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  1. Which is funny because my skeletons form the most elite Black Falcon unit, though one deserted and joined Redbeard's crew.
  2. I'm planning on buying at least one. The peasant with the cow from LKC will become the cheesemaker and the blacksmith will be the richest guy in town. I feel like the lack of cow is overblown. This set also helps to downplay the blacksmith size disparity, since I can just cast the blacksmith as an overly rich landlord who just smiths in his free time.
  3. Gkaiser100

    [MOC] Redwall Feast

    I loved the two Redwall books and one game I played. Is this a specific scene from one of the books or something original?
  4. It's funny, that was one of the sets I gazed at in the back of my city manuals back in 2009. I never even got one copy of it 😞. I think it was because I wanted 2 so I could make a closed-back building. I would've been happy just to have one for my bus. While I knew of the older sets from a library book, I didn't start investigating until I was a TFOL. Then I got on the internet and searches for Space, Castle, and Pirates on YouTube showed me the Classics. I've never longed for them like the sets from 2007-12, however. Though a neighbor gave me 1997's Interstellar Starfighter from UFO, it being the only set to survive the great purge of 2012. It's now the jewel of my modern collection. These days I buy whichever sets strike my fancy. Sometimes there are set that in hindsight would've been good to pick up, but I chose not to have them so it doesn't sting like the those sets. Nostalgia for me is Fantasy Castle, Indiana Jones (first set I had minifigures), Kingdoms, Atlantis, SPIII, 2008-12 City, SpongeBob, and Power Miners.
  5. Gkaiser100

    [MOC] Medieval bridge and water mill

    The landscape reminds me of what I plan to do for my layout, although mine is post-apocalyptic fantasy themed.
  6. Gkaiser100

    [ IDEAS ] The King's Citadel !

    This is pretty cool. It doesn't fit with my collection plans, but I hope it makes it through. I know a lot of people were disappointed with LKC's lack of king, though there'd be no Duchess Matilda for my layout without that decision.
  7. My backstory is that the Blacksmith asked for an old, unused, manor in return for a major solid he did the Black Falcon leader. That's why it isn't in the best repair.
  8. Gkaiser100

    [MOC] Majisto and the party of dragons

    I like how the way this is done causes you to imagine the lead up. The scene just cuts between the party and the Dragon sliding out of the dungeon until the moment of the MOC.
  9. Gkaiser100

    Future Castle Sets?

    Getting a fourth 3in1 castle is a bit beyond the line for me. I already have the Viking Village purchased. After that it's a slew of sets to make the post-apocalyptic fantasy world I'm making a layout of. A third may be to big an ask, but I'll probably be able to balance it in.
  10. If I buy the set becuase of the box only to not like it later, I'll disassemble. Otherwise I usually buy it to put in my displays, so I'm careful on whatever I pick. I don't count modding or combos as true disassembly, since the spirit is preserved.
  11. Gkaiser100

    Future Castle Sets?

    20 would be nearly double the yearly budget I've designated for Lego. Gotta save some money for a house to put the table in.
  12. Gkaiser100

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I skipped series 1 due to the upcoming rescue mission for my collection in storage. I almost grabbed a snack shack though. I wouldn't have such a problem with resellers if there wasn't a 30,000 limit. I think there should be a 1 every 24 hours cap on top of the overall 2 cap. Within 24 hours everyone who could've and would've has had time when they were both awake and off work to take care it. Maybe a week just to play it safe. A lot more happy people would have Mountain Fortress in that scenario.
  13. Gkaiser100

    deceive the customer using the fame of LEGO models

    I once bought a set off ebay that claimed to be Pirates of Barracuda Bay, but when it came was a knockoff. They then changed the description after I bought it. Thankfully Ebay saw the edit history and refunded me. Now I only buy at Lego.com or BL for Lego. Non-Lego is purchased at its respective site. I wish some places had a better method for hunting fake Lego.
  14. Gkaiser100

    Future Castle Sets?

    I'm planning to buy a second 3in1 castle and combine it with my first, I've found a mod on Rebrickable that I like for it, but I may try to just mod it myself and save 10 bucks. I actually prefer it to the Mountain Fortress because I'm casting the Black Falcons as the less resource rich faction. I plan on buying the new Medieval Town Square in order to have a village with the 3in1 double-up. I like the set, but the tavern looks a little funky so I think I will eventually mod it into two buildings. I think both the Medieval Blacksmith and the LKC were aimed at adults. The latter to scratch that itch you couldn't scratch as a kid; the former because you're an adult interested in more detail now. I mostly bought the former for the extra black falcon troops for the 3in1. The LKC I bought to expand my castle world.
  15. Hello everybody, nice to meet you! First off, Lego: I have been building with Lego since Mom stopped worrying about me choking on them around 2003. My dark age was from 2013-15. Interstellar Starfighter was the only survivor. In 2017 I bought Ninjago City and my idea to have a large Lego table was revived. I originally trimmed some OSB board and converted a top bunk into a table (roughly 7.5x3.5 baseplates). This has been my main set up for years, but is currently in storage awaiting retrieval in April. That happened last year when I moved to Montana. Since moving, I have built a table from OSB and 2x4s. It is about 7x4.5 baseplates. This has changed my trajectory, as now the Lego hobby that dragged me here has intersected with my writing hobby. I accidentally brought a shoebox of Lego stuff, plus a squad of Black Falcons to Montana with me. I've since bought the viking ship and village. One day I was posing out a little scene of the Black Falcons visiting the Vikings when an idea hit me. Now I'm building a kingdom called Norwesia (Northwest - t&h + the suffix ia) across the two Lego tables and a large dresser. That's a little too much for this post, however. My other interests: Writing is my biggest hobby aside from Lego, and recently they've begun to merge into each other as they were competing for mental space. My current story idea revolves around the growing civil tension between Duchess Matilda of House McMane and Countess Jean of House Darkfowl in the Kingdom of Norwesia. My third biggest hobby (in the sense of a chore I enjoy) is auto repair. My Ford is getting older, and keeping it running as my daily is fun when it doesn't disrupt my Lego collecting. I do have some Mega Brands from when I was younger. I couldn't afford Lego's large pirate ships, and they didn't license Halo. Aside from the pirate ship which Dad intervened to save, the Halo stuff survived by being in a more remote box to the more well-used Lego. I sometimes get a small set still. I grew up loving the Titanic. This expanded into a general love of all things nautical and/or historical. This in turn fed into my favorite themes being Pirates and Castle. I also like video games and anime, but they're falling more and more by the wayside as my Lego dream becomes reality. I work retail and I'm somehow blessed with enough money for my Lego Hobby and saving for the future, which leaves me biased towards more expensive purchases.