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  1. Really super cool! Got some of the lines really spot on! I'm also currently working on a 1:21 version to add to my line up. Just cant decided on the grill at the moment.
  2. This is the 'chassis' only version of my FMX fuel tanker... And here it is built in real as a tanker - Just to show its not just a 'Studio Queen'
  3. Thankyou for the kind comments, really pleased you like it. As a bit of a shameless plug, i uploaded the instructions to rebrickable at weekend.
  4. Great spot! However the gap is intentional! Its an idiosyncrasy with this type of truck - Maybe as cab tilts for engine access? Thanks buddy - just keep learning from the last build each time....
  5. Thank you, glad you like it :) That means a lot thanks! I have been on a mission to create accurate replicas for a while now, the mix of system and technic for me is a good one. Thanking you :) Super, glad you like - thanks :) Thanks, yes its cool when another part works, but not only works, it does it exceptionally well! I think there are a lot of parts specifically for expert builder sets which have great detail applications elsewhere. I really love the reaction - thanks, my mission is complete if it looks almost real :) Works well doesn't it? And the panels are not too hard to come by.
  6. Hi all, Please allow me to share images of my most recent build; my 2021 Volvo FMX 8x2 Fuel tanker in 1:21 Scale. Its all Lego (even the pipes and elastic bands) Just a few home printed decals and that's it: For a while now the physical tank has always alluded me - nothing really looks right! This was until recently when I started experimenting with the cargo door panels from the #10283 Shuttle: These actually work really well, mixed with some 4L axles, 1x2 double holed bricks and a mix of plates and tiles the result is a really clean looking tanker. The truck chassis features twin front steer and linked rear steer via HOG. There is a differential and drive shaft which all turn, but I have opted for a Fake engine built with green system parts to give a more realistic look when viewed through the arches. This truck is an addition to a series of Volvo trucks I have thus far built both old an new and look to be adding more soon. Although this is no a plug - It often gets asked, and yes! I will be doing instructions for this to add to my many others on Thanks for looking! Mike
  7. Thanks for that... Ive recently worked out how to design and print my own, real finishing touch Thankyou, yeh im a cab over fan, but then i prefer European trucks anyway, and to behonest, prefer the trucks from 80s and 90s
  8. Thanks... I love the challenge of detail at this scale. Plus the models look so fine. Thanks, its actually Technician scale..
  9. Thanks - Marco is the genius behind the beginning, I added the lower sports elements...
  10. Always wanted to do a race truck - added the finishing touches today! Its inspired by team Hahn Racing European race truck. The Iveco cab is based on @technicprojects design, I converted the 'race' bits. Next up - team hauler! Already have a cab built (based on another awesome @technicprojects) I have a trailer designed which I need to build next.. Hope you like? Mike
  11. Decals happened - I know not to everyones taste, but sets them off I think?
  12. Thanks _ Glad you like the colourway. The F16 is based on a real truck, always thought it was a striking looking vehicle.
  13. Ah, thanks Milan! Made up you like at and thanks for pinning 👍🙏
  14. Hi guys, Please allow me to share my latest build, a 2022 Volvo FH750 8x4 which I'm super pleased with. Some of you may remember my 1990 F16 version? still a firm favourite in my collection. However, recently I have been working on the more up to date 2022 FH versions. I already have a number of FH16 instruction sets on Rebrickable (the last picture shows the 4x2 version) But with this build, there are no instructions, its too complicated! I am unable to upload a video with my resources, but the second axle on the unit has linked steering which detaches when the axle is raised, and the second 2 driven axles have full pendular movement and diffs. As a bit of background, the F16 is based on a real truck operated by Heanor Haulage out of Derbyshire, UK in the early 1990s. Sadly Heanor made a decision to close its transport division in 2017.As such they would never have held a 2022 FH750 in their fleet, but I would like to think this is how it would look? These photos also show my Nooteboom trailer with working detachable Goose neck (Instructions for this and the F16 8x4 can also be found on my Rebrickable) The Claas Xerion on the back is Legos own 42054, still a firm favorite of mine... Hope you like? The plan is to do other versions of various other 'F' and 'FH' series Volvos soon. Thanks for looking, Mike