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  1. That explains why I could never find it over here!! I must have driven my parents mad with trying to track it down as it was prominently featured in all the advertising layouts on the back of instructions, as well as in 7777... I like it, it’s quirky and I like the red/yellow colour scheme. The worst to my mind is 7755 which is neither exciting to build nor to look at.
  2. This is really annoying (and unhelpful) as I know I did have one - aged 9 I wrote to Lego to express my frustration at the discontinuation of the 12v line and how the new system was a backwards step in functionality and wouldn’t be compatible with all my current sets. They replied with a nice letter thanking me for my interest, stating that spares would still be available for a time, and including the special Service leaflet and a copy of 7777. I can find 7777 and I know I’ve seen the letter recently, but I think my parents must have had the Service leaflet so they could order items to cover the next few birthdays and Christmases. I’ll keep looking in case it’s misfiled, but it’s annoying that it’s not where it should be...
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    Not sure, but the cargo train box art only shows one set of points and a buffer stop - the latter would indicate a’ spur’ rather than passing loop and, as such, only one sets of points included. However, it’s possible this was provisional art or may not be showing everything, so all the above is supposition :)
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    Looks like we might need to wait a bit longer for official photos or reports for sets in the summer wave (inc the trains I assume):
  5. Your dream Lego theme

    More trains are always welcome - bring back a full range as it’s own sub theme again, with track packs, stand-alone infrastructure (beyond stations), rolling stock... Definitely only a dream... I’m sure it’s been suggested, but I’d love a Doctor Who theme, though it seems that ship has sailed. Probably just a ‘one and done’ but it could be great (albeit probably too niche). Proper Victorian Steampunk - they dabbled in it with elements in Monster Fighter and Ninjago sets, but a full-on range of air, land and sea vehicles would be great!
  6. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I am just beginning down this road and think I’m going mad - it seems it doesn’t get better :( I have all my bulk bricks sorted but I’m trying to break down and part out some of my existing sets and it’s taking ages to even do small ones!!
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    I wasn’t too pleased with the introduction of 9v! If it’s an easy (albeit expensive) way to get longer trains as well as maintaining the playability for the target demographic, then I don’t mind it. Obviously the best solution would be standalone wagons but I don’t think we’ll see those in the near future due to reported historic low sales for these previously.
  8. 2018 Creator Sets

    I’m being v optimistic but maybe that’s why the excellent Tram didn’t get through the last Lego Ideas review...
  9. 2018 Lego Trains

    That’s assuming that there still is a Toys R Us in 2019! ;) But I’m certainly hoping that the pattern of having an ‘exclusive’ train set released a year after the main ‘wave’ continues... Seconded - a great mock-up :) And I agree about the two coach setup, though a lot of people complained about this approach with the Horizon Express as they felt they had to buy two to get a ‘complete’ train...
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    This is a screenshot of the passenger train from a video I saw on Facebook - mods feel free to remove if it's too naughty.... Edit - that picture isn't cropped off, that is the full length of the power car!
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    The colour scheme in the image of the passenger train I've seen recalls the original livery of the British Rail Intercity 125 - though the actual model is much truncated from real thing and shaped more like the original test version from the early/mid 70s...
  12. As much as I love the era, I agree - I don't think we'll ever see any of the 1980s trains rereleased (or 90s, frankly!). Even a 'revisit' using the original models as inspiration but utilising modern pieces and techniques wouldn't shift more than a handful of units, especially compared to the sales volume of the new City sets. Second to sales volume, the next biggest hurdle is that the old train window mould appears to have been retired so any remake would probably have a new style window frame. Once they start making substitutions like that, the exercise becomes less valid. But it's still nice to dream... :)
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    It's over 100€ more than the most expensive City set from 2017 - trains are usually the only thing in that price bracket for the theme so I can't imagine what else it would be... This hobby definitely doesn't get any cheaper!!
  14. 2018 Lego Trains

    Ah well, I don't count the Winter Train set - that was part of the Winter Village line, not the standalone Creator Expert series of the previous three. I like it well enough, but if it was supposed to be to the standards of the latter I'd be massively disappointed... There's no particular logic in my 'one of each' theory, except the need to see patterns in the mysterious decisions Lego make (why would they stop making such great trains on the two year pattern after 2013?). As a result, I don't expect anything this year or next (except the City sets) - but I am really hoping!
  15. Agreed ;) An updated 7740 has been mentioned a few times... - the problem with the smaller engines (the small steam trains, 7735, and the superlative 7760) would be getting all PF gubbins in such a small space... Emerald Night seems the most likely, hopefully with some tweaks to the design and colour for the engine, but bringing back the train window frame used in the carriage (and preferably in tan!)