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Found 2 results

  1. ~This topic is for in-character interaction only, and only open to those joining the faction. Questions and out-of-character discussion should be posted into the General Discussion topic.~ TRADITION. PROTECTION. AMBITION. On a late summer's day, a great gathering took place at the Hinckwell Villa on top of the Sungold Hill. The master of the house, the wealthy merchant tycoon Heinrich Hinckwell, had invited over the representatives of two other great houses that had been in power in the city of Eubric for ages: the Bonapartes, the wardens of the sea; and the Ziegfrieds, a fabled family of wizards. On that day, the Hinckwells, the Bonapartes and the Ziegfrieds formed a pact that would become known as the Sungold Alliance. "My friends, I have a strong belief that with this pact, we will thwart the advance of Ulric Wolfkin's poison in the minds of the citizens." "That is all well and good, Mister Hinckwell, but what alternative are we offering to the people who grave for justice and laws." "Alternative? Eubric has been a freeport since the day it was founded! I say our alternative is to keep things as they ought to be!" "Lokuro, ei'ara..." "And look how well that has worked out, Commodore!" "Brothers Ziegfried are correct. While we may think everything is fine and good in our city, the people are restless and unsatisfied." "Aye, and not just the poverty. The young nobility have joined the outcry for monarchy." "If the people want a kingdom, I say we shall give them a kingdom. But not one ruled by a wolf-headed outlandish thug, but a noble and civilized king who respects the rich history and customs of Eubric." "But which one of us would it be?" "If we truly must abolish our old ways and have a ruler, I would propose my niece Attina, once she returns from her mission on the Helvetian Ocean. With her worldly experience in leadership and battle, she would make a fine leader for us in these troubled times." "I must say our older son, Lorcan, has the ambition and vision that is required of a great leader. His expertise in economy and diplomatic relationships would be a major benefit to our city." "Mother, you flatter me. I am certain father is better at all of that than me." "But both of them are so young! My husband Altair is an immensely powerful mage but also the kindest person I have ever met. He if anyone could make the people listen to him, and show that we wizards can be depended upon. Many fear magic, but it can be used to do so much good!" "We could stand here and argue about this all day long, but I have a better idea. We need the support of Heroica. With the influence they have on people, they could really work in our favor. So how about we invite those Heroicans who have shown loyalty to us into the alliance, and give them a say in this matter?" All three families agreed to Heinrich's idea, and thus choice members of Heroica were sent letters of invitation into the Sungold Alliance. JOINING THE SUNGOLD ALLIANCE: ~ If a player character has reputation with the Hinckwells, the Bonapartes or the Ziegfrieds, they can opt to join the Sungold Alliance by posting a "letter" where he or she expresses their will to this topic. ~ Once the character has joined, they will lose all reputation with the Shadeaux, the Ji Pei and the Guild of Invision, including access to the expert job classes those Houses offer. Reputation with the Wolfgang is not affected. ~ If at any point the character wants to quit the Sungold Alliance, they will lose all reputation among the three Houses in it as well. ~ By joining the faction, the player character has access to the faction-specific shop, as well as any future events held by the faction. ~ Some future quests will be geared towards a certain faction, while members of the opposing faction may be locked out of them. So please consider your options before joining! MEMBERS: Althior Emorith (K-Nut) Lord Cedric (wiz) Eric (Khorne) Erik Tyrvarr (Myrddyn) Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee) Johon (Bricksandparts) Jon "Sarge" Mcency (Pyrovisionary) Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) Mortimer "Em" Mahzan (Emjajoas) Namyrra Uq (Quarryman) Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight) SUNGOLD SHOPPE: Bright Polish (SP +1 to one shield or armor upon use.) Costs 250 gold. Mystril (Adds 10 spellpower when merged into a weapon at a smithy; can only be merged once per weapon, and never into shields; the weapon gets the “Mystic”-prefix.) Costs 1000 