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  1. Glowboy


    Main Building Category: 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake by Danny_Boy4 Imperial Trading Outpost by aex383 Caribbean Brig by Stoertebricker 6260/6257 Pirates - Shipwreck Island/ Castaway's Raft Remake by _R_R_ Mini Building Category: Fortune Idol by Oky
  2. Oh the render is already finished, it is the attached above! I'll go ahead and add the render to my post. thank you again!
  3. ahh yeah, that makes sense! In that case, would I be able to squeeze in an important render? One big important thing i'd like to add is an "expanded roof" part of my build which I forgot to add to my original post* is crucial to show playability, and reasoning behind why I built it so closed in. It was originally designed this way, nothing was added at all. I would be grateful If I may do that, thank you!
  4. Glowboy

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    they only live on bricklink studio for now as half baked ideas, and dreams haha, but I do plan on making a small fleet one day!
  5. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] 6279 Skull Island Remake

    Thank you for your kind words and feedback! You read my mind, and my thought process of building this remake, you're right on the money! it is a bit shorter than the original set due to conforming with the shape of the stairs! There is alot of things i'd like to change in a future build of it, but adding height and structural integrity is big on my list. I actually had an opening roof top for the set designed out, but forgot to make a render! It's always one thing we forget sometimes It allows access into the building as a play feature, which was why I had a more enclosed design in mind. Thank you again for your feedback, I am unsure if I am able to update my design with the time over now, I think I learned alot from everyone's feedback and advice. thank you again! All good, I was under a bit of a time crunch as I learned of this contest about two weeks ago, so I had a lot of learning to do! I do appreciate yours and everyone's thoughts on my MOC, it goes on to make me a better builder! As for how the crane works, i'll leave it to the imagination to how it works!
  6. I hope this hasn't been asked yet, but are we able to update our entry after the deadline? I submitted a bit close to the wire, and if anything I'd like to fix up some spots of my entry! If not I totally understand, thank you again!
  7. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] 6279 Skull Island Remake

    Thank you! The size of the cave for the original Skull Island bothered me alot, and expanding the cave and clearance for it to comfortably fit the boat inside. I struggled alot with the crane, I had to make one that was small enough to fit the rough, but also simple enough to operate with the chain attachment to the barrel/boxes. I was actually inspired by the 75198 Tatooine battle pack and 75220 Sandcrawler, they're some of my favorite SW sets! It was inspired to include that into my build. Playing with it is actually pretty reliable and rigid enough to carry small pieces! Of course from the minifigure perspective it doesn't have enough aspects of it to really "move anything". I thought of it more of a play feature some can get more hands on with the crane with the aid of technic parts; I think it works well enough as a crane without string. As for the over all design it is a bit lacking, I agree a facelift for it is in order. As for the 3d rotation of the gif, I rendered it 3 times and haven't gotten it to center. I'm pretty new to bricklink studio, but I haven't been able to figure out how to make center it. I think it's things like the crane and imperial ship that juts off the side of the set enough where the render moves the center of the rotation off enough to be a bit jarring. If you know a way to fix the rotation, please let me know! Ohh, thank you so much for the suggestion on the crane! the 75520 sandcrawler inspired me for my design, my head-cannon (badump psss) is that the pirates would build something ramshackle, and call it a day As for play feature, it worked well enough on that set, buI like alot of aspects of the design very much! I am unsure how to deal with strings in BL studio, but a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the selection of torsos is strangely limited, and really bothers me too. I don't know why I can only find certain textures, the old one is the best I could get! Thank you again for all your help, and feedback!
  8. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] 6279 Skull Island Remake

    Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed write up, I really appreciate it! You can never have enough tricorn hats as they say! I wanted to be in keeping with the "original" minifigures, as two had tricorns as well. While I don't need to, I feel adding these guys bring everything full circle with the original set and the remake. The brick building for the captain's quarters is definitely lacking, I wanted so much to keep it in line to the original set and the island form factor, I sacrificed the overall look of the build. you and others have said the same, and I am definitely in the process of improving it! decorations and more visual flair would go a long way. As for the lanterns, i'm not sure why they turned out like that it may be the reflectiveness of the render The side wall with the hidden musket wall was my favorite part in this build! The hinge pieces with the leaves is my take on the 2417 leaf piece from the original set, i'm glad you like it! Like you said the design is so simple, but also does so much heavy lifting for that side. I am very proud of the skull head, I went through many many iterations of that skull so I am pleased it turned out well! I was a bit worried it looked a bity derpy, but compared to my other designs this is terrifying! I'm glad details like the stairs, and other "functional" aspects of the build shined through in the end, they were things I made up for this remake! The captain's office is sparsely filled, it has the desk design from the barracuda bay, and some scatter here and there. And you reminded me of one picture I forgot to add, and it's an important one! The entire roof comes off of the set, and reveals the inside of the office! I thought of play features that i'd really like, and this one was one I thought of right away. Once I remake the building, I will get a better render of this bit! As for the interior of the Skull Island, I wanted the building to lift off, but I thought about it and there really isn't much to do other than the chest, and musket area. I did make sure to make the opening of the cave wide enough where someone can realistically stick their fingers in there and add/remove elements as needed. Plus, with the skull attached with a simple pin connector, it can be taken off for even more room. But good suggestion though! A removable wall on the right side is something i'll consider as well. I think a bit differently for the roof, I feel Skull Island is more of a base of operations and storage depot for the pirates on the sea. A secret place to store plundered loot and supplies, as well as some dirty dealings under the table with corrupt officers and other pirates. This would be their own little "depot" to drop off loot and send off supplies to bigger boats via the rowboat. I do agree with adding some other things to the roof to liven up the place a bit, a mounted telescope is a good idea! Thank you again for your kind words and feedback, it's great to hear from others on what can be improved upon and what are good to stay. This is a great jumping off point on improving my build, hope to update this soon. Take care!
  9. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] 6279 Skull Island Remake

    Great! Thank you for the confirmation, glad to be a part of this contest! Thank you, and yes I definitely agree on the shape of the captain's office is a bit... lacking. I wanted to keep the form factor the shape of the island, as well as keeping with the look of the original set. I was thinking either masonry bricks, or doing the style of imperial buildings with the "exposed" brick 1x2 round plates. I'll play around and see how to improve it.
  10. My contest entry is a remake of the 6279 Skull Island in the style of Barracuda Bay, and El Dorado Fortress. This set has 652 parts, and 8 minifigures, compared to the original set’s 350 parts and 6 minifigures. The main focal point of the “Skull” Island is the skull itself, I had many iterations until I settled on the current design. I wanted to keep it simple, to update the design as well as keeping it close to the original as well. It can also turn, allowing row boats entry into the island. I wanted more of the “mountainous” aspect of the island so I brick built them rather than using big ugly rock pieces like the original. I also added an extra beach along the right side of the build and another palm tree, as I felt the original felt a bit empty. Inspired by the original set, I have re-imagined the side wall of the island where two muskets can be found hidden among some palm leaves and vines! I really liked this play feature in the original, and it is my favorite part of the build! Opposite of the muskets, sits the treasure for safe keeping. Along the dock are various boxes and supplies for the pirates, as well as cannons This time around, they are built on modern turntables, keeping to similar to the original. I feel it makes the island more imposing. I added an extra cannon to the top of the pier, as I wanted to add more firepower! I added stairs in this remake, as I always wondered how they brought supplies up and down from the top of the balcony by ladder? A crane and chain bring up the heaviest of boxes to the top with ease! I also added a more enclosed captain’s quarter with a door. In the shallows of the island are two rowboats, one pirate crewman bringing in the latest plunder back to the island, as well as the Imperial Guard. The roof of the captain's quarters can be removed as a play feature, and can allow access inside. The original Skull Island did not have this feature, instead had large arches for ease of access, but for my remake I wanted to be able to have a more realistic style building, without sacrificing upon playability and looks. I have designed the railings where it matches perfectly with the stairs!* I recreated the original pirate minifigures to more updated styles, as well as one I designed. I also added an extra imperial guard to the entourage, as I feel the officer would want some extra muscle. I’ve never really made an MOC like this before, so I am very pleased with how it turned out! I was so inspired by so many other contest entries, it made me want to throw my hat into the ring too! Please let me know what you think, i’m still pretty new, so let me know anything I can improve or fix. Thank you!
  11. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] Cross Bone Clipper Remake UPDATED!

    It's a great build! the size and simplicity of it would look right at home in a larger fleet of ships!
  12. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] Forbidden Cove

    I like the use of turquoise pieces, you don't see that too often and I think you use it to great effect!
  13. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] 6269 Redbeard's Rocky Island Escape

    I like the use of the classic base plate! It fits perfectly! :)
  14. Glowboy

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    I love how varied the designs of the captains are, I really like the one with the turban! All of these guys remind me of the brethren court! Got alot of great ideas for my own future pirate crew!
  15. Glowboy

    [ENTRY] The Lost Lagoon

    This is amazing!! I can really see this being a real set! It's absolutely love the retro-style instructions of play features of the set, makes me feel really nostalgic! Were those all hand drawn? if so, well done! Even for such a large set, every inch was filled with detail and put to good use!