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  1. thire5

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Clone Wars J-1 Proton Cannon

    Thank looks like a pretty solid build! Congrats to co-op with BV.
  2. thire5

    UCS Star Destroyer Technic frame

    There doesn't seem to be anything off, compared to the instructions. What happens if you unattach those two orange pins? does the frame straighten by itself or does it stay bent?
  3. Millennium Falcon with skeletons of Scanning crew hidden in the cargo stash
  4. Hello and thank you! @dankestmango, @AZgo, @caiman0637, @MAVERICK26 I know it's statring to be "cliché", but it's almost finished, I estimate that it's 98% done This project is way more complicated that I intially expected and I always get stuck on some intricate section of the model...
  5. thire5

    [MOC] Night Buzzard Minifig-Scale

    Looks very cool! I would recommend you to create a flickr gallery and upload the photos of your model(s) there. Then it's easier to link the photos here :)
  6. Hello, I recently started collaboration with The Brick Collective & Brick MOON and they offer the whole Lego sets of my Eta-2 starfighter models, if anyone is interested - limited red Eta-2 (with original R4 droid piece) and yellow Eta-2
  7. thire5

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    Both models are stunning for sure. I can only compare the pictures, but I think that Eviscerator has better details along the sides of the ship as mentioned before. Monarch is using only simple wedges 3x6 with a lot studs visible (in contrast with the rest of the design). One more thing that bothered me a little on Monarch is the usage of old and expensive parts, for example 124 x Light gray Hinge Tile 1 x 2 1/2 with 2 Fingers on Top (with average price 4euro for one new piece). The Eviscerator would probably be more optimized to use more recent and available parts, but maybe I'm wrong.
  8. Thank you! That was actually my plan. The main hangar doors will be openable but unfortunately I was not able to install any slide door mechanism, there is not enough space (should have built the model 1,5x bigger :D ). The way to open it will be just simply unattach each door part and attach/clip them to another marked place
  9. Thank you for comments! Small update - fixed the issues with bridge discussed above^ - the whole "wing" section is way more complicated that I thought, I had to rebuild the side "flaps" maybe 5 times and I still haven't properly attached those around the hangar. Ideally, each section of side "flaps" would be attached with two small ball joins to make it stable.
  10. Playwell bricks is doing some youtube tutorials, check it out
  11. @PusH aah, I see :) As @Kristof said, it would change the angle. This front part of the bridge is very tricky and it's not easy to do it like the other middle parts (SNOT) because of the trans blue windows and other things attached. But I will try to rework this part. And the rear part nearby vents/grilles is indeed sloped a little, but I thought the angle is so small that no one would notice :D will se what I can do Thank you guys :)
  12. @PusH Ok, I think I know what you mean :) It is based on the original model. There is some kind of step on the rear side of the "tower". Maybe this picture answers your question?
  13. Thanks, that's very kind! :) I'm working on the real model now mostly. I had to update few parts that I have made earlier digitally, because they turned out to be not enough stable. It is quite challenging to find the balance between accuracy and stability. Thanks, I was thinking about similar idea of opening doors -in my current solution, it is possible to open the side hangar by sliding out some part of the hangar and manually replace the door piece for the "open one". It is not as smooth as you suggest but it might be enough for now. Your suggestion sounds interesting though and I will keep your idea in mind for future improvements :)
  14. Thanks for the comment, this is the current progress :)
  15. thire5

    [MOC] Citroen DS

    Hello, sorry for opening old topic, but do you have the plans/instructions or 3D file available? (LLD or studio) I would be very interested in building this. Thank you!