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  1. PeteM

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    I assume that, if the set is designed to be paired up, there would need to be either extra instructions (and bricks?) for an extra unpowered bogie on the trailing unit, or to make the train motor run backwards (therefore needing two battery boxes and associated batteries as well as a polarity switch?)?
  2. PeteM

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Now the track pack is changing to include a little bit of everything, including track with trains won’t be as vital, helping to keep set prices down and hopefully increase the range. I imagine that the City sets will always include it for ‘out of the box’ playability, but those in other themes won’t need to...
  3. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    I wonder if we’ll start to see more trains like this, as the new track pack is curves and straights together (with a bit of flexi thrown in). Currently the only way to get curves is in the ‘points’ set and in the full train sets. Now they can do trains in ‘other’ themes a lot cheaper, with the option to buy the track as an add on.....
  4. Looks great - I bought two sets (when TRU were selling them off at the end of the run) with a similar goal in mind. One was built into the Silver Mine set then broken down and the parts bagged, while the other is still sealed awaiting a day when I have time, space and personal time to start it. One day...
  5. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    I imagine it will just be a price ‘correction’ (increase) and packaging refresh, alignment with 5-digit numbering system for ease of cataloguing etc....
  6. PeteM

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Agreed :) Are tracks available individually through Bricks and Pieces? I assume that wouldn’t necessarily be better or cheaper than buying 7499, though I would at least not have so much flexi track hanging about... Did I read somewhere that they were rejigging the packs to go back to the ‘straights and curves’ assortment?
  7. PeteM

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Have I missed something? A disagreement regarding the terms of LugBulk and people are leaving the forum? No idea how that ties into any ‘national conflict’ thing, have entire posts been removed? Anyway, the only way I’ve been able to get cheaper track is to hold out for deals on the existing packs (though that does mean I have more flexi track than I’ll ever need) or getting lucky on eBay. Both require patience and the latter is endlessly frustrating but I’m in no rush... :)
  8. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    The City trains in 2010 and 2014 were released at the beginning of June in the UK according to Brickset (other countries varied). I have fingers crossed for them keeping to the pattern... :)
  9. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    Of course, ‘back in the day’ that’s exactly what they had - push along sets, with (7710) or without (7820) rolling stock, and which could be easily upgraded to be powered. In fact, that’s basically what the Winter Village train is (though the integration isn’t so seemless with multiple bulky PF components). This is how I got into it all - pushing around 7710 from age 4, got 7720 (4.5v) at six, then motorised my original set to 12v at 8. Loved trains ever since! I assume that Lego have done the market research that says this is not a product line worth pursuing, but it is a shame there are no ‘starter sets’ to help grow train fans from a younger age.
  10. PeteM

    UK Sales

    No - it seems like if it was one of the stores that they announced was closing last year then all the Lego was shipped elsewhere before any sale started. If it’s one of the others, discounts are no better than 10% at the moment.
  11. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    They haven’t even been in a set for nine years now, I hope they’re not being phased out...
  12. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    I believe it’s more likely a reference to the rumoured Ford Anglia to be included with the rumoured Womping Willow set... None of which is even slightly confirmed and I’m only going by chatter on Lego forums so would be very happy to be wrong! EDIT: just as icemorons says above (I forgot to read all the messages before posting!)
  13. 1. For a child I wouldn’t bother to sort too much - it’s only adults that need to classify and divide their collections :) Let him tip it all out on the floor and rummage through :) 2. Most common pieces are, though you won’t find older, specialised or out of production parts (the old train window for example) 3. Yes it’s cheaper used, though a higher chance of missing pieces, dirty bricks or non-Lego elements. Definitely wait for discounts on sets from the usual places - some stores do regular events like 3 for 2 that Amazon then match, have a good bargain watch page... Also, if you just want bricks or models, search eBay for ‘Lego “no Minifigures”’ as you can get some good deals from people who are just after the figures, especially licensed sets. 4. Personally I love the Creator 3 in 1 builds - good variety, good brick selection, and a good jumping off point for the imagination. 5. Not yet - I’ve got a three year old and a four week old, so I’m just at the beginning of this from a POFOL (Parent Of Fan Of Lego) perspective :)
  14. That explains why I could never find it over here!! I must have driven my parents mad with trying to track it down as it was prominently featured in all the advertising layouts on the back of instructions, as well as in 7777... I like it, it’s quirky and I like the red/yellow colour scheme. The worst to my mind is 7755 which is neither exciting to build nor to look at.
  15. This is really annoying (and unhelpful) as I know I did have one - aged 9 I wrote to Lego to express my frustration at the discontinuation of the 12v line and how the new system was a backwards step in functionality and wouldn’t be compatible with all my current sets. They replied with a nice letter thanking me for my interest, stating that spares would still be available for a time, and including the special Service leaflet and a copy of 7777. I can find 7777 and I know I’ve seen the letter recently, but I think my parents must have had the Service leaflet so they could order items to cover the next few birthdays and Christmases. I’ll keep looking in case it’s misfiled, but it’s annoying that it’s not where it should be...