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    4,5 V hogwarts express

    Hello, I'm trying to build a 4,5 V hogwarts express, mostly out of lego 4708. I'm adding a photo of a first prototype (0-4-0). At this time I'm working on a 0-4-2 hogwarts express steam engine (also 4,5 V). Does anyone know a way to connect rods on the driving wheels (other than part x564)? I'm using motor type C (4,5 V): it's possible to make use of the extra hole in the motor to have some rod's moving around but it's not really a sight because they are too far away from the driving wheels. I'm also struggling to give the 4,5 V battery wagon a realistic look. All tips are welcome. I'll post photo's of the newer version soon.
  2. This is for the ninja-theme: a section of a japanese garden with tree and lantern. Minifig: geisha. 9v lights are still useful.