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  1. "You could say that yeah. I've been a miner you see, one using more conventional means. So knowing the competition would be well interesting in case i ever return to that line of work." Maximilian intentionally left out the part about him having been a miner here on Corvanis. There was no telling whether their hosts considered all who had done any work whatsoever for the big city suits as enemies. "Well extra coin would certainly be nice but..." Maximilian leaned in so only his teammates could hear "We're already one agent shorter than we originally were meant to be, so i wonder if it is wise to push our luck and go after the heavier armed one. It'd be a bad look if we failed. Do we have the firepower to take it down?"
  2. "I have heard of the thing yes, never got the chance to see one though." Hearing his two comrades accept the task to prove their good intentions, Maximilian was inclined to agree. After all he could empathize with the Vurenians' struggle with the faraway suits of the city. Still, there was something unnerving about the Guard Captain hiding his face away in a mask. Could they really trust that she would uphold her part of the deal and not throw them out or worse? In the end Maximilian pushed these doubts away... for now. "We'll handle the drone for you ma'am."
  3. "Stretching our legs sounds rather good to me". Maximilian gave a nod to the guard and continued "Nice to meet you". Though the guard along with the whole settlement seemed a little suspicious, there was little they could do, but follow the man and do as he says. Not to mention how easily he could sympathize with their struggle, the suits in Saviour city truly seemed to care about little less than hydrocobalt and profit.
  4. Thanks for noticing on my behalf
  5. Maximilian steps down from the skiff and takes a knee breathing a sigh of relief. "That was close". Then he walks up to Soren giving him a friendly pat on the back. "I don't think good even begins to describe it. Considering the time we won back by going through that storm, i believe it'd be wiser if we stayed together and went to points C and D one at a time." Maximilian gave a faint smile "Yeah i suppose you are right. Your vines were a sight to behold aswell. I don't think i have ever seen a mage using powers akin to yours."
  6. "Good call, i believe i can set it up to protect one of the transponders instead of me." Maximilian said instantly beginning to remove the shield projector he had on him. The machine itself was carried on his back, and was relatively weighty. It in no way was bleeding edge technology, but despite it's rough appearance it did it's job. Originally it had been used by blast miners to protect against the rocks explosions threw at them. As he begun setting the projector on one of the transponders he shouted to the other two: "I have no knowledge about piloting these things, but dunes sure do sound better than sloped stone".
  7. "If you really believe that you can make it, i have no qualms about going through the storm" Maximilian said trying to measure whether Soren could live up to his words of easily steering through a storm. Then he gave up the attempt as pointless. After all, what did he know about piloting.
  8. The old Undead's story sent a shiver down Maximilian's spine. What kind of people would intentionally keep that kind of a memory alive? "My friend there is right, we'll get to the bottom of this."
  9. "Hmm, makes sense. Hopefully there won't be any complications." "Color me surprised if this turns out to be a prank. I just can't shake the feeling that this would be far too much work to be put into a prank. Let's still hope it is though. And i agree, we have enough details so lets head out."
  10. Let's put some effort on that then. What about the source of the signal, do we know anything about it, besides it coming from the wastelands?
  11. "So it would seem. And not to worry, i was merely joking. Might I ask what's your story? How'd you end up on such a ill-fated job?"
  12. "Indeed, though it's been a while. Still I suppose you could say i am biased against always finding a peaceful solution." Maximilian said with a small chuckle
  13. Until now Maximilian had stood there silently watching his two teammates converse, unsure if he should join in. "Well i suppose so. More pairs of eyes means more knowledge and like you said, perspectives. Lets us draw from that pool of skill when carrying out the mission. Though i don't think i share your optimism about always having a peaceful option available."
  14. "What kind of folk have you brought here on those previous landings?" Hearing Valesia's offer made Maximilian's mouth water, the ones she offered back in the Hall were some of the best he had ever eaten. "I'd quite like some as well" Nice to hear that Endgame, i'll probably throw some questions your way soon