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  1. @Rebel_Lego That's what ive seen then! theres quite a few pictures floating around the web of the nextgen with a nose! @Void_S Thank, learn't something new, as above thought they still made them, but its not official Scania!
  2. Ha.. yes I see that now too! I think it would be quite possible to evolve the design into a T series. They do the Torpedo on the current model still I believe?
  3. Really really nice... some great detail and I love the mix of functions you've achieved. Deserves to be a successful moc this one.
  4. My Scania G370 MOC using approx. 90% of Mack Anthem parts:
  5. Another one of mine... European FVG Truckliner.. I will do a more detailed thread soon;
  6. Nice work, really stunning looking model... managed to capture the Scania look spot on.
  7. Yes! I know another C model based on the Mack Anthem, but this is such a versatile set, especially for truck lovers. This is my second C model, the first being the Iveco Stralis 10x4 Grab Wagon. (I'm user 'Mcd_technic' on Rebrickable) This time I wanted to further maximise the part count, managing to using 2366/2595. This model was built from a 2nd hand Anthem set I picked up locally in great condition. I completely built this (many times) in real before turning to Studio to refine it. The result is a C model packed with features and 'hopefully' a great build experience? So this is it, my Scania R370 with twin Axle Grab Crane trailer, lots of working features and as much as 'is possible' a scaled 1:21 reproduction? Challenging when limited to the #42078 kit parts! You really have to get creative with the various combinations. The renders have turned out really well, give a real sense of the original Mack Anthem kit. Note: the Mack brand plate now on the crane! The crane has three point adjustment as well as a working grab head, I even managed to use that spare steering wheel by mounting a driver control on the main arm. Getting a good pivot was a challenge without the part needed being in the set, but it works well. Also included are working stabilisers, feet and drop sides. The trailer also features working landing gear and the cab has a 5th wheel arrangement similar to the Anthems. Roof removed - The cab itself has HOG steering, opening doors and a working Engine.. nothing over fancy, similar to the Concrete mixer format, it works on the drive train and I have dressed it a bit with some of the engine detail bricks. That's about it.. hope you like this one? I really think I've exhausted the Mack Anthem now? This is my Iveco Stralis for those who haven't seen it: I think now I will get back into the full MOC building... Thanks, Mike aka #mcd_technic
  8. Thanks Guys, Yes I really wanted to make this a viable alternative to the Mack Anthem buy using as many of the original parts and including the same level of functionality. I'm really pleased with it, really cant wait to see the builds. Mike
  9. Thanks for the further kind comments, I'm working on instructions to add to 6x2 version to the already existing 8x4 instructions on Rebrickable. Regarding the 49,5x14 tyres? The jury is out at this time... I don't have an issue with the current tyres... makes the truck look nice and chunky when doubled up! Thanks, Mike
  10. Well, here we go! My first post on Eurobricks although I've been lurking on here for years and years! As with many others, Covid afforded me the ability to revisit my childhood with Lego! Firstly building up all my old technic sets, but then dipping my toe in the water with the Mack Anthem and learning the newer elements! I rapidly discovered mocs, building a good handful of technicprojects great trucks! Bravely I then designed my own Ford F-Max Truck transporter and my first moc of the Mack Anthem with my Iveco Stralis. Both now available on rebrickable. Over the past 12 months I've really gotten to grips with Studio, with my understanding of the scale I have managed to develop models of my all time favourite from the 90s, the Volvo F16! Now I've seen F series in larger scales.. but never at 1:21 so hopefully i am the first? Both feature a raising axle utilising a simple small linear actuator, far simpler than on the 42128 tow truck. Doors open and of course Hog Steering. They are otherwise static models. I do have trailers for both although the 6x2 really needs a Freuhauf tipper trailer so that's on the build list. The inspiration to build an F16 came from a 1990 spec Volvo 8x4 operated by Heanor Haulage near where I grew up in the UK! I use to spend alot of time drawing this truck, so its great to be finally able to build my own model: This is my own version of a Nooteboom trailer with working removable gooseneck... its been through various guises this trailer but its really solid and looks the part; Well, that's about it for now! Thanks for reading my post! Look forward to your feedback and will share pictures of my other trucks soon, Mike #mcd_technic
  11. @Sebeus I Hi, yes I've seen your FH before... its stunning! I have quite the passion for Volvo trucks as you can see from the transporter pic just above! I will be trying some other Volvo truck variants soon...
  12. Thankyou all for your positive responses! I feel really overwhelmed, perhaps I should have shared my creations sooner... always been nervous to post? @drdesignz Thankyou especially for putting me on the Lego Car Blog! That's awesome! In regards to the other comments, I do have an obsessive eye for detail so save for mechanical functions I haven't really the interest in power functions! For me motors and battery boxes rob the aesthetics'! That said they are the same scale as the Mack Anthem, Concrete Mixer and New Tow truck so no reason why they couldn't be made RC? The 8x4 version of the Volvo is on and a few have built it... not seen RC yet? Regarding trailers, I have 4 at current but have plans for more, I also have a few rigids and there is my working model of a European truck transporter by FVG: I'm also rather passionate about getting the photos right and have quite an Instagram following... again all started since Covid! My wife thinks I'm bonkers but its a great hobby. Anyway, thanks again for you great interest and warm welcome everyone! I will certainly start some more posts on other models soon.. Mike
  13. @Milan Wow!!! Thankyou so much..... (blushing emoji!) @proran Great comment, thankyou so much! Glad you like the integration, I think its the only way to get the detail? plus earlier trucks lend themselves a little more towards system? I'm also particularly pleased with the grill, took a lot of head scratching that one... definitely something Studio helped to solve! @GerritvdG Nail on the head.. that is the beauty of Lego for me, thankyou.