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    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    12- 1 4- 1 9- 1
  2. 15: 10 10: 6 5: 4 24: 3 16: 2 17: 1
  3. Uoit32

    [MOC] Copenhagen Airport - Pier E

    Oh, wow, I mean, just wow. Being a professional architect and working in an office, I always wonder how it would be to present a work like you did. I tried last summer for a new complex but my boss reject the idea, too scared when I explain the search and buying for the rights bricks, choice of different techniques, time to wait for pieces, so went the no-lego way. I've should prepare some prototypes to begin with. Your result it's amazing, and a lesson. thank you.
  4. Uoit32

    Peace & War Square

    Very impressive. I love any details of this set. The pub is amazing and Alice Arch is beyond wonderful.I like very much also the ground pictures.
  5. Uoit32

    MOC: And Then There Were None

    Great Idea! Great Work! I totally love the building, the details. I'm melted with delight.