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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Ah well, I don't count the Winter Train set - that was part of the Winter Village line, not the standalone Creator Expert series of the previous three. I like it well enough, but if it was supposed to be to the standards of the latter I'd be massively disappointed... There's no particular logic in my 'one of each' theory, except the need to see patterns in the mysterious decisions Lego make (why would they stop making such great trains on the two year pattern after 2013?). As a result, I don't expect anything this year or next (except the City sets) - but I am really hoping!
  2. Agreed ;) An updated 7740 has been mentioned a few times... - the problem with the smaller engines (the small steam trains, 7735, and the superlative 7760) would be getting all PF gubbins in such a small space... Emerald Night seems the most likely, hopefully with some tweaks to the design and colour for the engine, but bringing back the train window frame used in the carriage (and preferably in tan!)
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    Yep, this seems the most realistic - I'm fairly sure that, having covered off the three major modes of traction (steam, diesel and electric), that Creator line is done for the time being. The only small hope I have is, if Lego are seriously looking at rereleasing retired sets that have a high aftermarket value and a Lepin version (like UCS MF and Taj Mahal), maybe Emerald Night will feature in their plans?
  4. [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    Congratulations! Can't wait to read the review :)
  5. [REVIEW OFFER] The LEGO Trains Book

    I'd be interested, though I am 'overseas'...
  6. Using the Motor of 60051 inside 7745

    I did the same with 7740 and I can confirm that it was really difficult to get the end of the PF lead from the motor through the 1x2 hole in the base, and then almost impossible to get back the other way again! I second the suggestion above of using a plate built base if possible as the ones from 60051 are four studs shorter than those in 7745.
  7. And explains why I could never find it in shops as a child, despite it featuring in the amazing layout photos that graced the back of the instructions for other 12v sets (and of course 7777 Ideas Book)....
  8. I'd welcome any information that anyone can find - and many thanks to those who have provided interesting links and pictures! This was 'my' era and I just took it all for granted at the time. Then they announced that they were going to release a new system but promo material seemed to indicate it would still be compatible - which it was in terms of gauge and literally nothing else! And what an upgrade - all automation removed, more limited multi-train options and launching with an ugly grey train! I've softened on the appeal of the 'Euro Express' since, but still see the 9v system as a whole a step backwards.... :( On the positive side, my parents were able to pick up lots of track etc at sale prices when shops began to clear their stock in the early 90s.... :)
  9. Building 7777

    Wow - excellent work!! I spent probably longer than was healthy pouring over the pictures in 7777 as a child, these models are great! I always wanted to try and recreate them but I never had enough of the right elements at the time, especially Technic which seemed to be a core component of the more interesting ones...
  10. New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    Thanks so much for the heads up - ordered!
  11. 10259 Winter Village Station

    Winter Village sets always disappear from UK Lego site after New Year, and then that one comes back when the new model is released. I do wonder if the train might have a longer life to accompany the station next year as well...
  12. Exactly what I was going to say! 'Classics' are sets from my childhood. Those not part of my childhood (Western for example) are not classics. Some of my classics may overlap with yours, some won't. When people with the same frame of reference talk, then the term becomes meaningful for them, but you'll never get consensus on the definition :)
  13. Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    Nice one @terryfay1983 - this was my tribute :)
  14. 2017 Lego Trains

    My only real hope for trains outside of the City theme are 1) the Lego Ideas Tram currently in review, or 2) maybe a large Creator set of The Rocket, similar in scale to the VW Van/Car/Mini/London bus sets, or the Sopwith Camel. The latter s a long shot based on nothing at all, but it's a lovely idea!!
  15. What is happening to lego trains?

    Sadly probably true, but as TLG aren't adverse to the occasional remake I have my fingers crossed for an 'improved' Emerald Night . . . one day . . . FWIW I recently reviewed 7938 on Brickset and noted that the brick built nose was a good part of its appeal for me :) Far preferably to the single nose piece on the high speed sets, though they are the only way to realistically achieve that 'look'