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  1. What was the last movie you watched?

    Second viewing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi tonight.
  2. What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  3. Star Wars

    I'm going to watch The Last Jedi tonight, less than 9 hours to go
  4. What was the last movie you watched?

    Thor: Ragnarok premiere last night.
  5. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I still have my Silent Mary displayed. I disassembled the collapsed main mast and made the base of it below the "break" a bit higher and more visible. The bowsprit also lacks the mast and sail since I needed some sails to compare sizes on the masts of a Technic ship I've had in the building stage for a long time. I bought the movie on Google Play the other day and rewatching it, I really think the movie version looks good in a fear-inducing way as the torn, wretched hull it is. Add to that the sounds of the torn wood cracking and bending in particular scenes and this is a ship I wouldn't like to meet at sea.
  6. Lotr mocing

    Great looking little castle, pantelis!
  7. Impossible LEGO

    I find that there's enough slack in the pieces in such assemblies to gradually get the axle far enough out to get my nails or a knife blade under the stop edge to pull it out. As long as it's an axle with stop, that is.
  8. If the Mack is part of the 1H18 sets, I doubt it would be revealed as early as this month. That would basically be an invitation for Lepin and the like to start ripping off the design early.
  9. [MOC] Ocean Racer

    Interesting and funny concept. I'll be following the project for sure
  10. What is the story behind your profile picture?

    I've been watching Minecraft videos on YouTube for 5-6 years and in June finally started playing the game myself. Endermen intrigues me because I find teleportation an interesting ability, and I really like the combination of black and purple/violet, so I chose the Enderman face when I switched profile pic recently.
  11. Star Wars

    Boba Fett could work well as part of a movie centered around bounty hunters on dangerous missions or something like that, if they made a movie about the underworld in the tar Wars universe, but as a stand-alone, eh, I dunno. I'm still on the fence about Han Solo although I think it could work well if done right.
  12. The design looks quite unfinished, but I don't think 42070 is that bad, at least it's a decent parts pack. Though, if all you can say about the flagship of the year is that it's a nice parts pack, it's kinda sad, but at least it has that
  13. The current year's topic is unpinned and doesn't stay on top of the first page, but it isn't deleted if that's what you mean. The topic remains in the Technic section, although not on top.
  14. After having built this set I can't but agree that despite whatever positive sides it has, the negative ones by far outweigh them, like the incomplete (or poor if you like) bodywork, open bed area at the back, seemingly frail crane and what not. I don't mind the Dark Azure color, it's alright although I think it's a bit too close to regular Blue to really justify bringing it into Technic, especially when there's already medium Blue and Medium Azure which both are incomplete when it comes to the range of parts available. As a parts pack I think it's alright if you find it at a discount, but I can't give it more than an average rating. As a side note, I found myself last night fiddling with building a handle for the remote, lol.
  15. Technic Pub

    Nice pics Jim, the living room-looking cave is awesome! I don't know if there's been any updates on this forum lately, but recently the forum has started asking "are you sure" whenever I click "Mark forum as read". Does anyone know how I can deactivate this asking thing? It's annoying having to confirm every time I want to mark a forum as read.