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  1. Alzema

    HELP plz!

    Thank you KotZ, may TLG bless your imagination and wisdom.
  2. Alzema

    HELP plz!

    Were can I post an Heroica Moc? Need help on finding the right forum tread. Thank you.
  3. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    UPDATE! Had a massive problem with my PC this week. Couldn't LDD on my laptop or at school, so here hi have a rough improvement on the Tsunali canon. I also made a prototype for the wheels so you could build a modular moc. I know that I do not post a lot on this topic because I am at school during the day and I am very busy because the final exams are coming in a month so I to work hard if I want to pass this... not if I was in trouble or something!! I hope I can support all the other members of the Eurobricks community like you did for me. Thank you!!!
  4. Ya, me too, since I am below 16, it took me three long days to complete part-time but luckily, did no mistakes.
  5. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    UPDATE. I am currently working on building the BC-17 Tsunami canon. Here's a pic of the in-game build: Here is the WIP of the canon build: Kind of in a dilema beacausee I don't know if I should build the frame with Classic bricks or Technic bricks, any suggestion?
  6. I had the same kind of problem with the Tracked Racer. It was a disfonctional receiver. I had to contact lego for a replacement. They sent me another for free. Hope this solves your problem. ;)
  7. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    Yes indeed, I wanted to build something original that was not so complexe and something that could fit my 13 000 piece collection so anyone can build some Crossout MOCs for their own imagination. I hope someday that this topic will get more and more popular. I live in Qu├ębec, Canada, and I am currently in high-school, live, but I try my best to stay tuned for new ideas and support from all of you. :)
  8. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    Yup, had a problem with the upload limitation. Tried resizing the pictures, didn't work. HELP!!
  9. Hello everybody, I am new to Eurobricks but I had this wierd idea: What if I was the first to create something? I have been playing a game called Crossout for a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Then I tought : There should be some form of Crossout mocs, but there was just 2 ''legit'' one's. So I created this tread after the first idea I got. This tread will serve has documentation and will use your feedback to enhance the variaty of mocs out there. I am currently building all sorts of weapons from the game. I started working on some machine guns and canons. Here are some couple pictures of the two.
  10. Alzema

    [MOC] MAZ 537 8x8 1:20

    Nice MOC. Would be cool if you had instructions or an lxf file.