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  1. 21137: The Mountain Cave

    I was really really excited for this set, until I saw the price tag. Shame, but I won't be buying this new. Perhaps used when the time comes
  2. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I am 90% done at this point sorting by color and have started sorting by part type a little bit. II tried sorting by part type first years ago and that did not go well at all. Usually I just split out whatever is obvious first, for example I had to make a second drawer for all my black slopes as there were just soooo many of them. I've been using drawers at the moment but I'm quickly running out of space because they can only be stack so high before the bottom wont open anymore. I hope to have a shelf system to place them on in the future when I get to a more permanent abode. I'm super frugal and wanted to mention that I find those nice sterilite drawers pretty regularly at mom and pop thrift shops for very cheap. Also if I see one on the road on trash day being tossed I grab it, even if its broken, because in about a month I'll find another thats broken in a different way and I'll use the parts to make one unit. I probably have several hundred dollars in nice sterilite drawers and I think I've spent less than $15 so far if even that. Something to think about if you are on a budget which I know many of us are. :)
  3. I am a bit odd that I don't really like minifigures all that much, I don't collect them, I just accumulate them over time, they are sort of secondary to the buildings and vehicles. I like seeing the series however, and I'll pick up a pack or two every other series or so just for the surprise factor. I do however really, really enjoy collecting the dinosaurs and other animals and building mocs for them. ( I just had a new raptor come in the mail yesterday and was beyond giddy) I prefer to use fabuland figs when I can. Even as a kid I didn't play with the minifigures but was obsessed with the fabuland figures and brick built animal figures I had made :::shrug::: Glad I could make you smile! :)
  4. Oh my, thats a French Bulldog. O.O I need him. Or several. Ok many. That is all.
  5. [MOC] Back To The Future: Hill Valley 1885

    Looking forward to anything you make for BTTF. I adore stuff like this, good job
  6. The LEGO Unikitty Show

    eeeeeee! Yes! This looks awesome. I've only ever seen Ninjago, which I think is well written. Hopefully this will be the same.
  7. Best lego Castle set?

    This one is pretty awesome, unfortunately I didn't have it as a kid. However as an adult its been plentiful, I ended up with a duplicate, so I rebuilt recently in order to sell it. I had forgotten how awesome it was. I also think it makes better use of this baseplate than the Mountain fortress did. If I recall correctly another member recently did a remake of this on a brick build base instead of using the baseplate, and it was stunning.
  8. Best lego Castle set?

    #6085 is mine. I brooded over it in catalogs for about a year and then received it for my 7th birthday. I have 3 copies of Vladeks castle, the lego store had piles of them in crushed/ heavily damaged boxes for 50% off or something ridiculous. I bought as many as I could afford at the time. I made one giant one out of it that was pretty cool. Might have pics of that somewhere. I know a lot of people didn't like that line or that castle, but I certainly did.
  9. I can't figure this dating site out.

    Awesome, welcome :P
  10. MOC Dragon mountain

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Well done.
  11. Thats a good idea, I've meant to do that, however I frequently buy "bulk" job lots of misc so I have no real way to keep track in those cases.
  12. Just wanted you to know I adore that rock raiders cliff moc you made a few years ago. Well done!

  13. MOC: Modular Townhouse with Shop

    The color choice is perfect. Looks fantastic. I'd love to get my hands on those dark pinkish bricks.
  14. [MOC] Subarute

    Awesome! I was about to ask if you saw this on mighty car mods, and you did certainly did, even got the flags on there. Small world!
  15. [MOC] Eldorado

    Extremely detailed, nice work.