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  1. Ragana9289

    [MOC] NCS Recon Bubblescout

    Amazing model!
  2. Ragana9289

    [MOC] NCS Recon Bubblescout

    Cool homemade product!
  3. Ragana9289

    My NCS Series Remastered :)

    Loocs awesome!
  4. Ragana9289

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday I bought 80012 -Monkey King Warrior Mech .
  5. Ragana9289

    [MOC] Egrett VV

    Loocs fantastic!
  6. Ragana9289

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I liked the new cubes.
  7. Ragana9289

    [MOC] Atomic Express

    Tantastic homemade product!
  8. Ragana9289

    [MOC] Robo Stalker

    Wow! Space model!
  9. Ragana9289

    [MOC] Miles Davis

    Loocs awesome!
  10. Ragana9289

    [MOC] Star Hawk II

    Of this sub-series, only the monorail was in our catalog.