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  1. I’m going to join WBD and Legonater in saying that this was a solid and fun quest! The beginning dragged a little yeah but like WBD said it wasn’t because of you so that’s entirely ok. I personally think that this quest was pretty much at the sweet spot between railroading and freedom. You moved us forwards and directed us, but we also had choices within those destinations. As for Invictus – I liked him. It was really nice moment when it was revealed that there actually isn’t any cult behind the transmissions, but the big guy himself. Though if you decide to go down that route, meeting some Invictus cultists would be interesting. Invictus himself was suitably dread inducing figure to be behind all those dark tales, but he also had a slightly more reasonable side that gave us some nice roleplaying opportunities (the argument before the boss fight) The combat scenarios were enjoyable and had nice variation, though like WBD said there could have been some more interactiveness with the environment. Of course, this is a new system and I have no real ideas how to achieve that, but it’s good to keep in mind that something extra could be nice. Glenn was a real highlight for me, as he wasn’t just a stand in for the MM, but an interesting character in his own right. His grief about what Invictus had done felt real and allowed some nice lines in the argument between him and Invictus. Especially when it seemed that Soren and Max could be more lenient towards the bot. Also, Endgame your builds were brilliant throughout the mission. @The Legonater Soren was a fun character to have along. His neutral “I’m just a mercenary on a job” attitude was enjoyable and contrasted nicely with what I had in mind for Max, even if that didn’t show too much. His siding with or at least understanding Invictus was also interesting twist when it made him clash with Valesias opinion. @Waterbrick Down It was nice having the one character Max had already interacted with with him in the mission. I like her as a character; the outwardly sweet chef to be, which is contrasted by her surprisingly deep hatred for artificial life. It’ll be interesting to see how she develops further. Also, I think Max owes Valesia one crystal from the HC-288 fight (Soren took a potion from that whereas Max was given both the crystals to carry) As for Maximilian himself I am glad you considered his first outing overall a success. I personally had some trouble adjusting to the actual roleplaying as most of my experience in RPGs such as this are from groups that just goof around and do fun combat encounters, but I really enjoyed the possibility of playing something deeper than that.
  2. Adding to Valesia Max spoke: "Yea Invictus spoke about another body right? If he turns up again give Heroica a call and we'll come running." After speaking Max simply nodded respectfully to the old undead and followed his comrades to the shuttle. His first mission had gone well all things considered. Especially when one took into account that they were one agent short the whole time. Then again he did lose his nerve for a bit when face to face with the warbot, but at least he had come to his senses in the end.
  3. "I'd quite like to get the Talon, having made too close of an acquaintance with it i feel like i've earned it"
  4. At first Max is happy with himself, having unleashed a devastating salvo on the warbot, but then he realizes that Invictus isn't stopping. He can only watch in horror as the Phantom of Nendara brutally wounds Soren. "Soren!... Valesia can you get to him? I have nothing left to help him with." Turning to Invictus Max shouts "Round two? How's this for a round two?" and begins firing repeatedly at the robot.
  5. Maximilian would have liked to not take risks like the one Soren was taking, but his hand was forced. Now they really had to hit their shots. Max moves to A5 and fires at Invictus
  6. Max struggled up, first rising to one knee and only then being able to stand up. His head was pounding, he could feel bruises all over his body from being kicked down and despite Invictus having retreated his chest still felt like it pressed on his lungs. "Y-yea i'll live." Max gathered his thoughts for a second as pain turned into resolve. "But i'm reserving those legs. I'll rip them out and take them home as trophies" Maximilian backs off to A3 and fires and Invictus
  7. Looking through the gifts nothing really catched Maximilian's interest... before his eyes settled on white porcelain. Nothing bad ever comes out of a teapot right? "I'd like the Teapot please."
  8. "Who said anything about this being a sport?" Max stays still and fires at Invictus
  9. Hearing Valesia Max looked up from his sights and saw Soren trying to circle invictus towards him. Maximilian moves to A4 and gives his plasma potion to Soren. "Here you go, drink up"
  10. A3 seems wiser to me. After all we both have short range weapons so keeping at least a little distance makes sense.
  11. Having to be at the recieving end of Invictus' weaponry was not a pleasant position to be in. Yet Max knew that they had to take down the antennas, no matter how risky it was. So he braced himself and stepped forwards towards the antenna, undiscouraged by the warbot's efforts. Max moves to C6 and fires again at antenna B
  12. "Will do, just make sure you hit those shots" Maximilian dashes to C6 and fires at Antenna B Moving so close to the dreaded warbot gave Max the creeps, but he trusted his shield to protect him just like it had back at the sunken sub.
  13. That may be, but we'll have to survive and take him down first And though i'm a couple of days late i too enjoyed that little interparty conflict, especially because we came together at the end of it anyways.