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  1. Do they include the 42077 "base" model?
  2. Looks promising and it's a pickup - really like it! I hope you'll participate in the TMC1 contest with that model. I already wrote it: it's gonna be a pickup fest! Looking forward to the remainder of the body and maybe some more detailed shots of the suspension design? How's the articulation with those steering arms (pictures please )?
  3. @ace_klimax: Cool functions and look (IMO w/ and w/o stickers)! Great MOC. Who would have thought how versatile the 42077 set actually is? BTW, would you mind sharing your digital model of the 42077 rallye car? I'd like to "archive" my modifications and building on an existing model would make this much easier.
  4. But is there a mechanical difference between those two examples? BTW, I only tested with my double-bevel 12z gears so far.
  5. Hi there, here's another car in the scale of the 42093 Corvette that could work fine with the 42098 set, the... Phaedra Palomino Mach 2 360° view on It's derived from the V10 Muscle car (further "back story" on ...) and I consider it pretty final, except for the head lights. I think the size is fine with the latest pictures, but I still want to try some alternatives. A 2 x 2 round tile really looks too big, although the real car indeed had big lights. ATM I'm using a trans-clear round tile on a dark tan axle w/stop and stud through the back of a 12 tooth bevel gear fixed to a round plate w/axle hole. Any suggestions for head lights of similar size? I believe the head lights from the 8422 set could work, but I then have to redesign the front a little bit. The car has some unusual (or illegal) connections for the rear lights, but it was the only way I came up with to get that small space between the three separate lights on each side. It's hard to explain in text, so please wait for the digital model. Oh, nearly forgot, as I needed the roof of the fastback version on another car, I made a cabriolet version, too: Motorization This model could be motorized much easier than the muscle car due to the elevated rear. I assume a PF L motor can be easily fitted there, even more if the differential is removed. **** Hope you like it. **** P.S. I am currently experiencing slow download speeds from my web server. If you also see this (i.e. slow loading pictures, especially for the 360° views), please let me know. I might then resort to bricksafe for hosting the pictures.
  6. Sorry, bad weather => no pictures. But I have created two new paint jobs for the Palomino: Red with white stripes: Studio, LDraw Red with a little more black: Studio, LDraw
  7. johnnym

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    I think that describes it best. Thanks for the hints, I'll give that a try. When I received them, I didn't take the black shocks apart, as I assumed there wouldn't be dust inside of them, so just used a paintbrush to de-dust the accessible parts. I now took them apart using the method described in: ...and indeed the black ones are full of dust. Time for a bath...
  8. In light of this thread I checked my unused 20z bevel gears and found that you can even feel the rattling when holding one gear between thumb and pointer finger and roll the other one around it. The interesting thing is, that I could only feel that rattling, when both gears have different axle hole "types" - i.e. left hand left gear type and right hand right gear type as shown in: ... if both gears are of the same type, they don't rattle when rolled around each other. This corresponds with the situation when one gear is a 12z bevel gear, the right axle hole type gears rattle much more than the left axle hole type gears. So maybe another way to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones before assembly. IIUC there should also be 20z bevel gears with right axle hole type that work smoothly (when meshed?), but I didn't find one not in use that works smoothly with the ones having the left axle hole type. Here I've always referred to @Zerobricks picture. I also wonder if there are 12z bevel gears available that "match" the new 20z bevel gears? So far I didn't find one out of the ones I have available though.
  9. johnnym

    [WIP] RC Ripsaw SSR1 EV3

    Nice look! Also great you're using PF equipment. Say, do you use a subtractor or does each motor drive one track alone? Hope you'll provide instructions. I'm not an expert, but bigger sprocket wheels allow for a bigger radius which I think makes the tracks run easier around the drive wheels. From what I experienced on my first tracked vehicle - though using the old tracks - I also think your tracks look too tight - unless this is due to all the supports. The problem is, one additional track part will usually have a (too) big effect, alternatively you could move the front wheel and support one stud back. But you should still try if it makes a difference, when your vehicle is ready to drive. For mine I saw a considerable difference between tight tracks and not so tight tracks on carpet.
  10. johnnym