gold. Cornucopia (This horn of plenty is said to ensure limitless wealth. Increases the holder’s gold by 25% at the end of each quest.) Costs 500 gold. Medal of Valor (This pendant is awarded by the Bonapartes to those who show their heroism in the battle against piracy. The wearer gains double experience from battles; accessory.) Costs 2000 gold. Zirconia (This rare gem blessed by Ethereth reflects all the colours of the rainbow. The owner can cast spells of any element. It cannot be imbued into equipment.) Costs 900 gold. FIRST FACTION EVENT: KINGMAKERS ~ All members of the Sungold Alliance may suggest one candidate to become the ruler supported by the faction. You may only vote for one candidate, but you may change your vote as long as the voting is on. ~ The candidate can be a known NPC or a player character, but not a completely new, made-up character. It has to be a humanoid, not animal, plant or an inanimate object. ~ The influence that the player character's suggestion has is affected by the reputation he or she has among the Houses: each good reputation gives 1 influence, great reputation 2 influence, and outstanding reputation 3 influence. ~ The voting lasts until the end of the year 2015. Once the event is over, the candidate with the most influence behind them will become the faction's choice for the first king or queen of Eubric. Votes: Eric: 7 (3 votes by Eric, 3 votes by Erik, 1 vote by Sarge) Lawrence Boomingham: 15 (6 votes by Althior, 2 votes by Boomingham, 1 vote by Mortimer, 6 votes by Nerwen)
  2. On a wintry day, three heroes of Heroica arrived to the Hinckwell Villa. They were escorted to the room where the lady of the house was waiting for them. "So, you are the three gentlemen that answered my call", said Laureline Hinckwell in her soft, melodic voice. "Welcome to the Hinckwell Villa, and more specifically, the Music Hall, where I keep my instruments. Unfortunately I get a chance to play them all too seldom nowadays, for my duties as the wife of the wealthiest merchant in the city keep me busy... But I digress. The song that is in question has never been played under this roof, in any case. It has been almost thirty years since I composed it. I was a silly young girl back then, with my head up in the clouds. His name was Taliesin, fair of hair and blue of eye, and we formed quite a duet when we performed together in various taverns around Uland. However, my dreams were bigger than his. When I was approached by Heinrich to perform in this very house, I couldn't refuse. However, the invitation was for me only. Taliesin was upset, we argued, and later that night I found myself from Heinrich's arms." With a hint of sadness in her smile, Laureline walked to the grand piano standing in the middle of the room. "I chose fame and fortune over my first love. This song I wrote for Taliesin, and I call it Lovebird." Party: Darksten (Comrade Commander) 35 year old male human Ranger *Party Leader* Level 14 *Immune to poisoned, bleeding, cursed, jinxed and blinded* Power: 20 (14+6) Defense: 2 Health: 20/20 (6+13+1) Gold: 442 Equipment: Crossbow (WP:6), Sand-Worm Hide (SP: 2, bodywear), Tribal Amulet (Wearer is immune to poisoned, bleeding, cursed, jinxed, and blinded; suitable to barbarians, rangers, beast warriors; accessory) Inventory: Weapons: Spider String Bow (WP:4, darkness-elemental bow) Artifacts: Safety Blanket (SP:1, protects from Afraid, backwear) Consumables: Potion x14, Grand Potion x2, Health Core, Remedy x6, Elixir, Phoenix Essence x2, Mead x4, Smelling Salts x2, Nostrum x2, Soma, Ambrosia, Root Beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against undead enemies for 20 damage. The Root Beer does not affect non-undead enemies), Aeolus Bomb, Floral Bomb, Smoke bomb, Lightning Bomb x8, Venom x3, Bone x3 Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass Bobby "Young" Bucks Jr. (Zepher) 19 year old human Rogue Level 4 *Immune to cursed**Attacks cause enamored* Power: 14 (4+10) Defense: 3 Health: 10/10 (7+3) Gold: 46 Equipment: Hue and Saturation whip (WP: 10; causes Enamored), Nondescript Cape (SP: 3; protects from Cursed effect; suitable for rogues; backwear) Inventory: Potion x2, Grand Potion, Health Core, Remedy x2, Mead, Smoke Bomb Leofwein Twynam (Capt.JohnPaul) 18 Year Old Human Barbarian Level 4 Power: 10 (4+5+1) Defense: 1 Health: 12/12 (8+3+1) Gold: 98 Equipment: War Axe (WP:5), Mr. Snuggles (Accessory, +1 HP, +1 Power, +1 SP, cannot be imbued with scrolls, suitable for barbarians) Inventory: War Axe (WP:3), Remedy, Mead x2, Venom x2