, (which is what the sets are based off). Yet he is listed as one of the minifgures.
  14. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Diagon Alley from the background looks good, very modular buildings esque . Professor Lockhart makes his first appearance in DA, so maybe we might even see him here?
  15. Sam here! Excellent work on the galaxy map too.
  16. Really liking your photography and MOC skills I like the little details like Sirius Black's face in the orb and the opened money draws.
  17. Tariq j

    REVIEW: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall

    They could’ve even added the troll from the dungeons, and that would’ve made more sense given the inclusion of Quirrell. Nonetheless, thanks for the excellent review VBBN , I like the set and what did surprise me was the size of the interior of the Great Hall, the initial pictures released earlier gave the impression it was somewhat cramped, but these photos show it to be more spacious. I feel like the tower, like @Graupensuppe said, could have benefited from the Headmaster’s Towers, so it would look a little more recognisable. And especially since they're one of the few elements of Hogwarts that remain the same throughout the films.
  18. Tariq j

    71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    The Set looks very good. Fan of nanofigures or not, you have to admire the detail that went into the rooms. They're a ton of rooms like the Chamber and the winged keys I never expected to see. The nanofigures don't look amazing, but for their scale they've been done well. I genuinely can't wait to see this in person.
  19. We know Newt is a lover of beasts, so maybe a creature close to him (or even his suitcase) was destroyed during a battle which led to him walking away. I really like the whole Wizard/muggle relationship plot something that was never really explored in the Potter films.
  20. Tariq j

    Star Wars

    It may only be 12 episodes, but I'm very happy by the news. It's good to see they've kept the same animation style as well. It's going to be interesting seeing the Anakin - Ahsoka reunion here, especially as we know how there fight in Rebels plays out. I'm curious to see what this means in terms of Lego. That 501st Battle pack doesn't seem so far away now
  21. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    I’m actually impressed they managed to fit so many of the gadgets in the set in the first place. I didn’t expect them to include all the gadgets let alone have them all work. But I think (and you see this a lot in Star Wars sets) it’s about the balance of play features and accuracy. At a £130 price point to have a completely accurate DB5 with all the working gadgets is incredibly hard if not impossible.
  22. Tariq j

    Adding on to the Harry Potter Quidditch Match

    Very nice work! I like the seating areas you've added, they blend in well with the towers, neat idea with attaching the trans long pieces to the tops of he towers to pose the figures
  23. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    Looks as though the roof can come off, I’m interested too see if the ejector seat will be able to actually eject and what other gadgets are working.
  24. Tariq j

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    A truly fantastic line up. The Invisibility cloak looks amazing, looks like they've even got the patterns on the underneath so it can be double sided. And we also get a Barty Crouch Junior head and hairpiece.
  25. Tariq j

    James Bond 2018

    That's interesting, since those lines are from Goldfinger which would imply the upcoming set is the DB5, but the silhouette on the Creator page says otherwise, and hints towards a DBS/DB10. Having a DB5 in Creator scale would be good as it would allow all the various functions to be included and work.