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    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    My goodness this is gorgeous. I've been saving fabuland parts to do something like this one day. This is full of great ideas. Aren't those blue chains super rare? I've never seen so many at once
  2. Criosphynx

    MOC Ninjago City

    Stunning build :) Looks quite large even in the pics
  3. Criosphynx

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    I'm so happy you included the clipper. Nice build :)
  4. Criosphynx

    [MOC] Frog King

    OMG this moc makes me so happy. I love him. The cape really is a over the top touch (in a great way) that makes me laugh. Again, love it.
  5. Criosphynx

    [MOC] Aerial Enforcer

    Thank you for making it look true to the era, and not super modern. I personally think these mocs look best when they don't have too many obvious modern influences. Very nice.
  6. So my husbands relatives have thrown a Monkey wrench in my plans. Looks like I might have to attended a wedding instead. Will have exact dates soon. So for now I should probably be taken of the sharing a room list. If I can still go I'll just book something by myself. How frustrating. @Bonaparte
  7. I really hope two things, Firstly, a series of these would be awesome Secondly, perhaps this leads the way to even more "models" that are for decoration only and not for playsets. This set is the first new set to get me excited in a long time. I really like it.
  8. Criosphynx

    How many sets do you own?

    According to brickset I have 117. Its higher than that number because I don't input my for sale items into their database. So probably closer to 150-200
  9. any other suggestions as to where to stay if the park is booked up?
  10. Criosphynx

    What is Town Forum to you?

    That would be amazing. I wonder if the mods would consider it.
  11. Criosphynx

    What is Town Forum to you?

    I love vintage sets. I prefer the old town layouts I grew up with. So while I have nothing against modulars, when I build my city layout, it will be in the 80's 90's style. I know that most people will not like it. But its for me. I have learned that when I say I prefer vintage to modulars, no one really cares, in fact I've seen people get upset so I don't bother to post on the subject and I think that just snowballs. I don't collect minfigs or starwars either. So I have a hard time finding like minded people. So I'm happy for you guys, it must be nice to have so many people to talk to about your cities. I think you hit the nail on the head here. My generation (mid 30's) are mostly busy with careers and kids. I think we will see a large resurgence of the 90s stuff after older millenials retire. I remember being online back in the early 2000s and the focus was very different. Most lego fans I find in real life are much younger than I and not interested in the same things.
  12. Anyone willing to take in this noob? Looks like I just missed out on the ladies room. :( I'm 5'7 120lbs so I'm sure I'd fit on these bunk beds and wouldn't mind an air mattress if someone had one.
  13. Criosphynx

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    alright. I'm going to do this. Just me. I'd prefer to share. Other ladies preferred but not mandatory. I don't think I should be responsible for anything, I need my hand held on this first time. See you guys in the other thread.
  14. Criosphynx

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Hi! Everyone was gracious to my face, but I'm sure many people thought it! I was in Munich at first and then south to the alps. Mostly in rural areas :) I'm German ancestry, so I look like I belong there, I think people were confused when I told them I was American, they would keep trying to speak to me in German like I was lying to them or pulling a prank :)
  15. Criosphynx

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Awesome! Thanks for calming my fears. I had some embarrassing experiences as the "stupid foreigner" in Germany after my Travel partner insisted it would be ok to go there because "everyone in Germany speaks english" when that was def not the case when we got there. I'll be looking for the official thread. Thanks again
  16. Criosphynx

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    I would LOVE to attend this. I'm American and only speak English (and non passable spanish) and am concerned about not knowing any Dutch. I see you guys are from all around Europe, so it can't be that big of a deal can it? How big of an issue do you guys think me traveling alone to an event like this with a language barrier would be? Sorry if this is off topic but I see these events in Europe all the time and I've always wanted to go since I was a kid. I can't be the only one that thinks this. Thanks in advance!
  17. Criosphynx


    I also want to applaud your photography skills and use of different lighting. Bravo
  18. Criosphynx

    MOC Elven Village

    Gorgeous gorgeous moc. Thank you for sharing. I love the colors
  19. First I was impressed, then the charging station appeared, and then I was amused! great work!
  20. I've been getting screaming deals on 80's and 90's lego in bulk on ebay all year, I'm talking untouched, unsorted collections a la cardboard box. Basically its boomers selling their adult kids childhood collections after the kids left it behind, often for very little money. I've purchased countless sets that are 30+ years old and look brand new, which is awesome for me...BUT I can't help but think about how wasteful it was for these sets to sit in a box somewhere for DECADES when they could have been played with. I was into classic space despite being born in the 80's, long after most of those sets had passed. I credit peoples kindness because I grew up with classic space parts that my parents bought at thrift shops.
  21. Criosphynx

    Selling Lego Collection - Advice Needed

    Sell it in bulk by color. Charge more for lime, orange and greys. Good luck :)
  22. Emphasis mine You hit the nail on the head in my opinion. I just finally got a "lego room" at 35 years old. I'm in the greater Los Angeles area and It was very hard to buy a house here, and trust me, its not big. I've been storing hundreds of pounds of lego for decades hoping for "one day" to be able to display it. I almost sold it in my late 20s because I felt it was hopeless. I don't buy any new sets anymore. I buy everything used, I wait for great deals on ebay or craigslist and sell what I don't want to break even. If I can't break at least even. I can't buy it. If I did not have this system I would not have any room in the budget for lego. When I see pics of "lego rooms" online or on youtube most of the time you can tell the person is wealthy. Its always been an expensive hobby but I think its getting worse. Most of the lego I buy locally come from wealthy areas on the coast, which tells me that those are the people who can primarily afford it. The only lot I got from a "normal" area the guy told me he got the lot from a nicer area...ha! The way I see it is I'm pretty dedicated to this, and I can't really do it the "normal" way (as in buy new sets each month) so I'm not shocked at all when normal people don't.
  23. Craigslist has tons of scammers. Make sure to put "CASH ONLY IN PERSON ONLY" in your ads to keep them from wasting your time. I've never had an actual buyer contact me on craigslist, but its worth a shot if you live in a metro area where a reseller might be. Honestly, if you have anything over $500, you are looking for a reseller to buy your collection, generally. I know collectors buy them occasionally, but generally speaking your demographic is going to be the flippers, they are going to, at minimum, want to pay half of what they will sell it for. I sell on ebay personally. How much return you will get will depend on the level of sorting you have done. If you have sets separated out you can get what you paid or more. Bulk sells for $3-$15 a pound for misc. Remember that ebay takes 10% and paypal takes another 3%.... If you have specific questions feel free to ask.
  24. Criosphynx

    Unsure about coming out of my dark age

    Hi, sorry you feel so conflicted. Honestly I almost sold my collection a couple of times over the years, and instead I stored it. I'm very happy I did because its totally normal for interest to come and go. If you aren't hurting for cash and its not a big box, honestly I'd just store it for a little longer and see how you feel in a year or 5. You have to stop looking at the super awesome mocs and feeling defeated. The people who build that stuff are massively gifted and you have to remember that. I used to feel the same way. Now I mostly take existing sets and improve or expand them, I find that much more enjoyable than coming up with stuff from scratch. Perhaps buy a complete space set and use your extras to expand it a bit. Start simple. The vintage seaport sets are a really good spot to start if you want to build boats. I really enjoy the boats myself so I understand. It sounds to me like you are overwhelmed and just don't know how to start. Pick something easy for now. I know when I think about building something grand I get paralyzed and end up building nothing. Start small, even if its just sorting parts. Personally I often build sets while watching tv. This would be a good way into it I think. Best of luck