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  1. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Hey everyone it's been forever. Just came back for a little nostalgia and to say Hi, hope everything's going well. Cheers for all the good times
  2. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    If God doesn't exist then how did beep boopity flip flappity gumbo chops? Atheists: 0 Christians: 0 Cosby:1 Yo so I was going through my PC and found some old-ish nice sets that never quite made it into any quests and seeing as I doubt I'll be hosting any anytime soon I was wondering if you guys'd be interested in having them. :grin:
  3. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Sarge sniggered at Karie's arrogant sarcasm. These green kids always thought they sounded so clever. "Don't need liquor to beat your sorry a rse sore. I'm a sober man now" he beat his chest and nodded "Angel Orphaniel put some good into me" after a pause Jon smirked and looked her straight in the eye with a coy smile. She had all the sass and insolence of Emily, but none of her charm. "You could do with some booze yourself lass. If I were a younger man I'd buy you a drink; Molotov cocktail. Overarm not stirred." The old man chuckled at his own joke and patteded his thighs then leant back in his now turned chair and looked to Pretzel and Eric. He looked back at the ginger woman and stroked his chin, eyes serious and face deadpan; then spoke in monotone. "I bet you just returned from saving the oh so good people of Eubric, eh? Or busking in the slums to lighten the sorry mood." *
  4. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Sarge sniggered and raised the cider at his old friend "Dread pirate, dead pirate, makes no difference to me." He took a swig of his cider then listened, before continuing. "Aye to that; world's goin' to shit. It always is. You just gotta be on top of the shit when it hits the fan" he hesitated and cocked his head, pondering the meaning of his statement, or if it even made sense. Then shrugged, smirked and rested his crossed legs, eh, leg, on the table. Sarge nodded at the first newcomer, he was reminded of a younger version of himself, more limbs though. " Y'alright mate " the old man smirked up at Atramor from his slouch in the chair and raised his bottle by way of greeting. "Name's Sarge. You?" Jon lowered his crossed limbs from the table and raised himself out of his slump to give a disaproving glare at the woman, but it was soon replaced by the usual smirk "Last time you called me or me friends that I seem to remember you got your megablocks handed to you at the arena" he said gruffly but not with anger, recalling him and Karie's arena bout. "And like fine wine, I get better with age lass."
  5. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Sarge stood up to greet his old friend, extending his arm for a hefty handshake and a at on the shoulder. He grinned at Pretzel, and began "Haven't seen you since... Must've ben since we stopped wandering Uland with Erdy, innit?" He nodded, hesitating for a moment to recall the events surrounding Dr Trice "Didn't know you drank here." he gestured to the Docks Pub they were currently in, and ushered Pretzel into a seat. "Yeah, just been to Salmanda with these lads" he waved his hand at Eric and Boomingham and smirked "The tropical air did me some good to say the least mate. We sorted that place out right and good, didnt we Eric. Stopped an invasion, killed some snakes, helped some people. Never know, we might do the same to this place" he looked over his shoulder out of the window at Eubric and the bustling street outside. "So how've you done this past year mate?" Jon lit a cigar and looked up at Pretzel, ready to hear his tales. Jon nodded in approval "Couldn't have put it better meself. I'll drink to that" he raised his glass and took a long sip of cider.
  6. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Sarge smirked and nodded "Blasphemy of fire or whatever, innit." he raised his bushy eyebrows in apreciation and sniggered, look at them, discussing politics like esteemed citizens. "Almost seems like a paradise for us people; no government, no king. But, there's still Bonaparte regulation, the town watch. Fuckin beaurecracy aint it. Nah, what we need's an insider. One of us at the top. You heard bout these factions? Dreamers and kids running for control of the city. Idiots, the lot of them" He banged his fist on the table in a cliched fashion, and cringed as he felt his new tunic stretch. Jon sighed and swept his hair back with a leather gloved hand; these new clothes needed wearing into, but he needed them if he wanted to comfortably carry two swords. He sipped his pint - the best cider of the house, and sat back in happiness.
  7. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Sarge nodded, glad they had reached a proffitable end. "Deal"
  8. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Only the Witcher sadly , in Britain our substitue is "Bloody" . I think the Last kingdom used it a bit though, as well. Edit: Also, I see what your doing with Henry Antoine "La Valette"
  9. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Don't let them find out about SP peircing effects,
  10. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Sungold Alliance

