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  1. Hello everyone, this is the last update to this topic as it's DONE! Thank you for your time and comments! You can see the moc details free on Rebrickable:ägglunds-bandvagn-206-buwizz-30
  2. Hey, maybe you could incorporate at least one of these to hold the hinges together
  3. Hello everyone, I am very close to finishing the model and currently, I'm working on finalizing it in Studio. Here are some photos of the model with Technic Figures:
  4. Thanks for the photos, I saw your video on an articulated steering thread, but the photos are very helpful.
  5. Hello, sorry that I'm self-bumping my thread but I want to share a very important update on the vehicle. I fixed two main problems, tilting too much on one side and tilting too much forward/backward. Here is another test video, on a much steeper hill (about two times the model' height). If you have any feedback, please share it with me so I can improve it further!
  6. Here is a small test. It's kind of easy to flip backwards or sideways still but I will work on that. Also on very high traction surfaces it has troubles steering :(
  7. Wow, that's amazing with some links it might fit in the rear half of the front perfectly, I will need to do some research for it. Thank you! Hello, I really like the design you shared! Well with my current steering option it will be very hard to fit a driveshaft in there. I think the extra power from two motors in each module and not sacrificing the interior too much is too good to pass up. The XL Motors are also a key part of my structure for the build also.
  8. Hello, thanks for the feedback. That solution already exists in Sariel's video. Ideally, I would want both attachment points of the connector unit between the modules to be vertically movable. And doing it that way pushes the pivot to the middle of the connector. Here is the thing I'm going for
  9. Hey, thanks for the comment. I noticed that too but it gets as bad as this: Do you think it will be a problem long term? I didn't think it would matter since the gear in the actuator slips and it cannot rip it off or something :D
  10. Hello! I am usually a stalker on this forum, but I decided to break my cycle of working with no external help for a little project of mine. The vehicle I am working on is a Hägglunds Bandvagn 206. This is my source for the dimensions of the model. which with lego threads being 5 studs wide, it happens to be 1:10. Here are some photos of the main components - front and side views of the front module, the drive and steering mechanisms: Studio .io file is also included in the link above if you wanna take a closer look. I plan to use Buwizz 3.0 and put it in the back module(which is not really started) So I have three main questions: Is there a better way to do the steering mechanism that's compact? The way I have it right now acts as a vertical swivel connecting the modules as in the real vehicle. I looked at Sariel's Lego Technic RC GAZ 3351 Articulated Tracked Vehicle but it looks way too long to fit in the first module. What color should I do the seats/interior in? I mainly have black and red as my theme, but I'm not sure if it's nice-looking. Are there any recommendations for the body or something else you see?