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  1. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 16] Tired Search

    Great work, I like the fallen over tree, the use of the green and shrubs at the base makes it blend in well with the rest of the build.
  2. As always great story and build , I love how close up a lot of the images are, as though we're actually experiencing this build from the minifigure's perspective. The explosion looks great too.
  3. [MOC] Minifig Scale AT-M6

    Absolutely beautiful work! Visually, Crait is one of the most interesting and best scenes out there, so really looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
  4. Lack of original themes

    Anhything Western would be great. The Lone Ranger had some really great models and new pieces, like the gun and hat.
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Is it me, or is Grindelwald’s moustache there, but it’s so white and fine it’s hard to make out? might be just me.
  6. What Inkind of meant by that was, a scum comes up with a theory that they know is correct, it’s proved to be true later in the game, so then they can come and say “oh look, I thought of that, I must be town” kind of thing. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but just something to note.
  7. That still doesn’t answer why, after stating you wanted to hold back your vote, you still went and voted.
  8. I kind of get what you’re saying here, but I don’t get why the gun/choice of weapon is relevant, although I’ve seen parties in the past where scum have come up with theories, so when evidence that proves them right comes forward later in the game they say, “oh, I said that earlier”
  9. Trying to get us to read in to the pictures and then voting for someone who questioned your post? I also think you've over thought it the weapon thing. Vote: Gorgonzola (fhommes)
  10. I guess we all have different playing styles based on our experience, for me voting early is good as it gives a lot more discussion. In regards to yesterday's vote, The Mutant Fly's vote confuses me, he first announces he wants to withhold his vote, yet hours later he votes for Frankenstein's Rocker, for no reason whatsoever, and then hours after that he removes his vote and then votes for Dracula. I understand wanting to vote for Dracula to get a lynch, but if you wanted to withhold your vote why did you then suddenly vote for Rocker?
  11. Shoot, three dead? Not a good start to the party.
  12. Just seen a video from Solid Brix Studios with a better look at Yoda’s Hut. Definitely one of the better “land” based sets we’ve had and an easy pick up I really like the clear handle piece for Luke.
  13. [MOC] Chess on episode 8 : Last Jedi

    Fantastic! I love the way the environments of some of the models like Crait and Ach To, have been “carved” into the models. I also like the Red and White board
  14. I've seen previous parties where we didn't get a lynch on the first night, and that dragged into the second and into the third. I don't want that to happen again. Unvote: Frankenstein (Legoracer1) Vote: Dracula (Rider Raider)
  15. Personally, I've always found placing a vote useful, even if there's very little reasoning behind ot, a discussion can still be had about it. (Kind of like the discussion were having now about Dracula). Not necessarily, the sooner we lynch, means less time for people to talk, it gives scum the easy option of voting and then saying nothing. And to echo others, what is your reason for voting for Dracula?
  16. I’ve got mixed thoughts too, I mean if we lynch Dracula, we get rid of a distraction and we can focus on active players who might be scum. Plus Dracula hasn’t offered any thoughts other than a revenge vote. But lynching an inactive player is an easy way out for the scum. And like I said earlier, Dracula’s prescience may be the difference between a win and a loss. We never know. And Dracula may have an important PR role, in one of my first parties I went too our town vig was lynched on the first day, and then an SK was able to claim Vig when they were caught killing someone. Just some food for thought there.
  17. Not always though. I remember in another life of mine over in Brickywood there were a couple of players who were inactive during the first few days, and then piped up as the game went on. In a small game, numbers matter, and maybe you're right, maybe Dracula won't do anything useful, but if he's town, then having that one more townie alive may make the difference between a win and a loss.
  18. To be fair though, he's had more than ample time to come on and defend himself. The reason why I'm not voting for him is precisely this though, if we vote someone who talks we have something to go on the next day.
  19. Where is the reasoning behind this vote, do you genuinely believe he is scum? Or are you trying to jump on an easy bandwagon? Vote: Frankenstein (Legoracer1) I'm happy to change the vote if you can explain your reason here.
  20. Star Wars Rebels

    That was.... interesting. Lots of things to say here. I’ll start with the positive: I actually really liked “A Fool’s Hope”, at this point we hadn’t really has the finale set up yet, so that episode really helped that by setting it up. Although the wolves becoming slaughtering machines was ridiculous. I think they killed of more characters in thaose two minutes than they did in the first two seasons . I also really liked Pryce’s death and it was sad to see Gregor go , but at least they’ve summed up his arc now. And it was cool to finally see the Rex/Nick Sant confirmation. I was heavily disappointed with Rukh, why did they even bother bringing him in to the show in the first place? The only significant thing he has done is capture Hera, and now they’ve killed him off. Although the Kallus/Zeb thing at the end was good, I would’ve much preferred if Zeb gave his life to save Kallus during the final fight, it would’ve been a great end to the character. It seems ironic that the apparent defeat of the one of the most popular characters is brought about by an element from one of the worst episodes of the show, when they said about frequency zero, I thought it was going to be the battle droids from the Last Battle, hence why Mart didn’t want to tell Wolfe. The main problem here though is, it wasn’t an ending, are main protagonist and antagonist fates are still in the balance and with the return of Ahsoka, there’s a lot of unanswered questions.
  21. I would like some Orange Juice, maybe served with a slice of lemon. I have erm... created people who are dead on the outside.
  22. Build the fire and light the fire.... I’ve got some chemicals that help with that!
  23. We couldn’t it. We had tried to cross the mountains but they were simply too steep. So were forced to go an hunt for the device to deactivate the shield in the opposite direction. TIE Pilot TK875 had spotted some kind of device nearby and were making our way there. Movement: Wed like to move two left and one up to T9. If the bonus we collect allows us to cross water we'd like to collect the bonus on T11, then move up and right. Otherwise, we'll move up to Q9 and then right.
  24. During my lab research I’ve managed to create some anti yelling tablets, although side effects may include nausea, vomiting, a second head, 4 arms, 10 legs, immortality, and fangs.