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  1. Minishark2000

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    It's for safety purposes for those spikes they they have. Not sure there was any other way around it.
  2. Droid carrier looks a lot better than I thought, pretty sizable and with 8 droids. I am not sure if the pilots have tan chest printing? I can't tell from the pic. Also the image has a background of naboo, I hope they give a proper background for the box, not the tiresome adult black box
  3. After watching solid brick studio's sith infiltrator review, I like it a lot more. The ridge isn't so bad as I thought, and saw is absolutely fantastic! The printing especially in the back of his cape, and his facial expressions, just perfect!
  4. I am not sure why you guys are so hyped about it, imo these images make it even worse. That middle ridge on the infiltrator looks AWFUL! Saw looks great though, the green isn't so bad imo
  5. Minishark2000

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I agree! And I'd add magnaguards and a rerun of death troopers to that aswell
  6. Childish landino has said that Saw has a printed cape and the droideka can roll up! Good news for once!
  7. I like the sith infiltrator, I'm glad they're making it smaller this time, the 2015 one was fat and bloated. It is pricey, but whatever I guess not like I expected anything less these days. As for the figs, I'm honestly fine with the three, I'm lucky enough to have a lot of phantom menace figs but don't have characters like watto which would have been a nice inclusion for this set like the 2015 infiltrator. The main thing I don't like, and don't Lynch my guys but I watched mandr's video on the set leaked image, and I agree with what he pointed out, the middle rifle sticks up way too high and needs to be lower by 1 or 2 plates. Otherwise imo the build is really nice looking. My final gripe is the saw gerrera Minifigure, I know we don't have HD photos yet but he is just wayyyy too green, like it's actually off-putting to me how green be is, it just doesn't look good from not only an accuracy standpoint but an aesthetic colouring standpoint too. I want to love it I really do and I'll try, but that colour might be an insurmountable gripe. Maybe if it leans heavily into the sand green I'll be fine with it but I'm not sure, maybe it's just the box art saturation making him look brighter green than he actually is, who knows.
  8. They could do a diorama as the remake of the old Jedi Defense I and II from 2002, basically part of the hallway/cutting through the door scene of Qui gon and Obi, with some droids and droiekas, maybe some nemoidians?
  9. What?!! come on the 2011 one isn't bad, in fact I'd have to say this new one is imo the 2nd worst easily! I mean look at those legs, big chunky light grey claws. Ughh!
  10. I agree, the price for the podrace is awful, that high of a price (100 CAD) for a set of mostly 700 small pieces with nothing to justify it quite frankly, no minifigures, large molds, etc
  11. The mini droideka looks awful, one of the worst imo but it's no biggie, the main model of the display droideka looks fantastic though Personally I don't really think it'll be able to turn into a ball, the build seems rigid (but who knows), but imo it doesn't matter for me I would never display it like that or play with it so I guess it doesn't need to be functional. Definately would be a plus though if it rolled like the 2001 droideka
  12. Heck yeah! Even if you don't like the prequels atleast you feel that it was made with passion and a genuine interest. Not to get off topic too much but I'll just say that the sequels have like a ton of the same vehicles and settings as the original trilogy which to me just feels soulless
  13. Dude I'm making sure to have the popcorn ready for the Instagram and YouTube meltdown reviews of the microfighter 😁
  14. I'm pretty sure it was confirmed that the luke coming in the mech won't be the same as the UCS pilot luke, I think it was going to have different legs? I forget where I heard it I think it was on this forum a few weeks back