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  1. have som more photos on my fliker https://www.flickr.com/photos/160783021@N05/
  2. My entry for Category B:
  3. Anganther castle In the forest between Mitgardia and Avalonia are robbers that make the trade routes uncertain. To secure the trade southward, Drawd has build a number of castles along the way. One of those castles is Anganther. It lies at a height watching over a narrow valley. The men from neighboring villages take care of the castle. Now Drawd comes for a visit, to hear about the latest rumor that a number of robbers have be seen in the neighborhood. With him, Drawd and his company bring fine beer to the castle’s guards to show appreciation.
  4. Drawd

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My entry for category A
  5. The dwarfs in Danemore love their beer.The war has made them unable to get hold of the golden hops from Avalonia.Instead, they have been drinking mead during this time.At last, bags of exquisite hops have arrived at the brewery hall in Danemore's underground realm.Brewmaster Preppen Bluetand pour the hops in the brew under supervison of Lord Drawd Ravenbeard.
  6. In Swedish folklore Santa is called Tomten, a dwarven like fellow. Midwinter's nightly frost is hard Brightly the stars are beaming, Fast asleep is the lonely Yard, All, at midnight, are dreaming. Clear is the moon, and the snow-drifts shine, Glistering white, of fir and pine, Covers on rooflets making. None but tomten is waking,
  7. Thanks a lot! I've added a picture so all the dwarves can be seen.
  8. Southern gate of Danemore / Dward / Mitgardia
  9. The southern gate of Danemore is important for the dwarves trade. The gate facing the northern forests of Avalonia. From the gate a road goes down the valley and leads to the faraway realms of Avalonia. Now, Dward wants this trade route to be busy again and trading leads to wealth.
  10. Fantastic build! You really got attention to details. I specially like the repair of the copper roof.
  11. Thanks Mate! Can't help that the rich ore that were find on the Mitgardian side of the border.