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  1. ArneNielsen

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    This just shows, why it is so difficult to make LEGO sets for the WHOLE world - as there are no tractor races in a country like Denmark, its mostly an USA thing (but we have championships in ploughing!). As a matter of fact, farms and farming are VERY different around the world, and indeed farming is a very broad term. Pigfarms are different from diary farms, that are different to corn-farms, that are different to chicken farms, that are different to wheat farms, that are... Modern farming has a high degree of specialisization; the kind of farm I grew up on in the 60ties with both cows, pigs, hens, barley, turnips, hay - that kind of farm hardly exists anymore.
  2. ArneNielsen

    Ideas for new Architecture sets

    Unfortunately, these buildings are not in Copenhagen, but 300 kilometers away in Billund - and Billund is a small village, and dont really have a skyline... But inspired by LEGO, there is a new building in Copenhagen: BLOX (where Danish Architecture Society resides):
  3. ArneNielsen

    World City Theme Discussion

    OK, I will admit to this: I have all the World City sets, like I have all the Jack Stone city sets. And there IS some World City sets that I really like: 10027 Train Engine Shed - because it was unique and awesome (even if you really needed two to make it long enough for most train engines) 7032 Undercover Van - because it was almost pure Men In Black! 7047 Coast Watch HQ - because it was something else (and I have this odd love and obsession about baseplates!) But then again, I am not much of a MOC'er, so I dont mind the big bricks. And by the way: I like the 4+ sets in generel, as there are NEVER stickers in those, only printed bricks.
  4. ArneNielsen

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    And you are writing this on a place called EURObricks... Unfortunately, here in Denmark the discounts on HS is far from the ones @Hoth Rebel experiences in the Netherlands; best discount is 30% on the High School, and thats from a web-seller specialising in discounts. But I agree, that the box-art is NOT a selling point!
  5. ArneNielsen

    Which is the best CMF Series? Thanks for playing

    I agree with others - it was a great game, thanks for taking the time Itaria! I personally voted for Series 5. Series 6 is great, but there are too many figs that dont really interest me (alien, robotta, skater girl, pink astronaut), whereas there is only one fig in Series 5 that leaves me cold (snowboarder). I especially like the graduate, the vet, and the mobster.
  6. So basically all minifigs could be criminals - no wonder there have to be so many police stations! Unfortunately, there are no courtrooms and no jails, so the criminals get caught and put in police station detentions, but they are never sentenced and jailed... There is a judge of course, but where do he hold court?
  7. Plus in order to have a stripy prisoner shirt, you have to 1) have been imprisoned 2) escaped from prison, not released. So where are all the first-time offenders, all the smart criminals who dont get caught, and all the released prisoners who return to their criminal trade?
  8. ArneNielsen

    Minifig Scale Model of our House!!!

    And using only basic bricks - nice work! And nice house you live in, by the way
  9. ArneNielsen

    Stickers isn't a big deal! Or is it?

    I have a well played set 375 Yellow Castle, and a likewise well played 677 Knights Prosession, both from 1978. The knights from the castle has stickers, the knights from the procession are printed. The Castle knight stickers are still holding on, but they are very worn on the edges, and simply dont look good anymore, whereas the procession knights printing are still as sharp as they were 41 years ago. So yes, I am one of those who really hate stickers, and really love printed bricks!
  10. No - the available items for Denmark at Shop-at-Home dont include retail exclusives - so these are basically impossible to get here
  11. I was at once thinking The Silver Shroud from Fallout 4 when I saw this minifig - just lacking the silver tommy gun.
  12. ArneNielsen

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    Well, in my country (Denmark, where LEGO originates), the average height of young males is 181 cm...
  13. ArneNielsen

    Visiting Billund

    I dont know if you realise, that Billund is a very small town, less than 7.000 inhabitants?!?!!? So its not like there are scores of outside-Legoland restaurants to choose from. There is a Community Centre (Billund Centret) with a café, but except from that there are a full 3 restaurants in the whole city! Two Italian inspired (mostly pizza) Bellini Ristorante, and Restaurante IL Bambino, and American inspired Bones (spareribs). To find more tradional Danish food you have to go outside Billund, to the small towns of Vorbasse or Grindsted. And thats not feasible by public transport.
  14. Thats waht a real rugby players head looks like after being squeezed at the bottom of the pile of players!
  15. ArneNielsen

    LEGO half year financial report

    You should differentiate between The LEGO Company, and the Kirkbi Foundation. It is not TLC who bought back Disneyland, it is the foundation - and the foundation DOES have a lot of money to toss around. Kirkbi gets the profits from TLC each year, as they (for tax reasons) are the actual owners of TLC, so Kirkbi has amassed a lot of money over the past 50+ years. In the years when TLC did badly, and lost money, it was Kirkbi who covered the losses, so TLC could continue.