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  1. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] Holckenhus

    I also bike past it almost every day, so I can say for sure, that your build not only catches the looks of the building, but also the feel / vibe. Wonderful build - I am envious! I know, that it would probably be a bit much work (and too many bricks) to also build the rest of the angled building.
  2. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] A Thirst For Vengeance

    That part with the poor soul covered in discarded bones are clearly inspired by the Nordic tale of Hjalte in Rolf Krakes castle - very nice interpretation!!
  3. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] National Library of Ireland

    As someone who works at a National Library, I can really appreciate the attention to detail you have put into this masterpiece. It is simply mindblowing! I once build a scale model of my workplace, the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, but in microscale - I can hardly fathom how many hours the two of you have spend in building in this amazing minifig-scale
  4. ArneNielsen

    [MOC] The Ruins of Green Mire Keep

    Wonderful build! It reminds me of the Witcher3 game - several places, like the wizards spooky island with the ruined castle - and the necromancer...!!!
  5. ArneNielsen

    Abbreviated review: 60293 Stunt Park

    The new Stuntz theme has not really caught my eye, but I budged today, and bought set 60293 on deep discount. Two instructions (unnumbered), two numbered bags, and an unnumbered bag with all the big pieces. I am not really familiar with the whole Stuntz setting, but this looks straight out of the game Fallout, with depilated buildings, and mutated giant spiders. The girl rides the bike, and holds a baseball bat. Why? Is she goint to smack a pinãta? Or is she fighting the spider? Or is she going to take down the competition, Cloned Elvis?? And I am not sure, that many parents will want to have their kids go around in ruins and fight dangerous animals... Thats the problem with this set in my eyes: it dont really know what it want to be, so it tries to be several things at once. If the setting had been a normal skatepark, without the giant spider, it could have been a nice set. Now, to the good things: the bricks. No stickers, so both the "Caution"-sign, and the spider-sign, are printed. And so are the two wooden boards! So LEGO still produces printed boards - why is so many other sets using stickers for that??? There are two half road plates, two slopes, and of course the new pull-back bike. Two minifigures, a suburban wannabe Harley Quinn, and a cloned Elvis. Nice outfits on both - as far as I know both torsos might be unique? The girl has a pink top with purple spiderweb-design, and SPORT printed on the back. Cloned Elvis has a dark green jacket with a red eagle design on the back. The different parts of the set are all separate, so the bike can knock down the doorway, the walls, the flames, the barrels, the cones. So, in my very biased opinion: Playability: 9/10 (lots of things to knock over, if thats what you like to do) Parts: 7/10 (many big parts, but some nice printed bricks) Minifigs: 9/10 Price: not sure, as I got my set on discount Overall: 5/10 - as the set itself dont really make any sence. .
  6. Great review, as all others done by White Fang! This is one of the few series, where I just get one copy of each fig - simply beacuse I have absolutely no knowledge of any of the figs, nor the series you qoute. There is really nothing in any of the figs that I like - the only feeling I got when i looked at the series was "Oh no, not another Spidey figure - as if I didnt already have scores of Spideys".
  7. Django, yes, but not The Hateful Eight - even if Tarantino claims it is his best film, it is the least liked (and seen) film of his. Personally, as much as I love Tarantino films, I felt that Hateful has so many plot-holes, that it didnt make any sence at all, and I really didnt like it. Even Academy Award winning films like the Unforgiven from 1992 didnt spark a renewed interest in the Western theme, at least not among kids.
  8. I agree completely - different toys for different occasions. Though I must say, that most kids I know have both LEGO and Playmobil, and they happily mix them together when playing. It was more a statement to the previous messages about prices and plastic. I dont have the actual weight here where I am now, but I can say, that the Playmobil set is much heavier than the Lego set, with more plastic. Playmobil is manufactured in Europe (Germany of course, but primarily fabrics in Malta), and the plastic is of excellent quality. I have Playmobil from 40 years ago, and its neither warped nor miscoloured. And in the 400+ Playmobil sets I have bought, I have never encountered damaged or missing pieces. So the product quality, and the quality control, are not subpar to LEGO. As also stated perviously in this thread, it is most likely the amount of pieces, and thus the amount of forms, that make up for a big part of the price difference.
  9. Even if LEGO is Danish, Playmobil covers almost as much shelf-space as LEGO in Danish supermarkets. And Playmobil is cheaper. Last week I bought in the same supermarket two sets on offer: LEGO 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation (, and Playmobil 9373 Arc of Noah (and yes, Playmobil dont mind making religious sets) The LEGO set was appx. 95 USD, and the Playbobil set was appx. 45 USD. Both sets are about rescuing wildlife, but where LEGO has 5 animals (and some croc eggs), Playmobil has 20 animals. If only LEGO had dropped the strange belt-vehicle, they could have added at least one more animal - a missed opportunity in my eyes. I am very fond of both LEGO and Playmobil, and both products have their ups and downs. By the way, for those who dont know Playmobil: the Playmobil figures have interchangeable legs, torsos, heads, and accessories, so there is a wide range of customization.
  10. LEGO headquarters here in Denmark just made a press release about the financial outcome of the first half year of 2021. Two interesting tidbits: The sales rose astonishing 46% compared to same period in 2020. Best selling themes was: LEGO® City, LEGO® Star Wars™, LEGO® Harry Potter™, LEGO® Creator Expert and LEGO® Technic. So my thoughts: LEGO is still going strong getting stronger, and it is the old established themes that drives the sales.
  11. ArneNielsen

    Ideas for CMFs

    The dentists' x-ray shows healthy teeth - there should be at least one cavity, or the proor man will be out of work...!
  12. ArneNielsen

    Ideas for CMFs

    And yet another excellent set! My personal favorites are Dentist, Volleyball Player, Monkey, and Don Quixote - now I need a Spanish windmill, and Sancho Panza with his donkey...!
  13. ArneNielsen

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Well, my local supermarket has all the new VIDIYO sets on sale at 50% - thats very soon after release. I bought the car and the pirate ship, but after building them, I must say, that I am not impressed.
  14. ArneNielsen

    REVIEW: 43114 Punk Pirate Ship

    I bought this set yesterday in my local supermarket, where all the new Vidiyo sets are at half price. So I will not speak about the price, but the buiilding experience. Unlike Pchan1983 I am not impressed by the set. But admittingly, as the app dont work on my Android phone, I cant use the set as it is intended. The build is intricate, with many nice details, but the overall look of the ship/stage is mostly just confusing. What I dislike most in these sets, are the giant loudspeakers, that destroy any elegance the set could have had. And the back of the stage is strange - why the surfboard? And why a treasure chest - instead of a microwave for the pizza? Its like the set cant agree if it want to be mostly a pirate ship, or mostly a music stage. The Squid minifig is very nice, but I dont really like the Shark and (male?) Mermaid minifigs. One thing that is better than the car (43112) is the sharkhead/cranium, which looks more integrated than the would-be Brickhead did on the car. I know, that I am not the intended target customer for this line, so what I think of the set dont mean anything, but I am nevertheless disappointed - I do think, the sets in this line could have been designed better.
  15. ArneNielsen

    Ideas for CMFs

    Impressive work as always! My personal super-favorite is the factory worker! She fits right in any 40ties or 50ties theme - she would pass the Diner on her way home from the Corner garage. I so much hope that LEGO gets inspired by your excellent work!