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  1. Hi! Soon, I'll show to you new little rally car with rear independent suspension and rear drive. But rally car must be AWD, so I build small front suspension *cardan has free lift under load without stoppes I'm going to build audi quattro or toyota celica with this system. May be you have another ideas for it?
  2. Hello again! I finished my models for contest. It called Dark side of Power... Firstly, I built The Buggy! The main problem was to create the maximum compact chassis. In the end was implemented next funtions: -independent front suspension with caster angle(about 12-14 digrees) -dependent rear axle -rear drive -the minimum possible distance between the front wheels using these links in steering system Buggy weight - 490g Also interesting things here - it's arrangement of PF Second model - trailer for this black monster I would like to add at this model some functions too, because it will be boring to make trailer without them. So , we have: -hand winch(with lock) -motorized trucks(I'm not sure that it is true name of this things - the chains hold them on photo) Last model - pickup, which will must pull it all But truck can do it very well -Servo motor for steering -XL motor for drive -4x4 drive -In suspension i used dependent axles -differentials in bouth axles Now you can see how does it work Demonstration video: I used PF in all models to make them more playable. And as you can see in video i did it! P.S. This photo made after "fire" driving: And this photo - after washing: Much more photos you can see here:
  3. Thanks for usefull recall) Certainly use it! I will be happy if my ideas will find a place in your models. Hope you show me the result Thanks! Yes, at the moment, I have not found the solution this problems, but as soon as a good idea come - I'll fix it.
  4. Hi! The main in this car, is appearance, so there are not reduction gears on axles, primitive suspension etc. But now, work will be in technical direction. If you do not understand smth, ask me. I will try to give answers Sorry for my english Photos Thanks for watching!
  5. Trophy Truck I'll not tell a lot about cars for "Baja" racing, because nowadays it's quite pupular theme for building MOCs. Camburg Racing's truck was taken as a basis. But I didn't try to make full copy I wanted to build a large detailed model, but save the good dynamics, so I was forced save little weight. Total weight of my model - only 1938gr. Technical specification: 2 buggy motors for driving M motor for steering Suspention: Front - indepented Rear - axle with long arms Photos: I had some problems with suspentions to get a realistic work. Buggy Motors decided to plug directly into the back axle. And some outdoor photos: Video:
  6. Hi! Sooner or later, but I took the time to introduce you new MOC - a rally car. I will not write a lot, because want relax... Summer... I like rear suspension. It really work good. Idea is the same as on my small front suspension. Off course rear works better, and besides, I have improved it for the next model, so i'm doing instruction soon. Functions: - rear drive - all independent suspension - opening doors/hood - work front light - steering witn auto return Video: I'm doing second video, with drift and just driving. Photos: (Thanks rm8 for stickers ) All photos on Google+ Thanks for watching
  7. oOhh, your car look like Auto Union. Good work!
  8. Great model. In beginning your project i think that's it will be worse that now. You surprise me
  9. How you build such difficult forms so simple and similar?? I don't understand But it's good work. I want to see it near my Citroen on shelf
  10. Thanks!) With a slight delay spread instruction for rear suspension.
  11. Simple as that, but it looks like! Do it faster!
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  13. Thanks guys) On next week I will do instruction for rear suspension.
  14. Good video and very designed body. I like chassis too. There would be 2 RC motors.. P.s. picture with this car is on my desktop
  15. Thanks for comments! I really spent a lot of nerves for the engine. Thanks. 1)I built small track for this MOC 2)I use rechargeable buttery but i don't know what provides better for RC motor rech. buttery weighs less.
  16. You very funny, but I just broke my toe :laugh: Zblj give me idea - build AMG 6x6 on 43.2 x 14 mm tread. It will be MINI scale.
  17. Good chassis. Buggy motor... cool. I hope to see nice body! But, i think distance between 1st and 2nd axles too long. P.s. it not a MINI, I built a mini!
  18. 38. V2 Moto Name - V2 Moto Part count - 164 Functions: - Fake V2 engine - Steering - Rear suspension - Footrest Part list: Main topic
  19. Hi all. I decided build a motobike for contest because 200 parts enough to do it! Second version of my bike.(First version without suspension here) I inspired by old Lego's motorbikes like 8210 But I did not like the lack of drive, so motorcycle became with a fake engine All photo - Video review:
  20. Suspension: Footrest:
  21. Thanks Jim. Guys, listening to your advice I embedded rear suspension, also shove the footrest, so now I have the whole 4 functions - fake V2 engine - steering - rear suspension - footrest Some new photos: And one great photo - All photos - Short video review:
  22. Thanks! I was able to realize the rear suspension, but not on the springs - by rubber band. Now again recalculate details...
  23. Thank for nice comment! There are some time before the first of August. I have idei to use Tile 1 x 2 Glow In Dark Trans from but i don't sure in this color