    Sarge swaggered into the building with his coin purse full and a very vlear intention in mind, a few minutes later he exited with a significantly lighter purse, but very well armoured, for he had bought 8 bright polishes (250*8=2000 gold) and used them on one of his cloaks of the grand vizier (which he equipped, the other has been traded with pretzel)
  11. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    The boat back from Salmanda was uneventful. Save a few games of cards and dice, all he had really done was reflect upon Peri and Orphaniel. He was not a moral man, but from now on he would give the angel's blessing to those who needed it. Hmm, gimme two weeks I'll start sounding like a ploughing priest After he got onto the shore again in Eubric he exchanged a grand Vizier's cloak with Pretzel for 450 gold Sarge slid 2565 gold to Eric and 438 to Boomingham after some clever "accounting" on the way back from Salmanda, the pub table was smooth and the leather pouches, though heavy, reached their owners with a satisfying jingle. The old man creaked as much as the chair he was leaning back on as he put his hands behind his head and smirked with a cheeky grin. After a moment of silence he began "We should really sort this place out"
  12. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    So, #130, it'll defne my Heroica experience I think for a long time and it was, Thematically Sarge's biggest quest. I'll try and paragraph this well for ease of reading. I never thought anything would beat #48's length, but I think #130 did this in world content as opposed to long complex battles. Alot of that 8 months was due to long update times and long response times. On your end you were busy, but on ours I think activity had booms and slumps around plot points, because after we were dumped in the city there really wasn't a clear goal. I think that's something that differs #130 from your standard openworld RPG, we had to wait for the plot to emerge instead of following up on some sort of sidequest. I think the way you teased us of the events going on in the conclave was well done - the sisters out on breaks in evenings that is. But this quest's real problem was that we had no real clear goal other than the vague "Find dirt on other aunts" , which when teamed with the vast quantity of sidequests, was very daunting. This took alot of processing and so I think party actions needed to be complex and our response times increased. In conclusion I think every individual major plot point, Ulrica's escape/Periwinkle's capture, the dead sister at the shrine (I must applaud you for this moment actually, it made me the most angry with an enemy in any game I've played), the final Venomari battle, they were all very compelling, but they didn't string together into a coherent plot. We sorta stumbled from narrative point to narrative point, not knowing what to do or expect . Battles were a mix. At the start they were more tailored to a full party battle royale, which never came as we split alot, so they were always challenging, interesting. But by the end you had the mix right, even if we did absolutely demolish the final battle, but I think that was the fact that our party was huge with the sisters added. I think we had the rather bad dice luck though this quest, except of course when lucky charm was being sang What really made this quest was the sidequests. I can't imagine the amount of effort you put into writing these, because there were so many with such great detail. A few weren't very deep, for example the escaped zoo animals quest. But finding the werepanther's mother, and helping rex with his date, these were more than objective quests. We thought the cactus flower was "The right one" because it had the "Quest item" label, but really we had to use common sense to get to Rhiannon's heart. I am amused by the thought of the heroes emptying their pockets for loot to give her. Mechanically it was the first of it's kind, simple but effective, and really allowed us to get the feel for the city. I fetl anxious when the time system made us use alot of time moving to and from regions in fetch quests, but it ended up working well enough. The fatigue system was fair but it really frustrated me when Sarge couldn't go avenge the dead sister because he had to sleep, but it was fair enough I guess .# There were so many NPC's not many of the great characters (Zelda, the queen, Ovelia, Hyme, Zarissa, Ulrica, the duke, Peri, the list goes on) got much screen time. But the dialogue was convincing and the characters fleshed out to their max extent and very well at that. Rex got alot of screentime though, and he was as entertaining as he was an independent character, despite his "controlled by Zepher" status OP loot, not complaining. Party: Eric - Well written, very original and consistent Character, Sarge's best friend . I have never laughed so hard as when Eric find's out he had been banging Sarge's daughter . I can't really add anything to say except that there was never a dull moment and I am glad to have spent Heroica's longest quest with Eric. Keep up the good work bro Boomingham - I didn't understand Boomingham as a character until now. He's righteous to a certain extent, but he, as every man is, is overcome by his vices; alcohol, greed. There was never time for our characters to have a long chat, but I think they've grown a respect for eachother. A pleasure to play with you Zepher, I don't think Sarge will be the same for meeting Boomingham, if only at least because they will be political allies with the glorious sungold alliance . We're gonna win this war Heckz - Sarge has no idea what to make of Heckz, and I don't think they synergised that ell as characters, which isn't to say that he's not one of the funniest and most interesting characters this game has. It was a shame you couldn't be active all the way Cutcobra, but hey, it was fun, right? Jon - This was THE quest for Sarge. he found his daughter, found God and was cured. I think I wasted alot of opportunities, for example not roleplaying his dwindling supply of anti curse potions to the best extent I could, having him seemingly cured after he found Peri ( Though I was unsure how close we were to the end, so I didn't want to needlessly peak his condition too soon.), and the RP of the curse was inconsistent and not at all subtle. I think putting me in the party leader role forced me to participate more actively and hence RP more, so I thank you for that Sandy. and I think I've learnt alot from 8 months with some of the best roleplayers this game has It's been a good one guys!
  13. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Upon his return to Eubric, Sarge walked first to the market and made his first stop at portia's potions, buying 4 potions, 4 grand potions, 4 remedies, 2 pheonix essences, 4 nostrums and 4 meads (= -400 gold) He then wandered over to Fabian's with half a wardrobe of goddamn fancy clothes, he grinned at the thought of exchanging actual money to get rid of the Headdress he had been dragging around since the boat to Salmanda. "How much for these mate?" he asked fabian about Stereope's headdress and the monkey armour. Sarge also sold the ranger's quiver (10), the swift boots (30) and the Encore plectrum (50) for (= +90 gold) Overall he had spent 400 gold and gained at least 90, leading to overall costs of 310 gold
  14. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG - Quest#130: Sisters in Salmanda

    The healing was like a weight being lifted from his body. A huge burden was gone, and his breaths felt so clear and smooth. He blinked to clear his tear-brimming eyes and smiled at his darling, then hugged his daughter happily once more before laying down for the best rest in a long time, although actually falling asleep took a while in the euphoria. His prayer had been answered, and now he would return the favor to Orphaniel. The following morning he awoke early, feeling ready to do... Just to do whatever, so long as there was glory. Youth, that was the feeling, well, he was an old man now. He'd conquer like he did as a kid, but with responsibility. Like Reno. "Goodbye Peri, darling, megabluck'em up, but, be careful." he uttered this last phrase quietly, then closed his eyes, grinned and nodded at Periwinkle, before turning to step onto the boat and leave. Sarge used the tyrant statue to add 50% to his gold purse, through clever, accounting?
  15. Pyrovisionary

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I almost can't believe it's over [130] It's bittersweet, but I think it's reached a very satisfying narrative ending. :wub: