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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, A couple days back I posted a review on my YT channel about the 7740. I'm sure many of you know that set- it's a very iconic train, right up there with the Metroliner and Super Chief. I wanted to share it here for anyone looking for new information on it, or if you have no idea what the 7740 is and want to learn a little about the 12v system and its most iconic train. Hopefully this video contains valuable knowledge for you!
  2. Hello everywhere, I love the "old" trains f. e. the 7740 or - of course - the 7750, but I don't have 12V tracks. So I modified a 7740 for powered up, have much fun:
  3. Hi Lego train fans, I have recently bought a 7740 set and was told that there are two versions of green tray of early 12v trains sets' packaging. The early one has no side support in every corner of the green tray with relatively narrower top surface, whereas later version has thicker top surface and triangle support in each corner. In terms of tray's wall, I was told that early version is thinner and later versions. Any detail or knowledge train tech fans know about the difference of 12v train boxes packaging?
  4. As the title says really. Has anyone created anything like this? Would love to see them if so. Same goes for the other way round too. I've seen a nice long base 7710 carriage before on here. Look forward to seeing anything you've created along these lines!
  5. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    Panorama wagon for my 7740 set

    Hello everyone, before posting my new locomotive I want to share this simple MOC with you: the panorma coach for the glorious 7740! The idea was born from the desire to have an observation car with the same features of the set 4547 but with a roof profile with inclination of 33 degrees The internal structure is an exact replica from the original 4547 set, and the car will be inserted between the passenger car and sleeping car of my 7740 A simple and effective MOC for the 80's train lovers See you soon with my next locomotive!
  6. There's probably a couple of you who saw just the 1500km round-trip part in the "Shameful Confessions" thread. For those who don't know I'm from Canada. Tariffs are a pain here, and 12V lego is virtually non-existent anywhere in the Americas. If you spend 48 hours, you are permitted $800, so I managed to grab a few outer rails for my blue 12V stuff, a few cross overs and managed to snag a great deal on a pair of monorail points. Ever since seeing pictures on social media from a friend I've had the abandoned turnpike on my bucket-list. The key has been finding a legitimate reason to go there. An auction winning from just inside the Virginia border would finally be the catalyst - stated on E-bay local pickup only. After much back-and-forth between the sellers and myself, along with a friend's house that I stayed at - around the Pittsburgh area. We settled on a date, and then it was just me my car, my friends and 1500km on the road. (For those with a keen eye for violations, my car was in park while taking pictures in juristrictions where there are laws against that kind of thing. I also had some help in the car. It's about an hour an a half to the US border. I selected the "Rainbow Bridge" because it was the long weekend. The picture, and by far the clearest I've ever seen in my lifetime at that location, is the duty free store, just prior to hoping on the bring. It's usually more time efficient to cross at the Peace Bridge, but inbound visiting the US, it's usually the worst or near worst of the three options. In all I spent about 30 minutes in queue awaiting customs. It's a pretty spectacular view. This is the view just prior to entering Grand Island. There's not much on the island, other than a small them park of sorts, which looks very dated. There's a $1 toll to cross into the island. This view, you can see the Skylon Tower, Minolta and the Casino down by the Falls. Obviously the bridge to the island. I look some Panoramas, and eventually I'll get around to processing some of those. I love the blue on these bridges. I was just weirded out by these patterns, it's as if they wanted to prevent walking on grass at all costs. You can't really walk in a straight or perpendicular line at all, this is from the lookout, where the pic of the bridges was taken. Bridges leaving the island are more attractive. But man are they skinny!! Welcome to PA!! This was the 10 minutes of driving on the way out where it rained, not hard, just just got a little rain. PA is the northern border of where we can get this stuff and OMG!! That sweet, sweet nectar. I was so hungry but it was totally worth waiting for Pennsylvania for the Sweet Tea. I can't get this at home and every day without it I die a little inside.
  7. roamingstop

    Pantographs: From Old to New

    Im debating how to proceed with re-energising some of my older models; either leave them exactly as they were or bring them up to more modern designs; and it got me thinking about pantograph designs over the ages; and actually which ones work best. And importantly, if the models are updated (as in fact all real life locomotives were) would changing the pantographs make sense Taking as an example 7740: brick built pantograph (plates and studs) - which wont fit nicely inside a 10027 Engine shed Through some I used on a custom MOC to Steinkopfs excellent ones And onwards to the Horizon Express Which are about as modern as you can get. My questions really are what to do with the older models - does it really make sense to update pantographs to more realistic versions; and if so; which designs are recommended? Would you go for realistic; or functional (assuming imagary wires); or lego-istic (7740 style)...
  8. Hi Everyone, Many PF users would be familiar with this battery box: Pro's : Takes AA batteries (6xAA should last longer than 6xAAA) Cheap (about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price of the AAA 8x4x4 version) I seem to have lots of spares Cons: Awkward shape Too large to fit in the 'compartment' section of most trains Not many studs Anyway, as I had some of these battery boxes sitting around, and I wanted to convert my: 7740 12V to PF; and 4511 9V to PF using the 9V motor with PF attachment, I have made the following attempts and shown the approach below with some pictures. Please take note.... I'm not suggesting this is better or even equivalent to using the AAA or rechargeable battery box...... ....just something I have done to make use of my AA battery boxes . Hopefully it might be useful to someone !! 4511: World City High Speed Train New Carriage: Tha AA battery box revealed: Held in place by four pins in each end (and gravity): And the flawless (get it? ) reason this battery fits : 7740: Inter-City Passenger Train I'm not as pleased with the look of this one - which is a bit over utilitarian....but hey...on a practical level it does the job !! Roof is modified in the front for the IR receiver and in the rear for the protrusion of the battery: The switch is integrated into the pantograph, which slides into the three different positions (camera also shows my 1x6 black plate in need of a good clean ): Removal is easy enough: From the rear: All the best. Please feel free to fire any questions at me. I have the lights working in the 4511 and my next project is to do the equivalent in the 7740. Cheers LLL