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  1. Just got that postcard-folder from one of my collegaues (who knows I like LEGO). Unfortunately there are only 15 postcards left; the rest have been used as intended - as postcards...! One of those not posted on 1000steine is more resembling a blue castle than a villa - very creative use of what was available of bricks in 1985.
  2. ArneNielsen

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Friends, Bing Bang Theory, Seinfeld - all of them American sitcoms. Where are all the rest-of-the-World sitcoms - like Parsom said, English ones like Monty Python or 'Allo, or Fawlty Towers, or The Office (original), or... I get it, that they dont make sets from non-English sitcoms (German, Spanish/South American, Korean, Norwegian (Fleksnes!), French, etc.) - but do everything have to be American?
  3. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] Luxury Fishing Yacht with realistic stern

    Very realistic! And I love the Titanic reference at the bow - her face is just perfect for this scenario!
  4. ArneNielsen

    Ideas for CMFs

    A couple of Corona-months late with seeing this, but as always its a fantastic flock of minifigs you have made! I must admit though, that I am disappointed that the Zulu Warrior is not brown - it just dont look right in yellow. If the nymph can be blue, so a Zulu should be able to be brown. My favorite is definately the violinist!!!!
  5. In that picture, the Athlete looks more like a spear-and-shield gladiator than an olympic gold medal winner...!
  6. ArneNielsen

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] We choose to be Imperial

    Amazing - and it have a lot of "Battlestar Galactica"-feeling...!
  7. Oh, thanks for clarifying this!
  8. I know this is probably far out, but we have never had a CMF for the most coveted licensed product: Star Wars....!
  9. I remeber when the floatings boats came out, with the stiffies minifigs - that meant the World to me, as I now had people to play with as well as buildings and vehicles. I had LEGO before that, but the figs started my LEGO obsession for real - and of course it only multiplied with the introduction of the actual minifig. Jens died of ALS, just like another genius, Stephen Hawkins - it could also be called the Genius Killer Disease.
  10. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] Once upon a book

    Very clever use of cross-wrenchs for the fence!
  11. ArneNielsen

    Rushy CMF Series 20 Guessing Game

    But you got a grand total of 100+ designs, that are way better than Series 20...!
  12. Actually its not a spring, but a feather/plume... And this is "female minifigure" - maybe this is supposed to be a heptathlon athlete (javelin and shot put is two of the 7 disciplines in Women Hepthalon)?
  13. Except that there was a sorceress on a list with no hits
  14. ArneNielsen

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    According to FBTB, the prices ARE really high:
  15. ArneNielsen

    Rushy CMF Series 20 Guessing Game

    Viking Boy or Girl Taxi Driver Female graduate Vatican Guard Handball player Social Worker Headbanger (long haired heavy rocker) Jogger Bobsleigh driver Strict burocrat/office worker Economist w/graphs Paramedic Asphalt worker (or old stone road worker) Electrician Hairdresser