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Found 7 results

  1. Although difficult to transport through a fresh-cut and narrow jungle road, artillery is a critical component of any modern army. Here some poor souls from the artillery branch work to dislodge their 6lb field gun. Although frustrated, they are surely greatful that they don't operate one of the many larger pieces in the Oleonda Division. Part of 3.Division's march to Seawatch. Thanks, ♧
  2. Jeff of Clubs

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    As word of the coalition's victory at Seawatch speads across the brick seas, it seems everyone is asking, "where is La Grande Armee?" It would seem that even the royal family has been asking this question. A week ago, a group of dour toughs, clad in black and carrying only the seal of the royal family, barged into the headquarters office for the army mustering at Lavalette and demanded an audience with the ranking officer. Major Cambois: "...but he asks the impossible. I need more men." The Stranger: "Tell me. What is the nature of this army's delay in sailing for New Haven and what happened to the general? Major Cambois: "Ah, you see, just as the army moved to the docks to embark, a crane line broke depositing hundreds of poisonous tree frogs of some type all across the harbor." The Stranger: "Sabotage?" Major Cambois: "We don't believe so. In any event, the ordeal took several weeks to rectify and cost us over a hundred casualties." The Stranger: "Your General was among them?" Major Cambois: "Well, no. See, after the battle there were ample slain frogs laying about and as no true blue Oleonese can throw away a perfectly good frog leg, a morale building feast was held." Major Cambois: "Sadly it turns out they were still quite poisonous and we lost the general, another hundred and fifty-two men, and a whole month." The Stranger: "Outrageous! If word of this ever reached the coalition!... We shall have to blame this whole incident on a Lotii spy within headquarters..." Major Cambois: "...megablock..." Thanks, ♧ OOC; I got a Bonsai Tree kit. If, like myself, you struggle with trees and/or floral bits, I can't recommend that kit enough. Plus it has a hundred frogs! Which should come in handy all the time.
  3. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Show of resolve

    "All Oleon forces in the Jiangkai Command are hereby ORDERED to Show Resolve. Tend the wounded, see to the damage of fortifications, actively recruit, etcetera." -El Oleonda Command, Fort Arltrees Intended as the mocced repairs to Jiangkai's fort. I don't have the parts for the unique units stationed there so I got as close as I could. Sorry for the last hour post.
  4. Following the disaster at Jiangkai, rapidly becoming known as the 'Night of Tears', Gran Oleon's El Oleondan HQ has dispatched a brace of staff officers to the Corrington Expeditionary Force's HQ in Ft. Arltrees. This mission is led by one Captain Toussaint, commander of Oleon's finest formal flourish in the entire New Haven Sea. The purpose of this mission is twofold, to beseech the Corries for any information they may have gleaned about the siege of Seawatch and the composition of Lotii forces there, as well as to determine the best use of allied assets on the island. This FB is just a simple, cropped copy of the CEF HQ in Ft. Arltrees that Brickwolf built a few weeks ago and is intended mostly for fluff. A day or so late. Sorry. Boring ol' work stuff
  5. A new arrival in the New Haven Sea, the 'Orphan Lords' are a highly professional mercenary troupe whose origins antedate the Lotii domination of their homeland of Peri by some two hundred years. They are the scions of the indigenous army of landed nobility who once ruled Peri. Today that legacy translates into a highly disciplined 'esprit de corps' with a fearsome record for bloody-minded charges and tenacious defense. (Above: Flower of the Lotus Cat1a entry) Although few Madrician accounts exist of these career-soldiers, their current use of modern flinklock smoothbore muskets and close-order drill indicate a recent and effective Madrician-style military reform. As a professional mercenary company, keeping up with the latests innovations can be as important as the actual fight and the Orphans clearly haven't been idle. They have been observed to fight as Madrician line-infantry and light infantry. In uniform and out. In raids, boarding actions and pitched battles all around their homeland and other Lotii possessions. Potential recuits must have battlefield experience and the capacity to purchase and maintain their own weapon and tunic, outside these loose stipulations, troops are encouraged to equip and dress themselves comfortably. With them is a weapon common throughout Lotii holdings, a cetbang. Usually employed on fortess walls or mounted to the hulls of ships, these 'light' breach-loading swivel guns render tremendous, rapid-firing, anti-personnel capabilities upon its wielders. Shot or shrapnel is pre-loaded into what is essentially a series of iron mugs and sealed with wax. The Orphan Lords have been operating these vigorously for such a length of time, that it is not uncommon to see a battery of maneuverable, man packed cetbangs integrated at the battalion level. They do not seem to speak the Lotii tongue naturally and an attache from one of the Lotus Banner Armies (center) assists with translation and keeps a close eye on the officers. In addition, the Lotus and Peri seem to have a mutual hostility that far outstrips a simple battlefield rivalry. ... Thanks for reading! Was a bit longer than I intended. Been camping on these for a while. Stoked to finally barf 'em up! Seriously though, check out breachloading swivel-guns if you haven't. Blew my mind at just how old and ubiquitous they were. Some were even more gun than any swivel could handle. I used tack putty to keep some of them upright without a base.
  6. "Jan 15th, 622AE; Our arrival at the bluecoat hub of Fort Arltrees recieved a warmer reception than any of our men dared hope for. During the journey, rumors abounded as to the loyalties of our hithertofore enemies within the enlisted ranks. Fears of marching out to do battle with the Lotii, only to find our traditional enemies in our rear, were serious concerns right up until the day we landed. As our battalion moved through the city to our bivouacs, we encounted one of the largest markets I have ever seen and a crowd of smiling locals filled the streets to greet us. Some even trying to foist bottles of wine and loaves of fresh bread upon us as we marched. The lieutenant politely declined these advances and became cross with a couple men who had accepted a kask of rum from a local suttler." "With only a few exceptions, our welcome to Fort Arltrees was a warm affair." "I must make a note to visit that market while we are still here. I have no doubt there could be something perfect for everyone in the family. Even grandpa!" -Excerpt from the journal of Willian 'Bill' Morley, Private, Corrington's 26th Regiment of Foot Thanks! As always, C and C welcome and if there is a lore issue, I'll edit accordingly. To be licensed as a small residence in Fort Arltrees. This is an attempt to duplicate some of the building styles I've seen in the lovely MOCs you all have posted lately. A special thanks to Ayrlego and Evancelt for their excellent tutorials on base building.
  7. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Pickets

    Some quick moc-ups for some Oleon activity in the New Haven Sea. Preperations and the like. Fusiliers of the fabled Essener's Death's Heads, join in patrols and picket duties alongside our own infantry on the outskirts of Fort Arltrees. A company of these stout Carnite line-infantry have been garrisoned at Fort Arltrees since the previous Battle of El Oleonda. ... Meanwhile, in Nouveau Oleandia, a newly arrived "one-man-army" assumes picket duties around the settlement. Banging drums, firing off rigged muskets in volleys and brutalizing an old sheet of tin with his sword, the lout attempts to conflate the size of the garrison for any distant observers. Thanks! Just some scenes to convey activity in these settlements as the issue looms. Bit busy for a week or two but squeezed these in this week. Stumbled on @Khornes boys in the archives. I am hoping they are actually still in Ft Arltrees. If not, lemme know and I'll rework it.