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  1. @pilgrim Try and keep your point switch motor questions here? I constructed the Lego holder (1st page dated Jan 26th 2013), to actually make it easier to pull off the bottom plate using a metal hook or L-shaped rod/tool, whilst the top part remained in the holder. Don't worry if you pull the whole motor out of the holder, just push it back in, and work on another hole. You need to take extra care when inserting into the two holes near the plug/socket end, as there is a coil of very thin delicate wire which you do not want to break.
  2. Andromeda

    12V Signal switch dissassembly and repair

    Does the white plastic 'horse shoe' type thing in the middle have two round posts sticking up on either side, that would fit inside the holes of the metal pieces? Is that a little corrosion on the top right output metal connector?
  3. Andromeda

    12V Signal switch dissassembly and repair

    @pilgrim The photos look like you have not broken the chemical weld in the five places shown in the first picture of my post? The top part(studs 2 x 8) slightly goes into the bottom, so the welds are towards the the bottom piece. I had messed up re-uploading the images. You have a gen 2 switch with triangular sockets, you will find a sliding circuit board inside, which has most likely got dirty or has lost/worn out its copper traces.
  4. Andromeda

    12V Signal switch dissassembly and repair

    Or maybe not! Yes damn those image hosting websites that change their domain name. Good luck @pilgrim.
  5. Andromeda

    12V Train Motor(BB12V) disassembly and repair

    The links to Bricklink above, only have second hand parts available. I would offer to make some, but trading is not allowed, and you do not have enough posts to PM me I've attached a screen clip of the pickup from Autocad because it was easier than figuring out where to put the DWG file, all units are mm. brass works well.
  6. Andromeda

    12V Train Motor(BB12V) disassembly and repair

    Indeed! Luckily I had followed post when i created it, and received a notification! Now I need to fix my other posts...
  7. Andromeda

    12V Train Motor(BB12V) disassembly and repair

    Hi All, I have been able to turn a few these of my own since purchasing a lathe. PM me only if you are really stuck?
  8. Andromeda

    12V Signal switch dissassembly and repair

    Hi People. I need to find the pics, re-host and upload. Please bear with me...
  9. Andromeda

    12V Train Motor(BB12V) disassembly and repair

    Of course! I was looking up the spares number, not the part.... Good find Peterab ! I think if I was going to use the pickup studs from one, I'd keep the metal plug tines too, they may help in fixing any broken tines on the 12V switches, signal, point etc...
  10. Andromeda

    12V Train Motor(BB12V) disassembly and repair

    Alainneke has been in touch, but he is incredibly busy ATM bu(sy)ilding until next year... But unfortunately it is not Lego building... I have taken apart a 1151 and the pickups are identical... but there are only 11 pairs left on Bricklink, and they are 13EUR+ a set...
  11. @DET I'd ask you to PM me, but I think less than 10 posts stops you. I have a spare spring that I can get to you...
  12. Andromeda

    What got you into lego trains!

    I started my Train collection with the 7710 push along for my 8th birthday, and I was fortunate to have had the 7861 lighting set, 7864 Transformer, 7865 motor along with the power rails for Christmas... Over the coming years I had the 7867 light set, 7862 decoupler, 7860 signal, 7859 remote points, 7821 repair car, and the 7838 freight depot. There ended my childhood collection until I was in my 30's, that's when I decided to aquire the sets that I'd drooled over in the toy stores as a lad, and more....
  13. Andromeda

    Brickexpo Canberra 2015

    Totally Awesome layouts! Thanks for sharing .
  14. Andromeda

    Repair of broken 12v (4.5v) couplers

    Nice tutorial Pirate Rob ! How did you fix the new piece into the coupler? I would recommend welding it with a small drop of MEK.
  15. Andromeda

    12V Signal switch dissassembly and repair

    That's great Andy, glad that my thread has helped you... JopieK, now we're just showing our age... No?!?