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  1. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I meant both the 10001 and the 4558, they are identical besides the slightly different grey color. I don't want to see a release as it was done with the 10001, but a new design that is only inspired by the 10001.
  2. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Lego tends to stick to proven concepts, thus a modern interpretation of the Amtrak Metroliner is overdue. I'd love to see it because the original one is still missing in my collection. The Crocodile is European, so it's possible the next set is based on an American train.
  3. legotownlinz

    My first Lego trains book

    Will there be an English version? Does it make sense to buy the Italian version if I don't speak Italian (few texts, mostly language-idenpendant instructions)?
  4. legotownlinz

    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    Can't see the images.
  5. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

    The city sets names of the second half year have leaked (see city forum), but unfortunately nothing train-related. There's still hope for a D2C set...
  6. legotownlinz

    TrixBrix introduces injection molded double straight track

    Injection molded curved tracks R56 are also available now from TrixBrix.
  7. legotownlinz

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Indeed! No chance, it would drive me mad knowing that the wheel is missing. Maybe I'm milling the Lego wheels to remove the flange, that should give the best look. Thanks for sharing all these details! Wow, that's a really expensive part.
  8. legotownlinz

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    I made tests today and must correct myself. The Lego wheel, although visually identical, are at least twice as good. And the old Lego wheels with metal axle are much better than the pastic-only wheels. I'm now using the metal axle wheels and now the coaches run quite well. Unfortunately I found no solution for the middle axle of the three-axle-bogies yet nor a solution to increase the speed. Are there good reference designs for three-axle-bogies? I guess many people with more talent already thought about it...
  9. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

    All companies offering Lego-compatible parts rip off Lego in some way. For example, all the third party track manufacturers copied the design of the Lego tracks, nevertheless they are welcome here. Copies of entire sets are a no-go and there are good reasons such sets are illegal in Europe and the US, but everything else should be allowed to be discussed.
  10. Thank you for the infos!
  11. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

  12. legotownlinz

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Don't complain and appreciate it's just tan and not pink.
  13. legotownlinz

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Take a look here. The train window frames are available in several colors, too.
  14. I'd like to add better axles to some of my coaches. BrickTracks and HABricks offer wheels, axles and technic bricks with ball bearings. I'm now wondering how they are meant to be used. There are no instructions on the product pages. Can I use them with the new Lego train wheel holders or do I have to build new bogies? The problem I see with the train wheel holder is that I cannot put the technic bricks with the ball bearings at a distance of two studs, so there will be some lateral movement of the wheels and fiction between the side of the wheels and the wheel holders.
  15. legotownlinz

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Very interesting. It explains why the quality of the bricks is on par with Lego's. If only they handled the bricks more carefully to avoid the scratches... Is Bluebrixx using Gobricks parts?