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  1. PeteM

    Getting started with 12 volt trains

    I'm enjoying your series on YouTube - I feel that 12v is almost a forgotten era, despite being the best (IMO!), it's nice to see it getting a bit of attention :)
  2. PeteM

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Also, certainly with 12v, there was the feeling of ‘graduating’ through sets - push along for the youngest, followed by 4.5v when a bit more action is needed, and then full remote functionality with 12v, by which time you’ve collected a good amount of trackside structures and rolling stock… I’m in no way expecting a return to those days, but can’t help but miss them…. :) On topic - I’m not particularly interested in any of this new set of releases at the moment, but will certainly give them a go if a decent discount become available (which is how I ended up with four 60051s!)…
  3. PeteM

    Lego 12v Layout #4

    Love it - not had the space or time to set up my 12v for a few years, so am living vicariously through your videos! :)
  4. PeteM

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Looks like the current track packs have had their price ‘corrected’ upwards in the UK to £17.99 each (from £15.99).
  5. PeteM

    UK Sales

    Thanks for the heads up on those!
  6. PeteM

    Lego train 80's layout with all 12V trains

    Just amazing - and the backgrounds really add to that full on classic 12v feel :) I’m in awe of the setup and your commitment to doing it ‘right’ with the sheer amount of wiring involved!! I’ve been following your prep videos on YouTube and it’s been great to see it all come together :)
  7. Just amazing - wow! Such a great model - fits in with the ‘grey era’ aesthetic while still being impressive in size and construction! And amen to that!! :)
  8. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    So I’ve seen Jang’s video and was expecting the worst, but . . . I’m not really getting the derailing issue. I’m using Lego plastic track in a rough loop with some points, placed on the floor (as I don’t have a layout) and, even with some random curves thrown in, it’s not happening. It will if I try to take it full tilt through thrown points, but then so will most of my other trains... Is this a 9v track issue only (I don’t have any to test and haven’t had time to set up a 12v loop) or am I testing it wrong?
  9. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yes, assumed it was something to do with British Summer Time :) Just the one train for me, and sadly I missed out in the promo - but there is no way I could stay up till midnight and they would have been gone by the morning so I’m happy. Had shipping notification so will hopefully be here in a couple of days :)
  10. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    It seemed to be available before midnight on the UK store so I managed to get one at just gone 11 last night (and was a limit of 2 when I saw the page)... After an initial ‘hang’ the site behaved, and I even managed to use points and a gift card easily :)
  11. PeteM

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    You could always go full crazy and start getting into 12v! ;)
  12. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I suppose its the nature of the market they’re aiming at here that they assume everyone who buys it will have a smart device to control it with, unlike the City trains which also have the controller.... I love this one - a good rendition of one of the more quirky locomotives out there, and different enough from the previous trains that it offers something new. Just need to research some carriages for it now... On the continuation of the ‘train line‘ - I would love to see Rocket and an A4 too, though I imagine any train for next year would need to be in advance design stage by now. Even the last line of ‘Expert’ trains were spaced two years apart. Though I’m crossing my fingers that this is the start of a new set of releases, the interviews didn’t give me the feeling that this was anything but an experiment within the wider ‘adult targeted’ line rather than it being about producing a series of new trains specifically. I think the problem Lego have is that, while trains sell ok, they have a limit on their production facilities. It makes more sense to devote as much of that production capacity to sets that are produced in greater volumes and for more profit - City, Harry Potter, Star Wars etc - rather than keep producing sets that have more limited reach. Obviously there are slots for these kind of things, but I wonder if they will try a range of diverse adult sets in there. Anyway, still excited for this release, might even try to pre-order when the option comes up... :)
  13. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    The new Haunted House was announced on the 13th May prior to sale on the 1st June, so here’s hoping for a similar timeframe here and an official announcement will come in the next few days :)
  14. PeteM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    If the rumoured release is July I wonder how soon we might see an official announcement (with more detailed information!)? Will they take it up to the wire (so another month :( ) or did the leak come out because an announcement is imminent...? Fingers crossed for the latter :)
  15. PeteM

    7740 power functions

    It is incredibly tight but can be done (with a lot of force). I would not recommend it if you are planning to ever return it to its original state as getting it back out is even more difficult.