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  1. thire5

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Thanks! I was actually thinking about doing this scene in a bigger scale. I have really a lot of dark bluish gray plates, tiles, grills etc. so my idea was a cube with the size of around 30 studs. With some Federation ship(s) in the similar scale like your's
  2. thire5

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    Thanks! I'm happy to hear that the instructions are easy to follow!
  3. thire5

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Thank you! You mean Enterprise E ? I noted in the description that it's portraying Enterprise D, but in this scale it is hard to distinguish so I don't know :D.
  4. Thanks for your help! I had to add those unofficial parts in the LDCad library and then also in "Custom parts" in Works perfectly.
  5. thire5

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Thank you! I'm happy you like it
  6. Thank you for your reply! I finally had time to come back to my project. Unfortunatelly, I was not able to render this part correctly :( I copied the files you provided into correct folders (templates, donors), I also tried to register new folder for Template and Donors in Prefs/LDraw but when I open the file test.mpd it's always missing the end parts. I'm not experienced in LDCad, I installed it as a part of LDraw-all-in-one pack (version 1.6a). My final goal is to import those bended hoses into, but it seems like there will be another obstacle
  7. thire5

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Thanks! This Enterprise was created while I was playing with those pieces, almost by an accident Your Falcon is cute :D
  8. thire5

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Hi, check out my first Star Trek mini MOC. Star Trek vignette by thire5, on Flickr
  9. This model looks great. You managed to put a lot of details while keeping the right proportions. Can't wait for your next project.
  10. thire5

    [MOC] Terminator T-800 bust

    Hi there, I know this is an old topic, but I've recently recreated this model. I'm working on the instructions now, I hope it will be finished in few weeks
  11. Hello, I'd like to ask for help with LSynth. Has anyone ever managed to synhetize this flexible part in MLCad using Lsynth tool ? I found the part entry in LDraw catalog also with three subparts, but I don't know how to use it. They even mention using it with LSynth. I just need to make simple bended shape like it's done in many sets, for example here: Thank you for any help.
  12. thire5

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    Pretty impressive :O. Do you have any estimation of how many pieces does it contain ?
  13. My model was featured in the latest issue of BrickJournal magazine. Thank you so much for this great opportunity Also if you want to see it in person, it will be exposed on the Skærbæk Fan Weekend expo in Denmark (29,30 September) Check out also my new Facebook page for the updates on my new models and events :)
  14. Wow you managed to do the instructions so qucikly! That's amazing. It looks like it's created in Lpub, isn't it ?
  15. thire5

    [MOC] Mos Espa Arena

    Thank you. Actually, I had to modify the scale a bit so it's not so precise. For example the Jabba's balcony is maybe 2x bigger on my model (compared to the circular building) that in the movie.