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  1. I have almost all the Elves sets, and I love the minidolls, even if I normally builds with minifigs. About using minifigs instead of minidolls in Elves sets, take a look back at Paradisa. A true minifig series, with buildings easily incorporated into traditional City. But AFOLs back then hated Paradisa! And LEGO sells much more Friends sets to girls, than they did with Paradisa. So yes, in my opinion, it is the right thing to use minidolls, not minifigs, in the Elves theme.
  2. ArneNielsen

    Medieval inn "The Golden Key"

    Amazing! Like others, I too like the small details. Especially how you use a wizard hat as blue milk tipping out of the barrel - it looks just perfect!
  3. ArneNielsen


    I dont recognize the set, but the design of the instruction sheet looks very much like the ones I have from the East German clone brand PEBE On second thought, I dont think its PEBE. Difficult to see at the small picture, but it dont really look like PEBE bricks. Maybe another clone? Does it say "LEGO" in the small text at the bottom of the sheet?
  4. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] - Miradouro Turistic Train

    Impressive! Just wondering, in the photograph the real train have the vents horizontal, while you did your build with them vertical - is that on purpose?
  5. ArneNielsen

    Why is Constraction So Disrespected?

    As a LEGO fan, I have always found great inspiration in trying to use everything LEGO have made incorporated in the same build. I have used System with DUPLO, Znap, Bionicle, Jack Stone, Belville - I just see it as an interesting challenge. An example, where a Belville baseplate is combined with DUPLO wall bricks and System bricks and figs: Another example, where a Bionicle part is used as a window in an icecave: I must admit though, that I still haven't managed to combine Galidor with anything else - but, hey, thats a mountain still waiting to be climbed. So I just dont get all the fuss about loving and hating different LEGO themes. To quote: "Everything is awesome"!
  6. ArneNielsen

    Chemicals terminal

    Amazing!!!! That ship looks a lot like a gas-tanker, like "Betty Nordgas":øfarts-billedarkiv/archive/Arkiv-73/
  7. ArneNielsen

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    That is a massive task indeed! I just wish I had the available space to do something similar, but a 3-room apartment dont leave much free room. Most of my LEGO bricks are in large boxes in a basement room I rent in a house a few hundred metres from mine, but its still a challenge to find what I need in a little box in a big box in a big heap of big boxes...
  8. ArneNielsen

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    Over the past 60 years, I have collected a lot of other toys, but these days its only LEGO and Playmobil. Sadly, my eleven years younger brother inherited most of my childhood toys, so they are now long gone.
  9. ArneNielsen

    [Minifigs] Horgaard Inhabitants

    Nice figs, great stories. And I am really flattered, that one is named "Arne" :)
  10. ArneNielsen

    Hi from Copenhagen

    Well, maybe she has, but you know, working in an office is like working in any other office. It was back in the USSR times, where the Soviet Union didnt pay LEGO in money, but in commodities. My sister worked in this "toy-for-something" office, where she tried to negotiate which Soviet (and other Eastern European communist countries) odd toys and other stuff could be accepted as payment - as in, not another batch of Babushka dolls, rather something else that could be sold somewhere. But back in those days, all staff in Billund had to participate in test building of new sets. As my sister didnt really care for LEGO bricks (except Fabuland figs), she asked her little brother to do the test-build. So aged 15, I build new sets before they were launched. I still have a copy of the error-form I filled in for the prototype of set 855 Mobile Crane. Somewhere in my basement I have a large number of staff magazines from the 80ties - some day I will have to find them again... Thanks for your kind welcome!
  11. ArneNielsen

    Lego Eras

    Thank you for a great and comprehensive overview. Some might not agree, but I do think you are hitting the same vibes as i do regarding the different periods and their pros and cons. And that is spanning generations, as I was a child in during the Old-School period, my first set being the 330 jeep ( One thing I would like to add for the Old-School period: innovation. The whistle-and-go train ( was decades before its time, only taken up again 30 years later by the Mindstorm line. Unfortunately my dark ages was in the Classic era, so I missed out on a number of the greatest sets ever. Like you, when I got a decent income as an adult, I tried to make up for that on ebay and other similar sites, but I still miss a lot. One other noteworthy aspect: how the number of sets per year have exploded, with 50 in 1979, to more than 800 in 2018. You could be a completist in the Classic Era, impossible to be that in the Modern Era.
  12. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    What an attention to detail. You even got the one-eyed Wotan (or Odin) spot on, with his ravens Hugin and Munin. Excellent work!
  13. ArneNielsen

    How do you Manage Your LEGO Addiction?

    Wish you had that as well - but more organized than mine. I used to have organized bricks in lots of containers, but with space filling up with new boxes, there is no room left to any resemblence of organization. The opened boxes are flattened and stored, the instructions are in binders on the shelves, but the bricks - they are all over the place. Some sets are disassembled, others are still assembled, but store in big boxes with other random sets. Like others said in this thread, I am dreaming of one day to have a big hall with space for everything nicely put on display - well, maybe a hall is the wrong word, an aeroplane hangar would be more fitting! Those pics where last year - my living room is much more crowded now - I would bang my head into a wall in frustration over my foolishness in buying more LEGO, but I have no free walls to bang against...
  14. ArneNielsen

    How do you Manage Your LEGO Addiction?

    Being 61, single, no kids - means that I am screwed too. With more than 30 years of LEGO addiction, space is the real problem for me. My apartment is filled, my storage room in the basement is filled - and the extra storage room I rented is filled too. The square metres are done with, there might be a bit of cubic metres left...
  15. ArneNielsen

    Hi from Copenhagen

    My name is Arne, I was born in 1958, and have had LEGO in my life since I was 6 years old. When I turned 15, my sister got a job in the LEGO Company in Billund (in sales), where she worked for 12 years, leading her little brother into the LEGO world. I have been a member at LUGNET since 2001. However, despite the fact that I have more than 4000 LEGO sets, I am not a LEGO purist; I also have MegaBrand and other clones. Arne, Copenhagen, Denmark