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  1. PeteM

    Are Minifigures Overrated?

    Obviously any answer is going to be entirely subjective based on the poster’s personal predilection and no minds are going to be changed in this discussion :) Having said that, I find nothing more frustrating than reading a user ‘review’ on Brickset (or anywhere) that spends 4/5th of the text going into minute detail on every aspect of the minifigures, then quickly mentions right at the end that there was some Lego included and the build ‘was great’. There are YouTube reviewers with a similar, and equally irritating approach - people for whom the minifigures included are the be all and end all of a set, and it’s simply not a viewpoint I have any particular understanding of. I get the occasional CMF for myself or my daughter based on what appeals (and certainly don’t collect whole runs of them), and generally appreciate the minifigures in the sets I buy, but I can’t think of a single set I have bought where the minifigure(s) feature in my decision to purchase at any point. I think the only time I feel like I ‘missed’ a minifigure is in 7725 (see my review linked in my signature) - a set that calls itself a ‘passenger train’ but doesn’t actually include any passengers!! The best thing about it all is the abundance of cheap Lego sets available on eBay - I bought two (minifigless) Spiderman bridge battles for around half the cost of just one!
  2. PeteM

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Interesting (though I wasn’t that keen on the Monster Fighters train) - and doubt that PUP will be included at that price. There are pictures of some of the other sets around, but frustratingly not one for the train!
  3. PeteM

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Regarding extra rolling stock - I imagine it’s more an issue of production capacity than anything else. Lego could have made available the two bags of parts needed for the middle carriage for 60051 as, say, an online exclusive (advertised in the instructions for the main set) without extraneous packaging etc and I imagine it would do moderately well. Or They could use the factory production capacity this would take for another City set, which would sell in far greater quantities in multiple retailers and have a far greater return. Regarding sales - I’m not sure that the recent Roller Coaster Set will sell in massive quantities, probably less than the EN did, but expectations seem to be higher for trains for some reason... Not every set needs to be a blockbuster to justify its existence, but having ‘done’ trains now (one steam, one diesel, one electric) sales aren’t the only factor - I would think that novelty and innovation in the product line is just as important to the bods at Lego HQ...
  4. Yes - really annoying! I started with 7710 then ‘upgraded’ via 7865 as shown in the catalogues of the time, but would much have preferred a red one to match the bricks and wheels I had just taken off. And availability (and affordability!) on the current secondary market would be much better...
  5. PeteM

    MISB 375 LEGO Castle

    As this is one of THE classic Lego sets I think it would be ‘worth it’ - though there’s no recent data on 375 (itself an indication of rarity), there is a sealed copy of the later 1981 release (6075) currently up for £3,500 which might help you (if you compare the value of copies of the two versions, noting this is ‘the original’). As with all these things, you can price it at any figure you want, actually selling it is something completely different!
  6. PeteM

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    And still the best ;)
  7. PeteM

    Name of the fictional Lego train company?

    The 12v sets had a complete set of stickers for most European railway companies so you could brand your train with which ever you wanted (though promo photos usually had the German DB set on because, as you say, they were the biggest market at the time). I always assumed that the circle with arrows was the organising company (like the roundel symbol Transport for London use across all modes of transport) and LRTS was the specific system (something like Lego Rail Transport Service) - but I like @Roadmonkeytjs better even though it contradicts what I’ve just said :)
  8. PeteM

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    I assume that, if the set is designed to be paired up, there would need to be either extra instructions (and bricks?) for an extra unpowered bogie on the trailing unit, or to make the train motor run backwards (therefore needing two battery boxes and associated batteries as well as a polarity switch?)?
  9. PeteM

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Now the track pack is changing to include a little bit of everything, including track with trains won’t be as vital, helping to keep set prices down and hopefully increase the range. I imagine that the City sets will always include it for ‘out of the box’ playability, but those in other themes won’t need to...
  10. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    I wonder if we’ll start to see more trains like this, as the new track pack is curves and straights together (with a bit of flexi thrown in). Currently the only way to get curves is in the ‘points’ set and in the full train sets. Now they can do trains in ‘other’ themes a lot cheaper, with the option to buy the track as an add on.....
  11. Looks great - I bought two sets (when TRU were selling them off at the end of the run) with a similar goal in mind. One was built into the Silver Mine set then broken down and the parts bagged, while the other is still sealed awaiting a day when I have time, space and personal time to start it. One day...
  12. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    I imagine it will just be a price ‘correction’ (increase) and packaging refresh, alignment with 5-digit numbering system for ease of cataloguing etc....
  13. PeteM

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Agreed :) Are tracks available individually through Bricks and Pieces? I assume that wouldn’t necessarily be better or cheaper than buying 7499, though I would at least not have so much flexi track hanging about... Did I read somewhere that they were rejigging the packs to go back to the ‘straights and curves’ assortment?
  14. PeteM

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    Have I missed something? A disagreement regarding the terms of LugBulk and people are leaving the forum? No idea how that ties into any ‘national conflict’ thing, have entire posts been removed? Anyway, the only way I’ve been able to get cheaper track is to hold out for deals on the existing packs (though that does mean I have more flexi track than I’ll ever need) or getting lucky on eBay. Both require patience and the latter is endlessly frustrating but I’m in no rush... :)
  15. PeteM

    2018 Lego Trains

    The City trains in 2010 and 2014 were released at the beginning of June in the UK according to Brickset (other countries varied). I have fingers crossed for them keeping to the pattern... :)