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  1. Good insight Lego are currently selling new cannons individually via bricks and pieces (at least in the UK) Design # for carriage is 2527 and for cannon itself is 29978.
  2. Counterfeits aside (which no doubt done help), I think there's lots of other reasons Lego might have besides doubting the profitability of a potential set. It might just not fit into a wider business strategy - e.g. the designers that they would want to work on this are working on other things already and won't have availability any time soon. We simply don't know the reason.
  3. I don't see this even referred to either, let alone clearly stated. Also, it seems the interviewer and blog author actually speculates that new castle sets are already coming. If a new wave of Castle is on the way any time soon then lego will have already been planning it, I can't see it being a knee-jerk reaction to the sales of this set, which is rather different to a typical Castle set anyway.
  4. Yes, I agree. It's not completely fair in all regards to now include Castle but I think it's more fair than not doing so. However, this being the case, regardless of what the poll says, I think "classic space" should (and will) now be interpreted as Space (generally). Equally, I think Pirates will be interpreted as... uh... the theme Pirates (i.e. all the factions including pirates and imperials, which were split before). If the set they end up making is Castle now though, I can see why some will cry foul play.
  5. I agree with you on this. Friends is another outstanding long-running success - but this shouldn't be the benchmark for "success" or "failure". I imagine some of it is just capacity and not letting the product range at any one time get too unmanagable. When lego is trying more new things and has some "new" full time themes I guess there's less room for as many full time classic system themes. It doesn't neccessarily mean those themes weren't or wouldn't be successful. I don't know if people's assertions that Castle, Pirates and Space no longer have broad enough appeal to be successful as a full time theme is based on any evidence or just that they're not full time anymore. The idea of the 2013 castle wave being a test seems particularly odd, when Kingdoms was like 2 years before.
  6. Looks great! Nice technique for the tree and I like the small shield wall. Those black knights look like they're in for a tough time. I still need to find a way to get some of those shields at some point.
  7. I spotted them here in a UK supermarket recently too!
  8. I agree with everything you said and particularly this. It needs to be understood that this is still a specific legal test. It is not reasonable merely because the thought happened to occur to you. True. You still hope that in most circumstances they can find a less dramatic way of eliminating someone from enquiries. I guess that's not always possible and sometimes you really are just the wrong person in the wrong circumstances - in which case they still need to "put it right" after. I suppose the other factor at play here is that I'm not sure the police should even be able to know what you're buying, unless they already have grounds to investigate that.
  9. Weil

    Future Castle Sets?

    Haha, I also had a toy Castle and never cared about these things. Though my sibling later played with the same Castle and pretty much only cared about people's day to day lives in it (when they also had other toy settings available). So I guess everyone is different. I'm sure the "fighting" aspects of castle probably still hold a broad appeal though.
  10. Sorry. I probably came in too strong and unfairly presented things in too "matter of fact" sort of way. I've enjoyed reading your points and opinions. I guess I just wanted to try and get to the crux of things, which is essentially that some people disagree but thats understandable. I guess to move things back on topic, I think a reason lego may not have included western as a theme in the vote could conceivably be because they now think it is too controversial, or it could be something else. We simply don't know. So we can speculate about other reasons, but we also can't rule this one out. And without inside knowledge, I'm not sure how much we can really say about liklihood either way.
  11. I don't think it's a question of whether a theme is completely irredeemable or not. Most things are somewhere in the middle. The classic age of piracy was at least twice as long ago as the classic wild west period and a lovable rogue is a bit different to a lovable war criminal. There's mythos around WWII and books and films with comical nazi soldiers but that doesn't mean lego wants to make a system theme based upon it. Some people would be fine if lego did do that but do you honestly not see the difference? I imagine wild west probably sits somewhere between pirates and nazis in terms of scope for controversy. Personally I'm fine with lego "cowboys and indians" but I can see why it's more controversial than pirates with some people. I think it's fine for you to think its okay but surely you can contemplate other people might not? There's no obobjective and definitive "right" or "wrong" for the subject of toys. Personally, I think if there was enough good reason for lego to pick "wild west" over something else then they would do so again. However, when they have other good options, I can see why it might be less risky to pick something else.
  12. Police in the UK don't need a search warrant to "show up" at your house i.e. knock on your door and ask if they can come in (you can say no). They do normally need one to force entry into your home. It sounds like they would need one for what's described above. Compelling reasons like they can see/hear someone being endangered inside, they've just seen someone they're in the process of chasing run inside, they have an arrest warrant to arrest someone resident at that address etc. may mean they don't need one to force entry. I'm glad they're at least following a claim for compensation. Presumably the police will settle if its an obvious error, rather than the embarrassment and additional costs of court. I'm not saying it's right though. Clearly more evidence than what you've set out should be required.
  13. Even if there was reasonable grounds for the raid based on intelligence (which seems unlikely from what you have set out), that would only mean it was lawful to carry out the raid. It wouldn't remove the responsibility to compensate for any emotional and/or physical damage caused as a result of the raid. They would have been allowed to have done wrong, as it were. But they would still be required by the law to "put it right" with compensation, so as to theoretically put the raided person back to their position prior to the raid.
  14. Weil

    Future Castle Sets?

