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  1. Blackheart Brit

    [MOD / STUD.IO ] What's your Favourite of my BSB Recolours?

    The Caribbean clipper version is great but the rear seems to black. Could.oyu make that rail yellow or brown to tone down the black. Maybe more blue and white could do it too.
  2. Blackheart Brit

    Barracuda Bay IN HAND for sale!!!

    It was returned.
  3. Blackheart Brit

    Barracuda Bay IN HAND for sale!!!

    I have a second copy of the set 21322 in hand that will get returned to the store in day or two if no one here wants it first. My wife bought one when it hit and I ran to the store two days later when they arrived for 10 minutes and got one and the online one arrived two days later, faster than we both thought, Anyway, two copies and only will keep one. HERE IS THE RUB, my four year old thought Daddy would want two, and I would but that is another story, and he opened the set and opened all the bags when we were not paying enough attention to him. All the pieces are there, all the mini figures, everything. I have not sold here before and only ever bought stuff on brick link so I have no track record as a seller, so I understand any trepidation. I will sell it for $218, cuz taxes, and you pay shipping, I am in Arizona and will only ship within US, and it includes the 12 in one set the came with it free this month. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. Blackheart Brit

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    That looks so good!
  5. Blackheart Brit

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Thanks, I used to have it, so that helped. It us empty below deck, at some point I want to build rooms and stuff but who knows when.
  6. Blackheart Brit

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Thanks Thanks
  7. Blackheart Brit

    [MOC] Captain Sabertooth's Cabin

    Did you make the minifigs? The cabin is nicely detailed.
  8. Blackheart Brit

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Here is a crew i put together back in '04, yes some are custom torsos, and some of those are from CCC Tutorials
  9. Blackheart Brit

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    So awesome, can't wait to see this.
  10. Blackheart Brit

    A Dissertation on the new Tri-Corn with ponytail...maybe

    Right, BAM Has lots of hair options, Maybe a tan hat with black hair, or brown hat with black hair!
  11. So I excitedly scooped up three Pirate Girls yesterday at Walmart. (Even better, they rung up at $1.22 each, I don't know, maybe Corona Virus Discount or something) I was REAL excited to get the new Hat with hair attached to it so my pirate with Tri-Cornered hats looked less bald. Here it is: It really is a great piece and I am happy to have it. As i tried it around on many of my Pirate Minifigs I found it was not exactly great in a few nitpicky ways. 1. It is primarily made as Woman hair so it sweeps back on the sides with no sideburns, or sideburn nubs, Rey from star Wars oddly had sideburn bumps. ManyPirate minis have sideburns or beard printed and there tends to be some gaps between Hair and printing. Obviously they can't make a piece today and have it match every Minifig Face ever made. 2. The hair color is light brown, not Blonde, It is the same color as Thor from Endgame. There are, as you can see from pics, Pirate who have the right brownish printed beards and stubble to match OK, but it turns out in my collection there are more Black eye brows, or black facial hair. In my own head and not supported by History or anything is how i view my Lego Pirates. I see the tank top dudes and lesser, or poor pirates, The Captains always have real ornate outfits and there are some mid-level priates, I usually try to have tank top pirates in Bandanas and use the TriCorner hats for the more advanced Pirates. Within the Soldiers realms the tricorner hat was a rank above Private like all the shako hat Soldiers. As in the pic, this piece does look good on soldiers. I can't wait to get my Pirates of Barracuda Bay and I get the Brown TriCorn with Blonde hair. It looks like same color hair but variety is always good. Do you have this piece yet? Do you like it? Am I the crazy one?
  12. Blackheart Brit

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Thanks Thanks
  13. Blackheart Brit

    Show us your Armies and Minifigs!

    Here is my current Cobra army Can you find your favorite COBRA!
  14. Blackheart Brit

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Parm, Yeah, it probably would be a STOVL aircraft carrier if they made it today. Nom, It does have odd proportions since it is based off a toy version of a somewhat real Aircraft carriers plus LEGO geometry is sometimes not exact. I thought about and might still make but runway sections 16 studs longer, but i don't know, elements I don't have, etc. TheBreeze, thanks
  15. Blackheart Brit

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    I have been into building GI JOE (Cobra Too) vehicles and Soldiers out of LEGO for more than a year now and built this last spring, but now there is a forum for it, YEH! more pics in my Flickr Let me know what you think.