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    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm more excited for the beehive than I have been for any other new piece in quite some time. I really hope it stays around for a long time, and isn't retired once this theme leaves the shelves. I really hope it snugly fits over a minifig head, or a 1x1 round brick.
  2. Sid Sidious

    Review: 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone

    While I own 0 Batmans, the constant talk of how common they are now and every time a new wave of DC sets comes out has rubbed off on me and makes me sick of that minifigure. The drone is really cool though, I'll look for it.
  3. Sid Sidious

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    One variation has tubes on the bottom, while the other doesn't. Did you look at both? 8 of the tubeless ones appear in one of the games from 8 years ago.
  4. Sid Sidious

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The two light blay slopes are slope, curved 2x4x2/3 and were available in 2 sets. Based on the other Star Wars pieces in the picture, yours are probably from 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle.
  5. Sid Sidious

    Your Lost Lego

    I "lost" the disk that came with one of the Bionicle sets from 2004 or 2005. It seems a little suspicious that one of my friends at the time told me it was missing before I'd realized it myself...
  6. Sid Sidious

    [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    The "Prevent Yellowing" sign on the dentist's office is one of my favorite Lego graphics. These little in jokes are some of my favorite parts about larger sets.
  7. Sid Sidious

    Lego components made in Austria

    Well it should be pretty obvious why not North Korea... Why Austria specifically probably boils down to money. Austria probably offered the best combination of tax breaks, cheap labor, proximity to main Billund factory, proximity to ray materials, proximity to skilled labor needed to run factory, etc.
  8. Sid Sidious


    But where are the kitties? I like this. The horn and knife are really good for the belts, and the palisade bricks really word for abs.
  9. Sid Sidious

    Does LEGO get you down on your knees?

    I've had to get on my knees to pay for some of my habits, but not Lego. Yet...
  10. Sid Sidious

    New Legoland coming in Upstate New York?

    I don't know by whose standards Orange County is upstate, but okay...
  11. Sid Sidious

    Does LEGO actually destroy their molds or not?

    Molds are big and space is expensive. The book Lego: A Love Story has a conversation in which a Lego executive mentions old molds are destroyed. I think anothergol meant that each part is a file, which Lego wouldn't delete even if they did destroy the physical molds. Also, Lego (and most companies with large production volumes) don't 3D print the final product. They only use that to make prototypes.
  12. Sid Sidious

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    That's the article I remembered reading. I just didn't remember its results, but it's good to know they're the same.
  13. Sid Sidious

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    This past weekend, I had the chance to see Book of Mormon on Broadway (great show, leave the kids at home), and had a few hours of free time. I headed to the Rockefeller Lego store, and it had the sand green pieces that have been making waves here. I noticed a few things: -It seemed like I was the only AFOL there. There were tons of people at the PaB wall, but most were either children or parents, and they were either filling the BaM packets as they were intended, or filling cups loosely with random pieces. -The Statue of Liberty replaced the jet BaM model (a tragic blow, I'm sure). -As well as Statue of Liberty and butterfly parts, notable parts included clear cheese slopes, 2x2x2 slopes in reddish brown, 1x2/1x2 inverted brackets in green, and lime cylinders. I quickly packed 2 small cups, and then spent more time on the large one. I couldn't remember which type was a better deal, so I hedged my bets by getting roughly equal volume of each.
  14. One thing I haven't seen mentioned in this thread yet is the effect of a burst on the amount of AFOLs. How many of you have heard something along the lines of "I'd buy Legos as an adult, but they're just so expensive"? I know I definitely have. A lot of this sentiment is probably from currently available sets in retailers (not to open the "Is Lego more expensive now?" can of worms), but a lot of that probably also comes from those listicles you see all over the Internet that bring up how expensive the MF, modulars, etc., have gotten on the secondary market. If the bubble bursts and multi-thousand dollar/pound/euro sets become less prominent, the perceived barrier for entering the AFOL community will lower, so the community will grow.
  15. Sid Sidious

    REVIEW: 70327 The King's Mech

    Using a fellow soldier as a literal meat shield (I guess metal shield in this case) seems very Soviet. This set has a bunch of interesting pieces, but I doubt I'll ever use most of them. This set is a pass for me.
  16. Sid Sidious

    Lego Angels? Or shady TLG?

    Looks like the warehouse isn't that abandoned.
  17. Five friends and I (ages 20-21) will be in Florida at the end of March, and are trying to go to Legoland Florida. Are there any coupons valid for adults? I keep seeing offers for "Buy 1 adult ticket, get 1 child ticket free!", but all of us are too old for that to apply. One member of our group is active duty military, and all of us are college students, so we'd probably qualify for student or military discounts, if any exist.
  18. Sid Sidious

    Legoland Florida Coupons for Adults

    Thanks for letting me know. I wish there was a way to know the cost before showing up there, though.
  19. Sid Sidious

    IDEAS 21305 Maze

    I knew it would have that bushing! It seems weird that they would leave all the Technic parts exposed at the bottom though.
  20. Sid Sidious

    The Life of A Minifigure

    They evolve like Pokemon.
  21. Sid Sidious

    Bricks & Pieces

    Has anyone seen the library ghost from GB Firehouse? I couldn't find it, even listed as out of stock.
  22. In a lot of places, property taxes are determined by the square footage (meterage in some places?) of the house or the value of the property (which is then determined by the square footage of the house). So if an extra room for the Lego room was a consideration while buying a house or if you would be living in a smaller house instead of one with a Lego room and if the Lego room put you in a higher tax bracket (if your area does that for property taxes), you're paying hidden tax costs for the hobby. If your Lego room is just a converted bedroom/closet that you would have paid taxes on anyway, I wouldn't count it as a hidden cost.