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  1. Error404

    General Part Discussion

    I also feel that half bushes give more friction than regular bushes. Might be due to how they are molded, as I feel the regular bushes are (in some form) weak (or weaker) because of the thinner plastic in the middle as well as the slot. Same goes for connectors with cross holes in the same style as bushes.
  2. Error404

    Star Wars

    Of course, how did I forget that?
  3. Error404

    Star Wars

    I do agree with you to a certain degree. I didn't mind the direction 7 took, ep 4 rehearsh or not, but whatever JJ Abrams built up felt kinda abandoned by Rian Johnson for the most part. There's not really many things I feel were really bad or shouldn't have been there, but there's a few. Mainly, the few things I didn't see the point with are The fight Maz was involved in when Poe and co. talking to her. It seemed to be a thing only for comic relief and didn't fit in. This could have been a good point for Lando to make a cameo, he's a (former at the very least) gambler who could know or know of the master code breaker. The whole Luke arc with him having lost all hope and just awaiting his death on Ahch-To, not to mention that apparently neither Yoda, Obi-Wan or Anakin tried to contact him to make him see why letting the Jedi end would be a mistake. They could have tried, but his reaction to Yoda showing up made it seem like it was the first time he had seen him for years. Then there's the fact they had Luke sacrifice himself using the Force to trick Kylo into thinking he was there when he wasn't, while keeping Leia alive even though Carrie Fisher is dead and they apparently don't want to recast Leia or CGI Carrie and the only apparent choice is to have Leia die off-screen between 8 and 9, which is an end she doesn't deserve. It's almost like it would have been better for the continuity if they let JJ direct the entire trilogy. I'm not really ranting, cos I accept TLJ for what it is even though I would have done the mentioned things differently. I'll still watch 9 to see how they solve things.
  4. Error404

    Star Wars

    Well, TLJ picks up right after TFA ends, the news of Han's death would have had to travel at lightspeed to have Lando hear it, consider what to do and come to the Resistance's aid all within what seems like one day. Leia could of course have contacted him, or someone else have done so, but I feel that Lando suddenly showing up in TLJ would have made sense if there was maybe a week in between ep 7 and 8. I feel that having him show up in 9 is more logical when they didn't do it in ep 7.
  5. Error404

    Star Wars Resitance

    I personally don't like the Rebels style animation, I don't think the proportions look right/proper and the movements characters like Kanan, Vader and the inquisitors make when they fight with lightsabers just look off to me, too artificial, sort of. I welcome a more 2D animation if the 3D option is Rebels style.
  6. Error404

    What did you buy today?

    After 6,5 years with a Samsung Galaxy S5690 Xcover, I got myself a new phone today! Got a Samsung Galaxy A8 this time. Man is it exciting with a new phone, especially after many years.
  7. Error404

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Yeah, that seems more accurate now that I think about it, since the minifig looks too small to be in scale with this set.
  8. Error404

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Probably minifig scale, you can see it illustrated by the minifig on the left side.
  9. The schematics are interesting to look at, makes it feel even more technical. And yes, this does feel like more of an anniversary year.
  10. Error404

    What are you listening to?

    I recently got hooked on this song. Just my type of music. Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt - OK
  11. The forklifts I've seen in action, being the typical 2 stage tower, are made to be able to lift things above the roof height. That's the whole point of a forklift, being able to lift high, what's the point in a forklift that can't even lift up to the roof height? And Maaboo has a point, it doesn't scream "safety" when the forks are long enough to stick out like that, that's not accurate to real life machines. The forks are short enough to not stick out like that, if they do need longer forks, there are extenders that can be easily put on to extend the reach.
  12. Indeed, BrickLink names it as Minifig, Weapon Sword, Foil / Épée (Epee)
  13. I can't figure out where those 6 LBG panels on the sides of the B-model are in the A-model. They're obviously in there somewhere, but I can't see them in any of the pics of the loader.
  14. Error404

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Looks really good in yellow. Those small panels in the cab don't exist in yellow yet, right?
  15. Error404

    42080 Forest Harvester

    While I don't have any problems with either models, I do agree that the B-model looks a bit weird due to its proportions. I think the front looks a bit too big and massive while the cab looks a bit on the small side, at least it should have been a few studs longer. The mounting points for the crane arm and the bed look way too high, at least for the bed, though it's due to the battery box which doesn't really fit anywhere else. I also think the front/bonnet could have been shorter with the cab mounted 3-4 studs further forward and the seat above the front axle, giving a bit more space for the mounting of the crane arm which I feel should be a stud or two lower. These are things I might try to mod if I buy the set.