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  1. Not really sure about size, the castle rooms are pretty tiny compared with the blacksmith.
  2. I think they are way out of proportion. A lego castle would be just waaay to expensive if done with the right proportions.Scale has always been a problem with lego
  3. You didnt originalky relate your zero knights statement to any historical/cultural circumstances. it came across as if there were two groups of people, one being 100% in favor of the set and the other only satified if there was none at all. maybe I got you wrong... TBH the term woke has become a delicate subject and I tend to have a rather critical approach. Sometimes people come up with ideas to rewrite fairy tales for the sake of wokeness or bring wokeness into history when its historically inaccurate for the sake of teaching children inclusiveness or representation. At the very least its a debatable subject!. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody came up with a theory that the castle has no king and queen, because that would imply the dame of the castle was married to the king in the traditional sense, and who knows... but I digress :)
  4. wasnt really arguing so much in favor if that video, lol. I just said they guy has a point, which he clearly has. doesnt mean he is right on everything or that I agreed with everything he said. why do you come up with zero female knights? thats a bold assumption (or maybe you were joking). People really need to stop throwing people into categories, just because somebody doesn't like a huge army of lion knight females doesn't automatically mean he ir she doesn't want any female knights or assume they don't want any women in their lego sets, lmao
  5. when you use those words, bigoted amd serious, you pretty much tell the audience who is good and who is evil. its a simple technique. meaning, if somebody complains about female knights he is bigoted and cannot be taken serious, and its better to cancel.those people, thats how it works. I have never heard anyone saying they didn't want women in their lego, where did you get that from? Ofc there isnt any evidence, thats why I said MAYBE. we got woke movements all over the place, its fashionable to be woke these days and I honestly would be surprised if the largest toy company in the world wouldnt get pressure by woke groups to become more woke.
  6. Doesn't like satire to me. I mean, he has a point. Personally I don't look too much into it, and should I end up buying the castle I will simply replace the 'knights' heads. I think this set might also hint at why we didn't get too much castle in recent years. Maybe some woke people complained to lego about the old gender roles and lego didnt wanna upset them further. ehhh, controversy bigoted? serious-minded reviewer? is this some sort of a good vs. evil kind of thing where you get cancelled out if you don't pick the right opinion?
  7. I seriously doubt gender representation is the issue here. Its about role assignment imo. They want to steer away from traditional gender roles, aka men defending the defenseless princess and some such. NGL this one here feels very tacked on.
  8. haha, if she can live with inferior brick quality and the total lack of minifigs...
  9. I am not too familiar with the friends line, but aren't male characters underrepresented? I mean the friends are just girls, right? for what its worth, lego should have added two sets of heads, giving people the choice how they can set up their army, without having to resort to buying extra heads
  10. NGL, it shouldn't be that hard for castle MOCers to swap headpieces. Tbh, its way easier and much less expensive than to for example swap the dark tree for a brown tree.
  11. hehe, nice! ngl, that would be waaaay too expensive for me. even knights arent fighting all the time. tbh, the castle isn't believeable in the first place...
  12. I like female warriors, maybe not in heavy armor tho :). Its a playset for boys and girls we are talking about and lego does not want to promote females being subservient to men. Hence no king but a lady of the castle, I guess. The roles of men and women arent that clearcut anymore. Personally I would swap the heads as I opt for moderate historical accuracy. This would certainly not be a reason for me not buy the set.
  13. true that! :) tbh, although I am a purist I don't judge if other people buy non-lego. Cobi for example does good quality work (dont like the figs tho), they only use prints and design their own elements. Chinese clone brands are a big no-no imo, I don't wanna help them get rich by blatantly copying other people's designs.
  14. nothing wrong! I was just nitpicking. adults point of view, trying to justify the expense or talk my way out of it, haha. Tbh I don't really care about the playability of a set, more interested in design and displayability. Btw, what do they need a drawbridge and portcullis for if the enemies can jump right into the castle via the watermill - jk