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  1. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2023

    With 'high volume' I meant a huge number of sales, not that the set is physically huge. In the early days, I kept Lego and non-Lego strictly separated. Now I have all bricks in the same boxes, but non-Lego parts are still in separate bags so that they do not mix. I consider it a temporary solution, in the long term, everything will be mixed up. The more non-Lego sets I build, the more used I get to other parts and the less I care about the stud logo. :-)
  2. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2023

    Lego decided to do only high volume sets with big margins. It's more important for them to have maximum profit now than a sustainable business for many years. Customers move to other brands in droves, and they won't come back. Once the Lego collection is 'polluted' with third party bricks, there is really no reason to avoid other brands anymore.
  3. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2023

    There is no evidence Lego has any plans to offer more than a few train products for kids and an AFOL set every few years. For cost reasons, City trains will remain 6-wide, making them less and less interesting for AFOLs migrating to 8-wide like I did. I predict that Lego's role in the L-gauge market is negligible in a few years. Even this year, most of the rolling stock and track I purchased came from other brands. Being an L-gauge fan, it is time to move on. Not only where we buy bricks, but also where we discuss. Forums like Eurobricks are unable to change their rules and adopt to a new, more diverse era. What's the point in discussing the absence of Lego sets when the real things happen somewhere else?!
  4. Same for me. If it is not 6-8 wide, then I'll skip it. There are so many alternatives to spend my money that I don't care anymore if Lego screws it up.
  5. legotownlinz

    BrickLink designer program set not delivered

    I didn't ask for a refund, Lego did it on their own. As mentioned in the link above, if Lego was a German company, they would be obligated to deliver by law. And I wonder if this law is Germany-only or if it's the same in all EU countries.
  6. Hi folks, I've got a problem, two sets of the BrickLink designer program have not been delivered successfully because DPD did not leave a delivery notice on my door or the neighbors removed it. The sets went back to Lego and Lego refunded the money. However, I want Lego to deliver the sets again, but they refuse to do so. I didn't cancel the purchase. My question is, is Lego legally obligated to sent the sets again? On Google I foundändler-unzustellbarkeit.html, but it is German law. Are the laws in Denmark similar? Or do Austrian laws apply (where I live)?
  7. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The axles of the motor would be too close together. To get a wider spacing between the axles, they did not use the second motor axle but used the wheel set that is otherwise used for coaches. As this model is obviously a San Francisco cable car, a third axle would be wrong and might also prevent the model to run through curves.
  8. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Because the 9v motor has two fixed axles while the pu moter can be disassembled. On the picture you see that only one axle is used, the other axle is a coach wheelset.
  9. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I don't think so. They use only one axle and, correct me if I'm wrong, it is not possible to remove axles of a 9V motor.
  10. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I can't believe the Hogwarts Express is not compatible with train tracks. I felt so certain we get a new AFOL train set, now I'm deeply disappointed.
  11. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    No update on this thread for one month... :-/ Are there any new rumors regarding the Hogwarts Express? I'm curious if it will be 6-, 7- or 8-wide and if it is red or dark red.
  12. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    But while the number of 18+ sets has increased in recent years, the number of train sets hasn't.
  13. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Immediately liked it. Lights are included! Wow.
  14. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The engine and the wagons are fine on their own, but they do not fit together. There are too many different colors. It seems they used whatever color was available instead of producing missing parts. With a consistent color scheme, the very same train would be quite appealing. I doubt they chose the colors because kids prefer it this way but just to save money.