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  1. oh... maybe its different from country to country. I can order 3 online...
  2. ofc these are all assumptions but... star wars may not have been around in the 80s in lego form but it existed already as a franchise I bet there is ALOT of afols who got back into lego when they discovered lego star wars. a popular castle group on facebook is currently 24k members stron, I bet there is way more ninjago fans in any major city, just to put it into perspective. the 10305 didn't sell out, ofc we don't know why. but iirc lots of sets last year and this year were really hard to get (its what I heard I don't generally buy sets other than castle...). maybe its the price, idk. Also, lego set the purchase limit to 3 right away. which would suggests lego wasnt expecting crazy demand. but of course, the recent trends on pab online make me worry a bit. I would most certainly buy about a hundred lion knights, and I bet theres afols out there who would buy way more. maybe lego is counting on bricklinkers, people want more lion knights, order on bricklink and thus sell more castkles to bricklinkers, rinse repeat. - if that is truly the case then I am gonna just stick with my 10305 lion knights and have the castle ransacked by my black falcon knights over and over, haha.
  3. Its probably related to the amount of stuff lego actually can produce and what lego believes will be profitable. We just don't know what the market truly is like for lego. I would have never thought type writers, console replicas, maps, globes etc. could actually be successful. So just because I would never buy anything like that doesn't mean its a huge profit for lego and a theme to continue. So I guess, historic figs and themes might not really be that great, profitswise or they would have done it. Maybe they put afols into several categories, those that buy sets to build once and then display and those that do mocs, and I guess the former will be in the majority. And those that actually do mocs can also be put into categories, technic, city, star wars, historic. In the end I believe the historic lego theme is pretty niche compared to other themes.
  4. a modular medieval village series would be great, blacksmith shop scale
  5. I hope they will make at least the lion knights available on pab and if not release battle packs.
  6. i hate large baseplates... 16x16 is the largest I pick.
  7. that would be awesome! I just hope they come up with a 'reasonable' way of selling potential new sets. the worst thing would be gwp's with no new sets to purchase.
  8. Poco Lypso

    Let’s talk armor

  9. Poco Lypso

    Let’s talk armor

    I like the big lion shields that were available in lego stores and for 1 day on lego.com
  10. its definitely the most sophisticated castle so far, prolly because it has a huge parts count. i wouldnt call it the best tho. i expect castles to have some sort of courtyard. I am also not a big fan of the dollhouse.
  11. bricks and pieces and pick a brick have been merged into ONE single website. In europe, pab is shipped from Poland and BAP still from Denmark, one is called bestseller and the other somethung different, xD. Both have a minimum purchase threshold, otherwise you pay extra for each. And both count towards gwp's. And yes, unfortunately black falcon torsos haven't been available for quite some time now, iirc they vanished around the time the BAM website crushed. I hope lion knights will be made available via PAB or whatever its called or some battle packs.
  12. thats actually a good point! unlike modulars which sort of belong together you dont feel like you are missing out on anything in the castle line as it really doesn't fit together with scale in mind. like each room in the castle is smaller than the attic of the blacksmith shop. the only relation they have is the theme and the factions.
  13. I guess that's where personal preference and taste comes in. While I personally do enjoy highly detailed mocs (Ralf Langers builds for example) I am also fully aware that it cannot be done an official lego set. Lots of great mocs will prolly fall apart if you 'touch' them and building techniques used prevent any meaningful interior from happening. Tbh I think its actually quite funny how this castle has been received so far. After a long castle drought things started to pick up slowly, blacksmith, creator castle, falcons and now lions. It's been quite a treat. You just can't get it right for everyone. And maybe it's also the price thats causing it. For some people (me included!) thats alot of money.
  14. I think people would have liked a little bit more variation on the grey walls here and there like for example in this moc:
  15. thats often the case with established brands. new brands have to work harder and provide more in order to sway over customers. lego however is in a unique spot with no real competition and a huge mass market appeal.
  16. Yeah, bad example, my bad. Thats actually hilarious. Had to think about that lackluster majisto fig, just swap for the BAM magician, haha.
  17. Female knights is part of the design. Imagine: Lego brings out a set with mermaids, but the 'mermaids' have male torsos, thats simply a design choice. Some people will like it, while others may not and some people will say you can easily replace them torsos if need be.
  18. yeah, its an easy workaround :) people have a right to have an opinion though, you either like a set or you don't. and if there is something about a set thats odd then why not say it?
  19. Poco Lypso

    Lego Castle Media

    I like this guy - takes his castle hobby very seriously https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCl_4XUPmvBsSJ19rB2MJ13A
  20. Poco Lypso

    [MOC] Wizard's Tower

    Very nice!!!! What elements did you use for the tree leaves? havent seen those before...
  21. brittle brown issue is real. I try to avoid using a brick separator, that thing applies to much pressure for brittle brown to handle
  22. Not really sure about size, the castle rooms are pretty tiny compared with the blacksmith.
  23. I think they are way out of proportion. A lego castle would be just waaay to expensive if done with the right proportions.Scale has always been a problem with lego