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  1. [MOC] Mars Guo Podracer

    Thanks for comments! I'm happy you like it
  2. [MOC] Mars Guo Podracer

    Hi, check out my model of Mars Guo Podracer. It is part of big diorama so more models are coming soon!!
  3. Hi, check out my model of Ebe E. Endocott Podracer. It is part of big diorama so more models are coming soon!! Enjoy!
  4. ARC-170 starfighter

    @Bbafett: Nice build with nice color scheme! For the dark green tile, this might be some acceptable substitution:
  5. [MOC] Battle of Hoth

    Thank you Btw plan your trip to Prague guys! This model and many others will be displayed at exhibition from 1.4. to 30.6.2017, there will be 15 millions (!!!) of bricks and I speak about huge models made by AFOLs, not just heaps of bricks to play or Legoland statues. Here is the webpage of the Brickrepublic exhibition (sorry, only in Czech for now, just put it the translator)
  6. [MOC] Aleginator Class Battlecruiser

    Hehe no problem, the design is clear, I love the usage of the car mudguards.
  7. [MOC] Aleginator Class Battlecruiser

    Thank you! That turret looks really great, I might borrow it one day Thanks! Yes, it is Mars Mission color scheme.
  8. All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    This looks great and huge! I also like your other creations, you should present them on eurobricks also :) Regarding the wheels - I saw them recently on flickr with several photos of instructions how to made them, but I can't find the gallery now.
  9. [MOC] Aleginator Class Battlecruiser

    Thank you! Yes, those wings are tough to use, I don't remember if I used them somewhere else. And you are right about the turrets, I did not think about it so thoroughly
  10. Hello, I'd like to present you my microscale Aleginator cruiser. It is a counterpart to the Proteator built some time ago. I hope you will like it :)
  11. [MOC] Battle of Hoth

    Thank you guys for your nice comments, I'm happy you like it
  12. [MOC] Battle of Hoth

    Thank you, unfortunately these are non-Lego LED diods. I wish that the Lego will one day make a simple, adaptive, and cheap system for lights
  13. Ranger

    The front wheel connection looks little fragile, but otherwise cool MOC!
  14. [LDD MOC] Colonial Vipers

    Great models I really like the detail of engine intakes made out of flags.
  15. [MOCs] My old Star Wars "UCS" models

    Thank you for your comments Thanks, your AT-TE is really great!, it is one of my favorite vehicle (therefore I tried to make it two times :P). I'd like to make some models in the future, maybe Venator again (super smooth) or Theta, but it will not be soon... Well, it is really old stuff for me, that time I would make separate post for each of course, but now I think it is enough :)