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  1. Bobbtom

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    any news for when they might be appearing in the US?
  2. The accessory packs are starting to show up in store in the US, but are selling out the same day. Let's hope they don't stay out of stock for the duration of their entire existence like 40454
  3. way to start the year off with the usual 5head
  4. Bobbtom

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Who exactly was blowing this out of proportion? Were people out there protesting in front of lego hq? Were they sending in anthrax in the mail? Because that's what it sounds like in here and on other fan sites.. Constantly jumping onto the hate train to defend corporations to no end is honestly one of the most pathetic things I've seen. News flash you are a customer.
  5. Bobbtom

    Seasonal 2021

    What has happened to Set 40489 Mr. & Mrs. Claus's Living Room?
  6. the possibilities for a MBS endor are endless, and all of them would be great looking builds: the bunker, landing pad, or even just the forests and ewok village
  7. I think the number of videos thing just depends on the youtuber. Jang puts out less videos than other lego youtubers but in exchange streams a lot on youtube/twitch. On the other hand, youtubers like ManR seem to rely only on youtube, hence the enormous amounts of videos on even the slightest rumor
  8. Since this rabbit hole is opened, I do not understand the MandR hate about "relentless criticism" if you actually watch his reviews. Jang is my favorite reviewer but MandR does a comparable job. Yes, he made some very immature random videos and is overly critical of the gunship box errors, but if you actually watch the review it is 95% praise for the set; he spends no more than a few minutes talking about the wrong box art or things like the "pilot." If I had to bet it was his random immature videos that got him kicked out of LAN and not his reviews, which are usually objective and reasonable On the other hand you have some LAN members who go out of their way to never be critical of anything lego and act as if their audience has unlimited money to spend on lego sets.
  9. IIRC accessory packs usually dont have stickers
  10. You're right about that. I would liked it better if we had the red or blue officers. I didn't manage to get either figure before the insane 2020 price hikes. But from my point of view at least, spending $350 just to get the commander basically meant that the figure is completely inaccessible for me.Optimal solution at this point would to have a normal system scale set with a different type of officer.
  11. I'm surprised by the lukewarm reaction by some. When commander comes out it will be 9 years since he was released in an accessible set. I don't agree that UCS sets should have exclusive minifigures forever. They are not advertised as such, unlike SDCC exclusives. They are simply just another minifigure, but in an expensive set. Plus, the second hand price for clones is insane, so just refreshing the stock will be good for both new and old collectors
  12. Whelp if other accessory battle packs are of any indication, this one will be chronically sold out for months. Whether it was going to include shinnies or rex/cody I was going to enjoy this set either way We get it you hate people and their opinions
  13. Your MOC is way better. Lego's version is probably the ugliest and most inaccurate microfighter so far. It looks more like a prototype than a finished product. I was hoping for an updated mando with a face print since he's already in so many sets but guess not... Note: The visor appears to be the same as the one from TOT 75299, so it isn't new. For some reason the summer 2021 mando releases had the weird lower visor. Overall a disappointing reveal. The harry potter set reveal is way more exciting; an interesting set with new variants of characters
  14. It's really inconsistent. Ive seen some stores limit sets to 2-3, but my local one doesn't care. I've seen people walk out with a bag full of the same set on release day
  15. The spider man one 40454, has been out of stock all year long. Last month it was briefly available again for backorder with a estimate ship date of February or March. Cody was annoyingly exclusive with the gunship for three years until they put him in a small genosian starfighter set Definitely, we could get some rare clones never seen before, some death troopers, or even imperial ground troops from solo (if they'd risk that )