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  1. Thanks! it has around 5.5k parts right now. I expect around 9000 in total
  2. thire5

    [MOC] The Earth

    Thank you! :)
  3. Thank you guys! Yeah, me too
  4. Thank you for your comments! here is another WIP photo :)
  5. @Retro Thank you! The original model was not really visible in the movies and it also changed a little. @Kit Bricksto thanks :) but still it could have more crazy angles, I agree with that.
  6. thire5

    [MOC] The Earth

    Thanks :D I built it. you can use any type of jumper, even the older versions, that can save some money :)
  7. thire5

    [MOC] The Earth

    Here are the instruction. You can get them for free here :)
  8. thire5

    [MOC] The Earth

    Thanks! @bamsham363 I'm working on the 3D model with instructions so I'll post it here when it's finished :)
  9. Thank you for your comments @Ellisss_2 haha, thanks, it was cooperation so I was not alone :) I did few buildings in the past though, but sure, space & sci-fi is my main topic. @Kit Bricksto actually, there is one part of the building angled, but unfortunately, it's not much visible on the photos. it's the front part of the building, which is angled by 2 studs (see the left side and the right side - the number of vertical gray tiles is different). The interiors... well, perhaps in the future :)
  10. Thank you, I'm happy you like it
  11. Hello! I'd like to present you the model of the Burrow from Harry Potter. It was made by my girlfriend and me and it contains around 5000 pieces (estimated from the weight). Check out the full gallery on flickr. I hope you will like it :) If you like my models, please, check our my facebook page :)
  12. Hello, I'd like to present here my current project - Venator in UCS scale. I set few requirements: - as faithful to the original model as possible - completely SNOT/studless - interior (all 4 hangars) - use only active and relatively accessible Lego parts - easy to transport in separated modules - the same size like my previous Venator
  13. Good new for everyone who is trying to get the pieces. The 2489 Container, Barrel 2 x 2 x 2 in LBG will be available in new Harley set - at least 4 pieces
  14. thire5

    [MOC] MC80 Liberty Cruiser "The Geist"

    Very nice design! Do you plan to build another Mon Calamari ships, like Home One?
  15. thire5

    [MOC] BTL-S3-ish Y-Wing x 2

    Yes, that's true, but it's better to modify part list and list only the assembled version since they are way more cheaper and common that the separated lots... Great model as always!