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    OK, I thought they were only connected to the differential. So when motorized you would put one motor on each other end of the drive lines? That really works, i.e. driving with one side only? Now that's cool! Oh, that's useful. Sorry to bother you with a problem of mine, but could torque flex also be the reason why my black buggy (described in the part beginning with "I also created a V3 model [...]") lifts the front wheel when doing sharp turns?
  11. Maybe this is more something for the support, but maybe someone in this forum already has a solution for it: When having two motors hard-coupled to one axle but connected to one BuWizz output each, is there a way to copy the power curve from one output to the other one? And is it only me or is the orange LED color on the BuWizz hard to distinguish from the red one?
  12. @Coolusername: How resilient is the spray paint on the pin holes, does it get off easily? I assume you needed multiple spray rounds until the original black vanished so you should have a "thick" layer of white on it and I wonder how that will work with the pins of the wheel hub. @JunkstyleGio: Sorry, actually off-topic, but what's the white and green car in the background? It looks interesting, you're using axle connectors as fenders, right? Can we see more of this, maybe in a new thread?
  13. Nice car, any chance for a digital model? This could be used as basis for a whole series of Race Formula cars (e.g. also in red, orange or a mix of all colors). I think kids would like that.
  14. johnnym

    Car from 42098 in 3 different colours

    Well, the black rims are OK for me, but IMO orange and red are also the more pleasing colors than dark azure. But hey, we can now create a rallye car in the Martini Racing colors with the dark azure fenders.
  15. johnnym

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Missed that one. Nice bodywork. The door locks are really useful and simple to implement. You put the mark very high with that truck. Some questions about the drive lines: If I understand it correctly, left and right wheels can spin at different speeds, but all wheels on one side always spin at the same speed? So a single wheel in the air won't stop/affect the other wheel on the corresponding axle? But all wheels on one side in the air and the truck stops - not that this would be a common situation and you can still lock the diff then. Have you used such a setup in one of your motorized vehicles already? Is the off-road performance superior to per-axle diffs?
  16. johnnym

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    Say do you find both black and dark gray shocks being of the same quality? I have used both shocks (black ones are from 42007) and have a feeling that the black ones do not work as smooth as the dark gray ones, when compressing they seem to twist more easily than the dark gray ones. I'm unsure if this is due to the softer spring or the mechanical quality of the plastics.
  17. Back to topic: The hub from 42099 also has gyroscope and accelerometer sensors included - not that I have a need for something like that in my models ATM, but maybe something to consider if you have a use for these in what you plan for the future @mugwump.
  18. You're welcome! I also prefer the dutch version...
  19. johnnym

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Wow, great "little" excavator! The video is also nice to watch and funny. You need to create a miniature version of @efferman's dump truck now.
  20. Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but the PF parts you can buy from are also sets. They have a set number but just contain a single part.
  21. I know that some PU parts (or better part sets) are already available separately, I just wanted to emphasize the difference between the (PF part) sets and replacement parts.
  22. The situation differs a little for the PF equipment, as the PF motors, battery boxes, LEDs and receiver are available as sets from and not (only if at all) as replacement parts. E.g. as replacement parts for 42095 the PF parts are either out of stock or not for sale (though battery box and remote have a unit price tag between 35 and 37 EUR there). I assume it's like @kbalage phrased it, it will just take a little longer until the new PU equipment will be available separately.
  23. Ok that could be a reason, but for PF, Lego just didn't want to make money? Or was the situation similar when PF came out years ago (i.e. equipment not available separately)? Well, maybe there wasn't even a at that time - I don't know as I wasn't interested in Lego at that time. For example look at 42095: it contains 2 PF L (2 x ca. 15 EUR) , 1 AA battery box (ca. 8 EUR), 1 IR receiver (ca. 17 EUR) and 1 IR remote (ca. 11 EUR) - so ca. 66 EUR in total when bought at in Germany compared to usually below 60 EUR for the whole 42095. I once even saw it for below 50 EUR, but already had bought four at that time so thought that was enough. Generally I'd assume that PU equipment in the sets would be less expensive then when bought separately. But what do I know? Well, right, that wouldn't help, if you just want a singular item though.
  24. johnnym

    Car from 42098 in 3 different colours

    That shows the importance of the "right" colors. And black is really useful to hide details.