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  1. pelle

    REVIEW: 75955: Hogwarts Express

    Thank you for the review. It sure looks like a nice affordable playset. The minifigs are great. I only miss the typical generic train parts: train windows and train buffers with magnets. The train wheels however are included. So that's a big extra. It's the other way around compared to the first Hogwarts Express (4708): that set had the train windows and the train buffers with magnets but no train wheels. I noticed the simple wagon connection method in this new set. Does this method works well with motorised trains on rails? I can't recall a motorised lego train set that uses this method.
  2. pelle

    (MOC) Odense Kommandopost (Signal Box)

    Thumbs up for the use of the classic inverted 2x4x2 inverted transclear windscreens. Moduverse is new for me. Other details that caught my eye: the power points on the side, the white technical box on the outside, the green slope: great effect with a small amount of bricks.
  3. pelle

    Which one looks best ?

    Hello AE Bricks, I choose the left one but I would try to have the horizontal gray line of the right one in it. The gray horizontal line of the left one now jumps up with 1/3 brick. Great enigines! I also like your signature a lot. The two enigines behind each other look great. In your signature the "left on" also has one "unbroken" gray horizontal line.
  4. pelle

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    Fascinating! I love the massive look of it (very dwarfish). You also captured the Warhammer universe (as in the Warhammer books). The welding mask is indeed a great idea. Around New Year I asked myself if it would be possible to play Warhammer with lego figures. While surfing the web I think I saw earlier work of you. But like you write: Warhammer is not that popular in the lego community. Warhammer 40K moc's can be found, but Warhammer fantasy moc's are much rarer. Do you also play Warhammer Age of Sigmar while using lego? I don't play Warhammer but while surfing the web I read about the rules of Age of Sigmar and the warscrolls and so on. All this Warhammer info is free now so it seems possible to do so. Of course there is Brikwars! as a pure lego tabletop game.
  5. pelle

    Small track loop?

    The last few weeks I have been searching examples of inglenook puzzle layouts. Do I understand it right that it's possible to install it on 3 times 4 baseplates (32x32)? I'm using blue era rails (4,5 V). I tried tot make what you wrote on BlueBrick but it didn't work. I have to make the sidings inside the loop and that seems not possible. Am I missing something?
  6. Overall this collection seems above average (indeed lots of new parts). But I'm disappointed by the "unsharp" logo on the gryffindor torsos. Also the grey Hogwarts' sweaters do not longer have a logo which I find a little sad (although it is more realistic). This is somehow compensated by the fact that one can collect the grey sweaters with accents (tie and colors around belly) from all four houses of Hogwarts now for the first time (through this series and the 2018 Harry Potter sets). Always looking forward to these reviews (ever since reading the review of series 1)!
  7. Very clean looking town. And well organized with the disco outside the townplan . I'm new to the train forum and I especially notice that you are not using MILS for the landscaping but regular baseplates and road baseplates. It's the first time that I see the leaves used so widely as bushes. It works for me and I'm going to remember this. The station looks great. The dome on the church also looks great. Do you have a detail photo of that?
  8. pelle

    ballast blue rail tracks curve

    Thanks for your reply. I will check the instructions in the link. I added my photos to show my way to fix blue rails to baseplates. If you apply the first layer of plates as shown in one of the pictures then it is possible to fix the rails with regular 2x8 plates (as shown on the other photo). I wanted to share this so other starting enthusiasts can see that you don't need that much bricks to fix the early blue rails. With only 25 plates (two 4x10 plates included) you can fix half of a 180° curve. My question is if anyone knows examples of small train layouts.
  9. After a first post some weeks ago I introduced myself just some minutes ago under the right topic. I forgot about that the first time. I'm new to lego train and started to build the smallest of all possible layouts: a circle. I want to do this for a 4,5 V train and make a layout around it. Has anyone ever done such a small layout? I have been reading this forum but didn't find any examples of small layouts. First thing I have to do is make the ballast for the blue tracks, primarily because I want to fix the rails to the baseplates. I didn't find an example of this for curved blue tracks. Maybe this can help someone later: I'm adding 2 pictures showing the ballastplates that fix the old 4,5 V curves to the baseplate. The ballast has to be finished with tiles and other plates now of course. Not spectacular, but I wanted to share it next to my forementioned question.
  10. pelle


    Hello to you all. I have been reading a lot on the train tech forum for the last few weeks. As an afol I'm following the mainpage of eurobricks for many years now. Just to know what's going on in the vast lego community. As a child my interests were castle and space. I came out of my dark ages the day I opened my lego boxes after moving out of my parental house (some 15 years ago now). I was wondering if they were still complete. In that way I rolled into ebay and bricklink and so on. Through the years I collected quite some lego, primarily castle theme. With my kids we bought also new lego sets. By doing so I picked up some 4,5 V lego motors and battery boxes (no sets), two 9 V sets (one complete 4559 and one incomplete 4560 ; not the most wanted but ok), a hogwarts express and the Toy Story train. After buying lego for years now and storing it set by set, my children and I decided some months ago to bring all our lego together and start building. We are still organizing it but also started building now. Train is the first thing we are going to do. And our choice fell on the 4,5 V system. From this system we have enough blue rails. So probably I"ll be posting the next months about 4,5 V (blue era) trains. I hope that there are still some builders out there who are interested in 4,5 V trains and can give some useful tips. Our first goal is the simplest of all layouts: 3x3 baseplates (32 studs) with blue rails on ballast (one circle). You'll get the theme immediately when seeing my posts. We hope we can finish it! I want to end by thanking everyone who is sharing their experience here: it's very instructive. (We also have lego train 7938 ; always forgetting that one.)
  11. pelle

    4,5 V hogwarts express

    Thank you for the reply. I only have 2 black battery wagons. I removed the original stickers (so I can use them later when wanted). I'm looking for a way tot "rebuild" the battery wagons to something that seems as a "real" wagon. I never saw pictures of something like that. If you have any ideas for the rods on the driving wheels: please let me know. Part x564 is
  12. pelle

    4,5 V hogwarts express

    Hello, I'm trying to build a 4,5 V hogwarts express, mostly out of lego 4708. I'm adding a photo of a first prototype (0-4-0). At this time I'm working on a 0-4-2 hogwarts express steam engine (also 4,5 V). Does anyone know a way to connect rods on the driving wheels (other than part x564)? I'm using motor type C (4,5 V): it's possible to make use of the extra hole in the motor to have some rod's moving around but it's not really a sight because they are too far away from the driving wheels. I'm also struggling to give the 4,5 V battery wagon a realistic look. All tips are welcome. I'll post photo's of the newer version soon.
  13. This is for the ninja-theme: a section of a japanese garden with tree and lantern. Minifig: geisha. 9v lights are still useful.