    To be fair it wasn't the largest set in each theme but I can see why this seemed a sensible comparison now. The 2013 and 2010 releases look very similar in concept but, as I and I think others have said, I liked the heraldry and designs of the factions in Kingdoms better. Maybe the 2013 range would have included some great stuff if it was extended. Though it wasn't, whereas Kingdoms was.
  15. Weil

    Imperial Eras

    I believe its from the Shakespeare CMF. This one, in particular, is a nice use of parts!
  16. I think everyone agrees the consumer gets to decide how they interact. Also, strictly in lego terms, the soldiers had a fort before the native americans existed. It seems people just disagree on whether its problematic today if they're readily able to be used as opponents.
  17. I don't think this is a completely fair characterisation. When you think someone is being unreasonable, I think it's okay to tell them. Just as when you've considered me to be unreasonable, you have told me. I too was frustrated but I don't think you're trying to make me feel worse just for the sake of it. You were doing what you felt necessary to make your point to me - to try and make me change my approach. My intention was only to do much the same. Not to be "toxic". Admittedly it seems you're not as concerned with what I said as how I said it. I accept there's lots of room for improvement there. Unfortunately, my personality spectrum has always made me more acute to the former than the latter. I will have to work on this. I still agree with the substance of what I said though. Reference to "whinging" in my above post was also only made to clarify I do not have "resistance" to the idea, only to comments that were being made around it and the inclination that it is someone else's duty to implement it. In any case, I've now said what I felt the need to say and I don't have anything to contribute here so I will stay away from this thread. I only came here in the first place because nobody before me had replied but I thought it better to try and bring someone into the main discussion rather than ignore them. I came back and took issue with what was now being said.
  18. Weil

    Future Castle Sets?

    Okay, I think we basically agree
  19. Weil

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yes, that's correct the 2010 sets were more similar than the later sets. I'm not sure if you're just providing that as additional information (its fine if you are!) or if you're trying to make some further point though. The later sets were still part of Kingdoms, and saying they were "unusual" only reinforces that Kingdoms, as a whole, was quite different to the 2013 line. It therefore seems reasonable for a person to like one more than the other. I also think saying the 2010 sets were almost identical to the 2013 ones is a bit too strong. I agree the concepts of the sets were very similar. This applies to many waves of each of Castle, Space, Pirates etc. though. I still liked the 2010 sets better than the 2013 sets. In particular, I liked the designs for the Kingdoms factions better. I'm not saying I think the themes were conceptually that different (I don't agree that you can say one is fantasy and one is not). I'm just saying I think it's reasonable for someone to like one more!
  20. Fair enough In case I gave the wrong impression, I of course don't see a problem with people pursuing this. I just don't think it's necessary to whinge if others don't pursue it.
  21. Go to other virtual places for certain things then? Eurobricks can't be all things to all people. I think you need to learn to appreciate other people's perspectives. You had an idea that you thought was interesting. It seems most others here don't find it interesting. That's life. You don't seem to recognise that what you asked for is actually quite difficult because not all the features are readily available. I'm also not sure whining about it is going to change anything. What would you do if Eurobricks made the poll you want and hardly anyone voted (which seems likely based on this thread)? Make people vote when they don't really want to? That sounds like something that would drive people away. When nobody likes your idea then don't blame everyone else for holding that opinion.
  22. Weil

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yes, but is comparing the King's Castle in each theme really a fair comparison of the overall theme? It seems you've just specifically picked two sets for the purpose of comparison because they're similar - and then concluded that they're similar. I'm not sure what is meant by "video game look" but I like Kingdoms much better than the 2013 line (including liking the King's Castle more). One reason for this is that I like the heraldry and minifigure designs more in Kingdoms. However, the diversity of sets in the theme is also much better in my opinion. Kingdoms had sets like those in the 2013 line but Kingdoms also had e.g.: blacksmith 6198; mill village raid 7189; joust 10223. It's much harder to try and say any set in the 2013 Castle line is similar to those. What the 2013 line did have that Kingdoms didn't is a large dragon. I'm not that interested in that.
  23. Looks like Pirates made the top 3, based on the unofficial results that have been made available here: https://www.stonewars.net/lego-news/interim-results-of-the-lego-ideas-90th-anniversary-survey/
  24. Yes, based on how they've analysed the results at the link below, it looks like space (and castle) got more votes than bionicle when you accumulate the different sub themes. I guess things might change when people get 1 vote instead of 3. However, looks likely that Classic Space will get the most votes in the final stage based on this. https://www.stonewars.net/lego-news/interim-results-of-the-lego-ideas-90th-anniversary-survey/
  25. Each individual vote is viewable on the official platform (click on big red squares), so the data is accessible but just needs to be accumulated. I assume they automated exporting each vote so that they could do that.