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    [SR - FB] The Gnat

    That ship looks really well sturdy and well built. I like how there is a bend to get the shape.
  2. merc

    [COR - FB] Officer's Barracks

    I share the same sentiments at Professor Thaum. The road and arches are well done. I really like the way you made the windows. Are they loose in the square or have you fastened them somehow?
  3. I like the minifigure poses and the different ways you were able to the poses without taking the fig apart. The different colors of foliage definitely gives off a marshy feel.
  4. I like the troop display and the scenery adds to the feeling of recruitment. The drum was a really clever idea and I may steal it for a future use.
  5. Thank you for the compliments. I agree with you all on the quality. I am not to happy with the way it came out and I feel as though the photo doesn't do these troops justice. The problem I have is that two little Oleans take up a lot of my daylight hours so I am reduced to using lamps and regular lights. Below is a picture of the cannon and a breakdown version. I cannot take all the credit. I did get some inspiration from Greyson over on Flickr. For some reason the black is not displaying well in the photos. I may try and play with the color scheme to help. As far as suspicion goes. You only need to be suspicious if you have something to hide.
  6. Given how the recent raids and unpredictability of the Lotii forces, the newly arrived 2nd artillery company was training with the 3rd colonial artillery company at Breshaun. The choice to use 6 pounder cannons was due to be the obvious choice of mobility as well the ability to inflict damage. Dear General Duval Your choice of a the two companies training together was an invaluable experience. Your recommendation to use 6 pounders instead of the lighter 4 pounders will be beneficial when trying to inflict causalities on enemy forces. Should the Lotii try to strike, we will be ready. Company Captain Andre Dubois
  7. merc

    The Mardierian Legion

    I like the designs of the soldiers. The story behind why there are Mardierian volunteers is well done. Each scene ties in to each other really well.
  8. merc

    Rimbaud's Raiders

    I like how the scene has so much going on but it int overwhelming. The story is also well done and explains the build very well. I cannot wait to see them in action again.
  9. The school was done really well. I like all the small details added like the shed, the desks and chalk board and the guy painting the brick. At first glance it though it was small but when you took the interior pictures and showed all the figures, I realized how big it really was. Good job!
  10. I really like the different categories within this challenge and how each is broad enough for interesting builds.
  11. A Chance Encounter Pt 1. A Chance Encounter Pt 2. Revelations An Unexpected Turn of Events Jan 620 Mere, It has not been long since our last correspondence but I must tell you that Eltina has a lot of bustle in recent days. It seems that the news of the Lotii's raid of a Corrish colony in the New Haven Sea has gotten people riled up. In one area of the town, men were lining up to enlist in the navy. Men seemed to be coming from all over to enlist. Many troops stationed in the town look as though they came from New Oleon while others seem to be native who have enlisted as scouts and interpreters. Back to my new commission, it seemed that Rene had help me get into a captain of an artillery company. While the idea of being far from direct combat is preferable, the cannons are way too loud and I feel as though I am not suited to handle such an assignment. While at the officers quarters, I spoke with several newly commissions captains as well as some Colonels. One individual offered to trade commissions. He had a commission on a light infantry unit and I assumed that they were simply a company that had light responsibilities. I was sadly mistaken and feel as though that individual took me for a fool. The men that I have been assigned are light infantry in the sense that they are expected to skirmish with other armies ahead of any main army. It seems that I may be further in the front light that I thought. Mere do not fret too much, they have provided me with some veteran sergeants who seem to know how this company should operate. And beside, I do not foresee combat for me in the near future. Your Son Captain Jean-Baptiste De Moncey Another free build and a story for a build that has been photographed for a while. This build helps to make my characters promotion official. One of my own critiques is that I am not a fan of the blue sheet as a back drop and have switched over to an off white one to use instead. C&C welcome.
  12. Thank you, it was very hard to show a place that is lively without being over crowded. Thank you, like i said earlier it was hard to make a place feel bustling but not crowded. I also prefer building with interiors rather then just the face of a building if I can help it. Thank you. I feel as though my minifig collection continues to grow at an exponentiation rate compared to my brick. The wall took me a bit to figure out how much detail to make it. Thank you. The story was actually harder to write then the build was. I've seen how other players have interpreted a lot of the colonial towns and I tried to mirror it as best as I could. Thank you, I've been working on trying to lessen the amount of dialogue in a build and just allow for short easy reads. My minifig collection seems to grow as I see new pieces and look up uniforms from the time period. And do not worry too much about the Oleonese war-machine, just a simple history buff who likes military history......(maybe).....
  13. yes I can here is the link from bricklink{"color":68,"iconly":0}
  14. Captain Jean-Baptiste de Moncey and Lyle Wellington would be honored to be able to attend.
  15. merc

    Rising through the ranks

    I like the build and how the ceremony feels full without being crowded. Clever use of the small arch as a bended knee.
  16. It fun little build. I had a good chuckle at the story.
  17. Here is some of the pieced I have,
  18. This is cool. I have some figured from the old ninja line I’ve wanted to incorporate for a little bit
  19. Congratulations on making canon
  20. Jan 620 Mere, I apologize for the late correspondence. Since last we wrote I talked about a shrine to the god Boreas. It is small and quaint I rather enjoy coming here from time to time to meditate. As usual my little Corrish friend asked a million questions of religion and why it is so ingrained in the minds of the people. I grow tired of the constant badgering about religion vs science, however he do make for a good and trustworthy errand boy. While there my brother Rene came by and gave me a letter of promotion. Additionally he informed of an expedition that was underway and that he secured me a position within it. While being a secretary to the expedition leader is not ideal. The idea of leaving this boring place has a certain appeal to it. I hope to see you soon. Your Son, Jean-Baptiste This build had been sitting on my shelf for a while., but finally had the time and funds to finish it. C&C welcome.
  21. Thank you, I was fund trying to find an appropriate minor god to base the shrine on. Thank you, I know the the faith is based on Greek architecture and after visiting Greece some time ago I was inspired by all the smooth stones. Thank you. the roof was mine too. The difficult part was trying to find a pattern that I liked and that I had enough pieces for. Thank you! I do agree with your point, after looking at the pictures some more I do notice how the walls next to the steps are plan. So the symmetry was a pain due to the colored 1x1 tiles i used at each point to make it look like a compass. I'm pretty sure I had him more centered but I don't remember. My 2 yr old daughter had gotten into my room a view times and took out the statue to play with him.
  22. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or Happy holidays. RL has been hectic and funds a bit scarce. However, now that Christmas has come and gone I found myself with both more bricks and some extra time. I expect one build to be finish and photographed before the end of the year.
  23. The color scheme of the society are well done. I really like the vignette of the crowd in the street. The building and it’s colors give off a great French city feeling and the way the crowd is placed makes it feel like a larger crowd.
  24. @Django Fett I like the character and his profession sounds interesting. I also like the MOC. It’s small yet effective at showing what is going on. Welcome to Oleon.
  25. I echo most other people’s sentiments. The cottage is well made and I liked how there are tents out front with soldiers going about their business.