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  1. Silent Mary MOC

    Well done, I like it very much. I wish TLG had made the ship like you do. I hate the original ship.
  2. The problem is, I will not open the box. I must find a used one. When I got one I will tell you how it is.
  3. As a collector of pirates I am always searching for sets or merchandise I am not owning. It becomes more and more difficult. But yesterday I have gotten a new part for my collection: 852748 http://852748-1 by Matthias Rickers, on Flickr
  4. Vintage LEGO 6236 King Kahuka ! Unboxing & Review !

    Thanks for your review. In my opinion the set is the less strongest set of the islander. It is more or less useless, if you don´t have one of the three bigger sets to place it. I am very interested in the 6264 set. I got mine in Legoland 1994 and it was my last pirate set for 18 years. I loved it.
  5. Share Improvements on Original Sets to 'Complete' Them

    Your improvments are very good. And I love the background of your pics
  6. LEGO Architecture Local Landmark Contest - Voting

    Entry B - 2 Points Entry A - 1 Point
  7. 1481 Pirates Desert Island

    You could sell it boxed to europe. You may would make a high profit.
  8. The missing bluecoat boat is a pity. It is the only set with the blue/white sail. It looks very good. I am a Bit a Fan of this small boat. Yesterday I asked my local toy store owner why the last pirate sets stands on the discout table but with normal price. 70410 and 70412. Togehter normal price was 54 Euro together. He asked what I would want to pay for it. I allready have the sets twice openend and more than 10 timeas sealed (Investment). I told him I want 30 % discount and I got it. Paid 34 Euro for both together.
  9. 1481 Pirates Desert Island

    Yes it was a only US set The only US sets were often polybags. We had no polybags in europe because polybags has the image of cheap asia toys.
  10. Battle of The Bountys

    Your words discriping exactly what I think. Thank you very much for your detailed Report.
  11. But the Soldiers are Not as good as the of the other auction. Often missing backpack, a lot without shakko.I would never pay 3 for incomplete Soldiers or officers.
  12. Look it this. It is more strange that the 1500 USD. Ebay The people are crazy.